Tablets from worms for kids. Overview of the most effective drugs

Частый контакт с животными - одна из причин заражения
Frequent contact with animals - one of the causes of infection

Perhaps, each parent once faced with the question: what tablets from worms for the children to choose?

Helminthiasis - one of the most common diseases, which pathogens are various kinds of parasitic worms - helminths. And the most likely to be infected with parasites preschool children, because they are most in contact with infected things. The kids learn about the world through tactile and taste sensations, that is why they are always something to draw in the mouth and tend to touch. In this way, the eggs of almost all kinds of worms enter the body of the child.

Parasites have a negative effect on health, It leads to malabsorption of nutrients, provokes intoxication development, which adversely affects the nervous system, all organs and tissues. therefore, to protect the baby's health and prevent undesirable effects, appointed tablets from worms for kids. Drugs prescribed by a doctor only, and can be used for prophylaxis, and for the treatment of parasitic infestations. Dosage and duration of use of these funds is determined individually.

Signs of helminthiasis in child

Independently determine the bot the child is difficult, because not all parasites, that may be present in the body, provoke the development of a distinct and specific symptoms. It is therefore very important preventive measure to be tested regularly, aimed at the identification of helminth eggs. However, there are a number of symptoms, whose presence should alert parents and become a reason for immediate referral to a specialist.

The major symptomatic manifestations include:

  • body mass reduction;
  • appetite disorders;
  • excessive salivation during sleep;
  • itching in the anal area;
  • unexplainable pain in the navel;
  • frequent headaches, episodes of vertigo;
  • early carious process;
  • nocturnal teeth grinding;
  • violation of stool evacuation process;
  • skin rash in the hips;
  • abnormal paleness of the skin.

In the case of detecting one of the above symptoms must necessarily apply to the doctor. Only after laboratory analysis can be delivered accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

anthelmintic drugs

In identifying the child helminthiasis appointed children's tablets from worms, whose action is directed at the destruction of the parasite species, which was identified in laboratory studies. It is very important to avoid the development of intoxication during the period of application of this kind of products to cleanse the body of toxins baby, which release parasites during his death.

It is also an important task in the period of medical treatment is to reduce the burden on the liver and reduction of probability of allergic reactions to a minimum. For this purpose, prescribed antihistamines.

Basic medication drugs, Assign children when infected with helminths:


Эффективно устраняет паразитов
Effectively eliminates the parasites

anthelmintic drugs, with a broad spectrum of action, presented in tablet form. Appointed in necatoriasis, askaridoze, ankilostomoze, and in some cases, and mixed infestations enterobioze. In addition anthelminthic action medicament produces immunomodulatory effects, It increases the number of different kinds of antibodies for the antigens.

The drug effectively eliminates harmful parasites, without highly toxic, so that has been used successfully in the treatment of helminthiasis in children.

In single dose medication is rarely provokes the development of side effects. In case of violation of dosages can cause symptoms such, as: somnipathy, convulsions, headaches, episodes of vertigo, changes in heart rhythm. Medication banned for use for children, not reached 3 years of age, as well as persons, suffering from kidney and liver failure.


Препарат не только для лечения, но и для профилактики
The drug not only for the treatment of, but also for the prevention of

Highly effective drug, intended to kill harmful parasites. Assigned to prevention and treatment of parasitic infestations in children. The drug has a broad spectrum of activity, but is most effective in the presence of the body of Ascaris, sedge, vlasoglava, bovine tapeworm.

Vermoxum not recommended for use in the treatment of children, have not attained the age of 2, as well as during pregnancy, lactation. With the onset of 2 s can be used only as prescribed by a specialist.

When using illiterate means may arise such unwanted reaction of the organism, as: vomiting, violation of a chair, increased body temperature, rash, itch.


В период применения соблюдаем гигиену
During the period of hygiene

Medicine, having anthelminthic properties, It used to treat necatoriasis, entyerobioza, ankilostomidoza, and ascariasis. Accepted drug orally during, or after ingestion of food, in accordance with the doctor prescribed dosage.

During the period of administration of the drug should be mandatory to strictly observe personal hygiene, iron Dessous child, daily wet cleaning. If there enterobiosis necessary to conduct simultaneous deworming of all persons living together.


Препарат не дает фиксироваться паразитам на стенках желудка
The drug does not provide fixed parasites on the walls of the stomach

Effective tablet from worms children, suppressing the resistance of parasites to the enzymes of the gastric juice, which contributes to their digestion together with food.

The drug has a detrimental effect on the neuro-muscular system of pests, so that they lose their ability to be fixed on the walls of the intestine, They can not eat and move around.

The dosage and duration of administration of the drug is set individually, based on the clinical features of the disease and the patient's age.

Preventive actions

Usually, Doctors recommend the use of tablets for the prevention of intestinal worms in children approximately every six months. However, the abuse of such drugs is not worth, because they are toxic and have a lot of side effects. therefore, if the child does not complain, active, It has a good appetite, is no reason for concern.

If doubts about the presence of worms in a child yet available, should seek medical attention. Only after all required tests the doctor will be able to pick up tablets for the treatment and prevention of worms, the most suitable for children.

The basis of preventive measures is a personal hygiene, compulsory hand washing after using the toilet, before meals and after walking in the open air.

It is important to understand, that illiterate and inappropriate use of tablets from worms for the prevention of helminthiasis in children can adversely affect the health of the baby. Therefore, the purpose anthelmintics must entrust the skilled artisan.

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