viral conjunctivitis – how to protect the eyes from injury?

So called inflammation of the conjunctiva, conjunctiva. Viral conjunctivitis often occurs in children, and appears with rhinitis, cough, fever and other symptoms of colds.

As a concomitant disease often develops adenoviral conjunctivitis. cases, Only when the affected eye, rather rare, it usually manifests itself herpetic conjunctivitis.

The causative agent of the disease can be:

  • interovirus
  • adenovirus
  • herpes simplex.

Besides, is not uncommon, when the causes of conjunctivitis are embedded in an existing systemic disease, eg, svinko or crust. Often it appears in flu cases.

In viral conjunctivitis are often observed failure of the upper respiratory tract and rhinitis. The disease is spreading rapidly in the two eyes, although it may begin with a single.

Treat conjunctivitis should be taken seriously - more than half of virus, capable of provoking the disease is considered dangerous, other diseases, caused them, treated in hospital.

Viral conjunctivitis is contagious - it may be easily transmitted by contact. Infection by droplets less likely, However, this path prefers adenoviral conjunctivitis.

A child up to six months conjunctivitis may occur as a result of a blocked tear duct. As a result, the eye deprived natural moisturizing, leading to inflammation their surface. Conjunctivitis can also provoke foreign bodies, gets into your eyes and tear ducts. Therefore, the appearance of conjunctivitis symptoms in young children, should not immediately grasp at ointments and drops, better enable the pediatrician to determine the cause of the disease and appropriate treatment.

Viral conjunctivitis - symptoms of the disease

Once the virus into the body extends approximately half to two weeks, then begin to appear symptoms of acute viral conjunctivitis:

  • eyes redden, scratched, It begins tearing
Вирусный конъюнктивит. После попадания вируса в организм проходит около двух недель, затем начинают появляться симптомы острого вирусного конъюнктивита
Once the virus extends into the body for about two weeks, then begin to appear symptoms of acute viral conjunctivitis

This is due to irritation of nerve endings in the eye area, as well as the, that vessels dilate.

  • develops swelling of the eyelids
  • It may be red eye itself, not only forever
  • sometimes swollen lymph nodes behind the ears

This symptom often observed with adenoviral conjunctivitis and epidemic keratoconjunctivitis:

  • sometimes there is photophobia, and a feeling of, that the eye something to prevent
  • into small infiltrates may appear grayish mucosa of eyes
  • first in one, and then in the other eye appears muco-serous discharge
  • It is suspected herpetic conjunctivitis, if the inflammation is in no hurry to move to the second eye.

When this sort of manifestation of symptoms of the disease is slower, Sometimes signs of weak and worn out. Rash may appear around the affected eye and the eyelids.

  • very alarming sign - small rash in the form of bubbles on the inner surface of the century
Небольшие высыпания в виде пузырьков на внутренней поверхности века - тревожный знак
Small eruptions in the form of bubbles on the inner surface of the century - an alarming sign

This manifestation of the disease shows its very rapid and intensive development. These rashes are called follicles, they may appear in different types of conjunctivitis (pictured viral conjunctivitis, follicular form). Thus they not only cause damage to the tissues of the century, but can spread to the entire eye, causing serious complications. If there were follicles, you must immediately call an ambulance emergency care.

  • If the disease runs in the background of other viral diseases (peel, flu, pigs), it is treated in the first place it.

The eyes are washed with antiseptic solutions (eg, boric acid or herb decoctions), held a course of drops with interferon. To reduce the intensity of symptoms are assigned "artificial tears", they are well moisturize the eye and soothe irritation.

As soon as the main viral disease is healed, disappears and conjunctivitis, they provoked.

conjunctivitis treatment

Treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a pediatrician, Although described below, than to treat viral conjunctivitis. To take measures not to be, even based on our own experience and erudition. There are many specific features of the disease, and how to distinguish one form from another, Even the doctors say at once is not easy.

"Albucidum" can be used in any variety of the disease. eye drops are also prescribed with interferon:

  • Aktipol

It has a pronounced antiviral effect, activates the production of interferon. Besides, an antioxidant and contributes to rapid regeneration of the mucous tissue and adjacent.

Drip should, 2 drops, instillation frequency determined by the status of the child, course lasts 10 days.

  • "Oftalmeron"

It contains human interferon, It has antiviral, anti-inflammatory action. Besides, an immunomodulator. Treatment of viral conjunctivitis in the acute form is carried out 8 once a day. In each eye 1-2 drops, as symptoms of procedures attenuation is gradually reduced to 2 once a day.

