Processing spring trees from pests and diseases – how to perform correctly?

If some novice gardeners believe, what, landed a fruit tree in his garden, you can just sit down and wait for the harvest, the disappointment is not long to wait. After treatment in the spring special preparations trees is essential. For fruit trees need care, otherwise, disease and insect pests can harm them and even lead to death.

Если за фруктовыми деревьями не ухаживать, то заболевания и насекомые-вредители могут повредить им и даже привести к гибели.
If fruit trees do not care, the diseases and insect pests can harm them and even lead to death

Timing processing fruit trees and shrubs

Already after the snow melts, in early spring, should begin to prepare for the awakening of spring garden.

  1. The first half of March, (or later, depending on the region) - time care work - cleaning the damaged branches, treatment of tree trunks from dry bark, removal of debris from trees and shrubs, ground loosening. With the first heat overwintered pathogens are becoming active. Therefore, before the formation of their kidneys must neutralize maximum.
  2. During the formation of buds and buds are held spray preparations of various groups. Processing of trees and shrubs spring from fungus, as well as to stimulate the growth of buds and the kidneys at this time is carried out by means of special preparations. Also growers inspect plants for the presence of harmful insects and pick up tools to deal with them when they are detected. Exemption of trees from pests mechanically very rarely leads to the desired results.
  3. The first half of May (in more northern regions - in June), when the trees and bushes withered, It is a period of increased risk. Therefore, in this period, the plant processed necessarily.
 С первым теплом перезимовавшие болезнетворные микроорганизмы начинают активизироваться.
With the first heat overwintered pathogens are becoming active

note! After flowering, fruit and berry crops are weakened, gardeners at this time of need constantly be monitored and carefully take care of his planted, if necessary, applying appropriate formulations.

After all, the soil for the formation and ripening of the fruit is laid in the period after flowering.

The process

Conventionally, drugs are divided into:

chemical agents

They are also referred to as pesticides. undoubtedly, products of this group are most effectively protect trees and shrubs against pests and diseases.
Chemicals are classified into:

  • insecticides - aimed at combating insects, they are processing the trees on aphids and other pests,
  • herbicides - these drugs have a detrimental effect on the weeds,
  • fungicides - protect fruit trees and shrubs from fungus,
  • rodenticide - these drugs act against malicious warm-blooded animals (for example, mice and rabbits).

note! The bulk of pesticidal preparations, as must be their name, directly kill pests, but, among them are the so-called growth inhibitors, Pobs tacle developedth and growth insects, as well as preparations-sterilizers, leading to their infertilityYu.

Химические препараты группы пестицидов будут наиболее эффективно защищать деревья и кустарники от вредителей и заболеваний.
Chemicals pesticide groups will most effectively protect trees and shrubs from pests and diseases

Drugs, pesticides have almost immediate effect and maintain long-lasting effect, but they, unlike preparations biogroups, can lead to the development of pest resistance. Because after a certain time the chemicals decay, processing plants in the spring safely.

Council! In any case not exceed the recommended concentration at a dilution of chemicals, as it may cause harm to you, and plants, and your pets.

There is a drug for the treatment of trees, which has both fungicidal (destroying fungus) and insekticidnoe action. This - the usual Urea, or Urea. Treatment of urea with bluestone in spring 1 spend time in advance, which also leads to slower "awakening" fruit crops, and therefore, It gives additional protection from possible frost.

Important! processing trees Mednym vitriol (Copper sulfate pentahydrate(II)) You need to make before the kidney, so as not to cause them to burn. Applying Bluestone, you protect the culture of the cherry leaf spot, fuzziness, mononiloza and other diseases.

After flowering processing fruit trees urea spring is repeated with a less concentrated urea solution.

note! bluestone - toxic drug! Eliminate it from spreading on reservoirs and drains to prevent poisoning of people, and the death of fish and warm-blooded animals.

Surely everyone has heard of such a preparation, like Bordeaux mixture, or Bordeaux mixture. The drug is a mixture of equal parts of lime, and previously mentioned Copper sulfate, It is relatively safe and effective with a broad spectrum of activity.
Preparations of this type (for example, "HOM" and "oksihom") It should be applied once every year - in the spring or autumn.

inkstone, which also applies to bud break, It provides protection from pests and (which is especially important for pears, apple and plum) - fueling iron plant. A disadvantage of this type of drugs is considered a long decay period, therefore they should not be used more often, than once in three years.

