Why do I get lichen planus, and how to treat it?

Lichen planus - a chronic disease of the skin and mucous membranes with the development of inflammation. The disease occurs relatively infrequently, of all dermatological diseases the frequency of its diagnosis is 1-2,5%. But planus in oral disease among oral mucosa is about 10%.

It was first described in F.Gebra 1860 year, and a little later - in 1869 - UK resident doctor of dermatology Wilson in his writings described the clinic of this disease, is described in detail, How is lichen planus in humans. In the Russian Empire, the first cases of this disease have been officially registered in 1881 by two colleagues - doctors Bekhterev and Polotebnovym. But questions about the disease is still quite a lot of, making it difficult to find a sufficiently effective remedy for its treatment. but, some drugs greatly facilitate the patient's condition and contribute to the rapid restoration of its, as well as the reduction of development time of the acute phase.

Lichen planus - causes of

Causes of lichen planus, according to the modern concept, are as follows:

  1. A special type of immune responses, certain genetic factor;
  2. Pathology of the immune system, neurological disease (endogenous nature);
  3. The impact of exogenous factors - such, as:
  • external agents, cause toxic and allergic reactions - eg, medicines;
  • viral infections (especially long and lingering);
  • Other exogenous factors, causing a reaction of the immune system.
Проявление красного плоского лишая на теле человека
Manifestation of lichen planus on the human body

but, in modern dermatology yet still no consensus as to the cause of lichen planus in humans.

It is therefore quite effective treatment, aimed at eliminating the causes of disease and allows fully and finally get rid of the disease - it is not designed, but you can pick up drugs, eliminating its symptoms.

disease picture

to understand, It looks like lichen planus, should know, what he, if I may say so, "A fancy" on the human body certain areas.

1. It appears on the skin mostly in the following areas:

  • wrist joint;
  • flexor surface of the forearm;
  • the front surface of the tibia;
  • in males frequently observed manifestation of the disease on the penis;
  • sacrum.

2. Mucous disease occurs in two localizations:

  • Lichen planus in the mouth;
  • CPL mucous genitals.
Поражение слизистых - частое явление  у больных красным плоским лишаем
mucous defeat - a frequent phenomenon in patients with lichen planus

All forms of the CPL has a certain characteristic symptoms. Let's look at each of the known forms.

A typical form of the CPL flow:

  • localization of lesions is typical (cm. above) character;
  • first appear gray-white papules are small, they then form the fusion by plaque - shiny and matt on the skin on the mucous - e.g., so it looks like shingles on the tongue (cm. photo below the patient's mouth):
Лишай на языке
Ringworm in the language

Annular form KPL flow:

  • most often it is the place of localization of lesions genitals;
  • rashes, respectively - are in the form of rings.
Кольцевидная форма протекания кпл
Annular form KPL flow

Erythematous form KPL flow:

  • papules bright, painted in crimson;
  • in the area of ​​the rash occurs peeling and swelling of tissues observed;
  • among other lesions are present on the soft touch elements.
Эритематозная форма протекания кпл
Erythematous form KPL flow

verrucose (warty) Form CPL flow:

  • formed elements, resembling warts, having a cellular surface, are covered with scales in a small amount;
  • papules appear on the periphery of the "warts";
  • Patients complain of intense itching.

Pemfigoidnaya form KPL flow:

  • the patient has a rash in the form of bubbles;
  • on the disappearance of bubbles on their site are pigmented areas.

Atrophic form KPL flow:

  • It begins with the formation of white spots, with pearlescent.

Erosive and ulcerative form KPL flow:

  • in some areas there are elements, characteristic of the typical form of the disease occurrence;
  • in other areas as may be the case all the other types of rash, characteristic for any of the forms of flow KPL.

note! It is believed, that the picture of the disease in recent years has changed significantly. This is associated with ecological deterioration, uncontrolled patients receiving antimicrobial drugs, low immunity in humans.

Эрозивно-язвенная форма протекания кпл
Erosive and ulcerative form KPL flow

Changing the picture of the disease in recent years is as follows::

  • Lichen planus in children, previously diagnosed rarely, recently quite often detected and the younger age groups. A child diagnosed with "CPL", previously considered a rare event, Now, Alas, It has become quite ordinary visitor to the dermatologist's office;
Красный плоский лишай часто поражает детей
Lichen planus often affects children
  • Often the so-called detected frequently relapsing chronic lichen planus, that previously happened rarely;
  • Atypical forms of the disease, that used to be rare, today already can hardly be considered typical. The frequency of diagnosis of verrucous, atrophic and erosive and ulcerative forms KPL increased significantly;
  • Chastota malignancy (malignancy) process, flowing through the skin and mucous, It has increased significantly and reached according to various sources from 10% to 12%.

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosed disease is relatively easy. Dermatologist evaluates symptoms, differential diagnosis with no disease that (neurodermatitis, eczema, roseolous-papular syphilis, psoriasis, pink lichen and other).

How to treat the disease, when the causes of its development inconclusive installed?

Если заболевание протекает остро, то доктор назначает препараты кортикостероидов, подавляющие активность иммунитета, чтобы убрать компонент патологической иммунной реакции
If the disease is acute, the doctor will appoint corticosteroid drugs, inhibits the activity of immunity, to remove a component of pathological immune response

so, symptomatic therapy, aimed at getting rid of lichen planus, aimed at reducing the manifestations of the disease, It includes:

  1. Appointment of antihistamines for relief of itching, also locally for the same purpose appointed corticosteroid ointment or cream.
  2. If the patient has identified pockets of chronic infection, then he prescribed antibiotics in the appropriate dosage. Topically it can also be applied antibiotic ointment.
  3. If the process has already spread throughout the body and hit the large areas of the skin and / or mucous membranes, then the doctor appoints immunosuppressants quinolone series. What kind, as: delagil, Plaquenil and other course in 21 day.
  4. If the disease is acute, the doctor will appoint corticosteroid drugs, inhibits the activity of immunity, to remove a component of pathological immune response. The effect is achieved quickly, preparations can be administered in the form of injections, and in tablet form, or a combination. All this is determined by the physician, focusing on the existing pattern of development of the disease and the intensity of the process. The average use of these drugs from the patient continues 14 to 21 day.
  5. When released during patient is prescribed in combination with drugs prescribed by doctors and ultraviolet irradiation in small doses, further activating drugs.
  6. Therapy planus in particular includes receiving fat-soluble vitamins, B vitamins, nicotinic acid. But vitamin K, in front of, should be excluded.
  7. Also, patients with FLC displays electrosleep, normalizing psycho-emotional state of the sick, acupuncture and spa treatment.
  8. The diet in the disease is determined by the attending physician and provides an exception to roast, acute, too fatty foods, beverage with chemical dyes, and so on. P.

note! Any treatment folk remedies planus must be approved by a dermatologist, so you do not accidentally get the opposite effect.

Любое лечение народными средствами красного плоского лишая должно быть согласовано с дерматологом
Any treatment folk remedies planus must be approved by a dermatologist

Self-treatment at home stripping is carried out using:

  1. herbal, possess sedative properties and normalizing gastrointestinal function (eg, chamomile + sage + a succession of equal proportions);
  2. Cold compresses to the affected areas of broth succession;
  3. Garlic tincture to wipe plaque (50 g. minced garlic insist 200 ml of vodka);
  4. By applying to the affected portions of cabbage leaf, spread with sour cream.


Despite, that eliminate the cause of the disease, thereby completely eliminate the process, not yet possible, causal treatment can achieve good results in the treatment and rapid recovery of the normal state of the patient.

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