  • "Poludan"

Complex, containing interferon, as well as components, activating the production of interferons, sold as tear fluid solution. Effective in the treatment of herpes and adenovirus eye lesions.

Buried at acute course - to 8 once a day 2 drops, at least alleviate the condition can reduce the number of procedures to 4 time. The course lasts from one week to one and a half.

  • "I'm going Oftan"

In children treated with this drug is allowed to two years. In the acute phase of the disease it is dropped every hour during the day and every two hours during the night. After the onset of improvement breaks between treatments are doubled.

After complete disappearance of the disease drops still apply 5 days, to prevent possible recurrence.

  • In addition to the drops can be used antiviral ointment, However, their choice should carry a doctor.

Important! Before any procedure before the eyes of a child should wash your eyes, for it is well suited chamomile teas, You can also use tea.

First you need to drip into the eye drops, which are prescribed by a doctor, then half an hour lay over the eyelid ointment. The ointment should be at room temperature. You can gently close the eyes and gently massage it for a better distribution of the surface of the eye and eyelids.

usually assigned:

  • "Florenal"

The ointment is effective against the herpes virus, adenoviruses, windmill. It needs to lay over the lower eyelid, course can last up to 45 days if necessary. How many days will apply and the number of procedures prescribed by the doctor.

A similar effect is "bonafton" and tebrofenovaya ointment.

eritromitsinovaya tetracycline or ointments can be administered if necessary, however, they contain antibiotics, and the need for these symptoms may occur when connecting a secondary infection. A virus these ointments do not have any effect.

Distinguish viral from bacterial conjunctivitis can be detachable by - in viral lesion is muco-serous, If you attach the bacterium - it becomes purulent.

При вирусном поражении выделение слизисто-серозное, если присоединилась бактерия – оно становится гнойным
When viral lesions selection mucous-serous, If you attach the bacterium - it becomes purulent

With regular and strict observance of medical prescriptions through 2-3 Time will come full recovery, so that the disease can not be cured quickly. Generally, symptoms and treatment of various forms of viral diseases have many similarities, except in specific cases.

Herpetic viral conjunctivitis will be cured in the same: drops and ointments.

  • Rashes on the eyelids should be treated with green paint.
  • If the disease is caught larger areas - around the eyes, Facial - doctor may prescribe a course of drugs antiherpetic, as well as immunomodulators.
  • To prevent the connection of a secondary infection appointed ointment for the eyes with antibiotics (tetracycline or eritromitsinovaya). Also eye drops with an antibiotic may be prescribed («Tobreks»).

In addition to treatment, must comply with all hygiene requirements, disinfect towels, handkerchiefs, pipette and dropper, that touching your eyes. From this depends largely, how quickly the disease will pass.

Dr. Komarovsky of conjunctivitis

Conjunctiva - is eye tissue, covering the surface of the eye, its inflammation in children can be triggered by many factors. It can be cleaned with the help of tears, only protection of the tissue from the environment - forever. Even a simple hit on the surface of small particles or allergen exposure may cause irritation and inflammation of the conjunctiva. If consider, the eyes and the upper respiratory tract are sensitive to the same stimuli and viruses, and the nasal cavity associated with the eye through the nasolacrimal duct, it can be assumed, that the inflammatory process can easily go from the nose to the eye, and vice versa. The same can be said of the airways.

Important! According to Dr. Komarovsky, it conjunctiva, because of their vulnerability, It is often a "gateway" for the penetration of a variety of viruses.

Children susceptible to diseases of the conjunctiva is more, than adults, since playing in the street, they often rub their eyes with dirty hands.

The disease can be of different etiology, however, the main symptoms of viral conjunctivitis are similar regardless of the type, and underlying causes.

The main task of a doctor in this situation correctly identify the cause of the disease and decide, how to cure viral conjunctivitis.

How to prevent infection with viral conjunctivitis

This disease can be considered a disease of dirty hands, i.e, As with any disease, primary prevention takes place in the personal hygiene:

  • The baby should be accustom to wash their hands after a walk on the street, do wash them more often.
  • We need to try to explain to the kid, that the eyes can not be touched by dirty hands. If a child is already large, can explain, as a viral disease transmitted and warn him.
  • A little closer look at children, which plays a child, as far as possible to limit its contacts with sick kids.
  • It is necessary to teach the child to use only their own personal hygiene, in particular, towels.
  • Instead of handkerchiefs is better to use paper towels.
  • Handkerchiefs and towels need to iron
  • If the child's eyes got something, clean the eye only need a sterile cotton swab, without touching his hands.

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