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Gardnerella women nowadays is quite frequent. Gardnerella - a pathogen, provoking disease bacterial vaginosis, or bacterial vaginosis. Disease prone female representatives, but men are carriers. The woman's normal microflora present beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus, which produce lactic acid, prevents increase in the number of pathogenic microorganisms, and only a small amount gardnerellas. The greater the concentration of anaerobic bacteria leads to malfunction of lactobacilli and reduce their number while developing vaginal dysbacteriosis. Such a condition inherent to women of childbearing age, since menopause occurs when hormonal changes and microflora.

The reasons, cause disease

Bacterial vaginosis in women appears when certain conditions, enabling propagation of pathogenic bacteria and reduce the amount of lactobacilli.

The causes of this imbalance the following:

  • receiving antibiotics, hormonal agents, including contraceptives, and other drugs, that affect the microflora of the human body;
  • frequent and indiscriminate change of sexual partners - can lead to infection of the infectious diseases of the reproductive system, and at the same time and the growth of bacteria Gardnerella vaginalis;
  • overwork, stresses, supercooling, weakening immunity;
  • hormonal disruptions, especially in pregnant women, for them thrush and bacterial vaginosis - the usual phenomenon;
  • common diseases of the body;
  • the presence of sexually transmitted diseases and genital infections;
  • topical application products, causing an imbalance of microflora: candles, sprintsevanie, tampons, vaginal capsules;
  • severe intoxication;
  • endocrine diseases - particularly diabetes, which disturbs the balance of the vagina and alkali, as a consequence of the increase in the amount of harmful bacteria;
  • any surgical intervention in the nature of the sexual system - abortion, therapeutic gynecological procedures;
  • frequent use of barrier contraception - condom use, especially with a new partner need to avoid STIs, but its constituent lubricant in some women can induce proliferation of fungus and gardnerellas, causing candidiasis;
  • pathology can be transmitted from an infected mother to her daughter at birth, but the newborn is usually the diagnosis is not put. For the prevention of child is assigned to drug therapy.

The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis in women

symptoms, speaking about the presence gardnerelly not much, and they have similarities with other gynecological diseases. Bacterial vaginosis may occur in chronic or acute. In the first embodiment, signs invisible. In the acute form of the disease the woman feels:

  • itching of the genitals;
  • discomfort during intimacy with a partner;
  • grayish-white or yellowish discharge, having a peculiar smell of rotten fish;
  • pain in the lower abdomen;
  • inflammatory processes in the genital organs.
Гарднерелла – это патогенный микроорганизм, провоцирующий заболевание гарднереллез
Gardnerella - a pathogen, provoking disease bacterial vaginosis

note! often, women, finding the listed symptoms begin to self-medicate with douching, it is not permissible, because, First of all, washed normal microflora and beneficial bacteria, Secondly, is worsening gardnerelleza.

According to current data, douching is not related to any hygienic, nor to preventive, nor to the medical procedure. Besides, It can cause inflammation of the vagina and ectopic pregnancy.

Diagnosis gardnerelly women

The main diagnostic methods are based on the examination and laboratory findings. On examination, the gynecologist pays attention to the state of the genitourinary system: redness or swelling, changes in the cervix. Also taken swab and examined under a microscope, this is the most informative method, by which the detected number of bacteria Gardnerella vaginalis in the composition of the microflora. Other methods of laboratory tests are not as accurate and virtually no effective.

A further method of determining the presence of the disease is to study the pH level of the vagina. With active multiplication of pathogenic bacteria it becomes alkaline.

In some cases, we need more complete laboratory tests PCR, This type of diagnosis makes it possible to accurately determine the presence in humans of any pathogen, causing violation of the vaginal microflora and increase in its composition pathogens.

Another method - check on the isonitrile, revealing a large number of gardnerellas.