Железный купорос обеспечивает защиту от вредителей и (что особенно важно для груш, яблонь и слив) – подпитывает растения железом.
Iron sulfate protects against pests and (which is especially important for pears, apple and plum) - fueling iron plant

biological agents

They are based on the fundamentals, containing high concentrations of virus, bacteria, fungal antagonists and even some insects. Sometimes the formulation contains no organism itself, and its toxin.

It is interesting! Each horticulturist may itself provide some biological protection portion, landed around fruit crops such plants, like dill, buckwheat and some other honey plants. But, of course, this way you will not achieve the maximum degree of protection.

Formulation examples:

"Trihodermin" - is used to protect against fungal diseases, rot, scab, late blight, and many other.

At bud first treatment is carried out, which can be repeated throughout the season.

"Planriz" - protects the plant not only from rots and other diseases, but also from damage, applied lepidopteran insects.

"Pyentafag" - protects against bacterial canker, profilaktiruet Pars, It protects against spot perforated stone and prevents damage to powdery mildew.

"Mikosan" not only protects shrubs and trees from the disease-causing bacteria, viruses and fungi, but also strengthens the immune system of fruit crops, helping plants fight disease alone.

Important! Said drug should be use separately other, at breeding 0,1 kg drug on 4-8 liters of water.

"Healthy Garden" - an excellent drug to combat aphids, besides aphids by protecting culture from the moth, as well as the powdery mildew and other diseases.

"Фитоверм" поможет от той же плодожорки и клещей, а "Лепидоцид" защитит ваших зеленых друзей от гусениц  листовертки, совки, шелкопряда, фруктовой моли и бабочки-капустницы.
"Fitoverm" will benefit from the same moth and mites, and "Lepidocide" protect your green friends from leaf caterpillars, shovels, moth, fruit moths and butterflies, cabbage

"Nemabakt" - an interesting preparation, in which structure contains microscopic roundworms, which may for 1 Summer clean the garden from pests, through the winter and spring with renewed vigor to continue its good work.

note! application of biodrugs should begin as establishing Daily averageOh temperaturess air not lower +10°C.

Folk remedies

For spraying the plants, many gardeners use the most common plants: new-mown field sow thistle, bitter capsicum (Dry is also nice), dried leaves of walnut and wormwood, mashed garlic cloves, needles, shag tobacco and other. For the application of the raw material is ground, then it is poured water, while insisting, and the filtered solution is carried out spraying the garden.

First spraying the kidneys to produce swelling, then - in the period of swelling, after - in the period before the opening of buds and, respectively, after flowering.

General recommendations

Important! Carry out any processing of drugs treesev and handicraftsCove must be, beginning from the trunk (more thoroughly - in areas with crackswhy) and around-trunk circle and ending with the most tips of twigs.

And to make you the most comfortable - buy in the store a modern sprayer.

При обработке деревьев токсичными средствами, не допускайте присутствия людей (особенно детей и пожилых) и животных на участке.
In the treatment of trees with toxic agents, do not allow the presence of people (especially children and the elderly) and animals in the area

It should be understood, that toxic drugs can harm your health, therefore, during their use, protect your eyes with glasses, face - with the help of a respirator (or, in case of unavailability, even use cotton-gauze bandage, and be sure to close the hair headdress, eye - protecting goggles.

Work is carried out with gloves and without exposed skin.

Council! Do not allow the presence of people (especially children and the elderly) and the animals at the site during and immediately after treatment.

Garden Treatment against pests in the spring - a procedure, which will require you some knowledge and effort. But, protecting spring portion against diseases and pests, as a result you will be rewarded with a beautiful garden, and high levels of productivity. Nothing complicated in these activities is not, with insufficient knowledge you can get information such as from the mouth of experts in the respective stores, and from specialized literature. If you've never seen, as the processing carried horticultural, then check out the video, placed below. It demonstrates the process of processing the spring garden. This video will be especially useful for novice gardeners, do not know the spraying technique.

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