The presence of the disease saying three criteria:

  • number of bacteria in the flat epithelium, supernormal;
  • PH alkaline in nature;
  • discharge with an unpleasant odor.

bacterial vaginosis treatment

When, if gardnerelly analysis showed the presence of the disease, we must as quickly as possible to begin treatment, until the disease has spilled over into the chronic form with possible complications. Therapy is prescribed by the attending physician on the basis of studies. First of all it is necessary to eliminate the causes of bacterial vaginosis:

  • if it is caused by another infection, first of all it is necessary to resolve it with the help of the rational use of antibiotics, which eliminates the long and uncontrolled medication, inhibiting lactobacilli;
  • rejection of promiscuity and use of barrier contraceptives;
  • normalization of hormonal levels, if possible rejection of hormonal preparations;
  • restoration of normal intestinal microflora using drugs, containing live bacteria, eg, Lineks, Bifiform;
  • refuse receptacles sprintsevaniya;
  • increase immunity using vitamins and immunomodulators.
Гарднереллез может протекать в хронической или в острой форме
Bacterial vaginosis may occur in chronic or acute


Treating pathologies includes multiple medications, which are used in the form of candles from bacterial vaginosis, vaginal creams and tablets. The average rate is seven days. Regimen Gardnerella complex and consists of two parts:

  1. Reducing the number of gardnerellas, present on the mucous, using systemic exposure to antibiotics: Metronidazol, clindamycin. In combination with these medicines are used for local effects: Clindamycin cream, gelь Metronidazol.
  2. Reconstruction of vaginal and intestinal microflora, which is achieved by receiving a special means, that contain lactobacilli: Laktobakterin, Laktonorm, and the use of topical application of drugs in the form of suppositories: atsilakt, Laktonorm.

Also for more effective treatment gardnerelly women it is important to eat a diet, eliminating fat intake, spicy and fried foods, and alcohol. Eat sour-milk production, comprising beneficial micro-organisms.

The main action of therapy aimed at restoring normal vaginal flora and addressing the underlying causes, which provoked the development of the disease. On the effectiveness of the treatment can be judged by the elimination of symptoms in women gardnerelly, as well as by microscopy, which takes place a week after the passing of the course, repeat - after a month and a half.

Important! Throughout the entire duration of the course of treatment a woman should abstain from sex or use condoms necessarily. A man has to be screened to prevent possible reinfection partner.

Traditional methods

bacterial vaginosis can be treated with folk remedies with the basic treatment only and preferably in consultation with the doctor. It can contribute to the normalization of microflora and be excellent prevention of diseases of the urogenital system further, also it supports the body during medical therapy and boosts the immune system. In combination with the basic treatment can be used such prescriptions:

Лечение гарднереллеза народными средствами можно проводить только с основным лечением
Treatment Gardnerella folk remedies can be performed only with the basic treatment
  • Is taken equal amount of peppermint, celandine, chamomile, chabretsa, geranium, birch leaves, licorice root and elecampane. Two tablespoons of collection pour a liter of boiling water and infuse eight o'clock. Then infusion of strain and drink a half a glass before eating a meal three times a day. The course lasts for one month. This tool enhances the immune system and the body's resistance.
  • Take nettle leaves, wormwood, lavender, marshmallow root, kidney pine and bilberry leaves in equal parts and prepare an infusion using the same scheme, take as, ka and the first option. These two infusions during treatment can be rotated to improve efficiency.
  • Take fresh or dried leaves and crushed walnut, then pour boiling water and infuse one o'clock. Drink small sips throughout the day. The course lasts for at least a week. Application of this agent has good bactericidal effect.
  • Pour one tablespoon of chopped sage leaves one cup of boiling water and let stand for half an hour. On the day to eat two cups of infusion over 1-2 months. This tool restores the vaginal mucosa.
  • To improve the functioning of the immune system it is recommended to use the infusion of black currant leaves. To do this, pour two tablespoons of crushed leaves of a plant with two cups of boiling water and infuse for an hour. You need to drink half a glass for an hour before a meal 3-4 times a day. Duration of treatment is 2-3 of the month.

Prevention of disease

By reason of, that the restoration of the normal microflora of the vagina mucosa complicated and lengthy process, it is best to comply with the measures for the prevention of bacterial vaginosis:

  • restrict indiscriminate sexual acts, which provoke infections and genital, as a consequence of increasing the number gardnerellas;
  • use condoms during sexual intercourse;
  • every six months to pass inspection and examination by a gynecologist to identify possible diseases of the sexual sphere, inflammation and disorders of microflora;
  • eat right, eat fermented milk products for the maintenance of normal microflora;
  • try to avoid stress;
  • good rest;
  • support the immune system.

Compliance with these simple measures can help avoid imbalances in the microflora of the vagina and reproduction gardnerellas. But even if the disease has appeared, it is important to give value arising symptoms and immediately consult your gynecologist. Timely treatment is much easier and more efficient, and also helps to avoid the chronic form of the disease and the possible negative consequences.

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