Symptoms of erysipelas legs – when to start treatment?

Erysipelas - an infectious disease, caused by beta-hemolytic streptococcus group B. Erysipelas may occur on different parts of the body - whichever, where the infection entered. As a result of the defeat streptococcus developing inflammation. What are the symptoms of erysipelas legs?


Erysipelas is characterized by lesions of the lymphatic tissue, where the reproduction of Streptococcus.

Symptoms of erysipelas:

  • Increasing the temperature to 40 degrees;
  • febrility;
  • Headaches;
  • local hyperemia;
  • Weakness;
  • Nausea.

Already at the initial stage of the symptoms manifest themselves clearly enough. Fixed local increase of skin temperature, It arises when touched soreness.

Usually, mug manifests itself in comparison with other diseases, provoking decreased immunity, thus complicating the patient.

In the development of the disease lesion color changes to a more pronounced red, there is swelling, that can be seen in the photo. Inflamed area is separated from the healthy skin roller.

Рожистое воспаление – инфекционное заболевание, вызываемое бета-гемолитическим стрептококком группы В
Erysipelas - an infectious disease, caused by beta-hemolytic streptococcus group B

Types of erysipelas

Depending on the course of the process, erysipelas can be:

  • bullous;
  • hemorrhagic;
  • Vezikuleznoe;
  • erythematous.

Form erythematous area of ​​skin is accompanied by hyperaemia and edema formation. Bullous proceeds with the formation of bubbles. For hemorrhagic form is characterized by hemorrhage. Treatment of erysipelas legs should begin when the first symptoms. Otherwise, are frequent relapses. Due to the serious pathological processes, occurring in the lymph, may develop leg elephantiasis.

В связи с серьезными патологическими процессами, протекающими в лимфе, может развиться слоновость ног
Due to the serious pathological processes, occurring in the lymph, may develop leg elephantiasis

The reasons

The cause of erysipelas streptococcus foot is defeated. In addition to faces this kind of streptococcus can also provoke angina, skarlatinu, stryeptodyermiyu.


  • Violation of the integrity of the skin and degenerative processes in the skin;
  • skin fungus;
  • Diabetes, capillaries disease, venous insufficiency history;
  • Permanent traumatic skin lesions, related to the profession;
  • uncomfortable, nonbreathers shoes and clothes;
  • Prolonged exposure to dust the skin, technical materials;
  • lack of vitamins, lowered immunity, chronic illness.

Streptococcus penetrates the skin it is through the damage and abrasion.

Recurrences in the bulk caused by violation of the venous and lymphatic systems. Often this leads to and surgical interventions in lymphatic system.


Treatment erysipelas legs begins with receiving antimicrobials Group 1. In cases, when there is repeated inflammation, appointed antibiotics 2 groups. The first group includes: penicillin, oletetrin, erythromycin, tetracycline. The second - Ampicillin, methicillin, Ceporin.

Defeat streptococcus organism can cause allergic reactions, vital functions of bacteria have been accompanied by the release of toxins. Therefore antihistamines may be included in the treatment regimen. Cure the inflammation and strengthen blood vessels help corticosteroids.

The basis of treatment is treatment with antibiotics, which replace the other in case of recurrence. In the formation of bubbles is always assigned to the local treatment. First, the formation of cut, To remove the contents of Skopje, then topped with a sterile bandage applied antimicrobial.

Important! Creams and funds, intended for recovery, are assigned after the extinction of inflammation.

During treatment, you need to drink plenty of fluids, as well as the patient is prescribed bed rest. The fluid removes toxins, which slows down the process of spreading the infection through the body.

Лечение рожистого воспаления ноги начинается с приема антибактериальных препаратов 1-ой группы
Treatment erysipelas legs begins with receiving antimicrobials Group 1


To eliminate inflammation appointed Dicloxacillin 0.5-1 g orally every 6 no, cephalosporin antibiotics erythromycin or 0.25 0,5 g orally every 6 no. In the presence of Gram-negative infections, aminoglycosides used. In identifying children H. influenzae appointed intravenous injection Ampicillin and chloramphenicol, plus antibiotics cephalosporin (2 and 3 generalization).

In the absence of these antibacterials, Penicillin is appointed for 1-1,5 weeks. A site - ampicillin (2-3 grams per day), in relapsed - erythromycin and lincomycin, preparations for detoxification, Askorutin. Calcium drugs are prescribed in cases, when the patient has no tendency to thrombosis. Erysipelas skin inflammation involves improving the overall condition of the body: use immunomodulatory drugs, B vitamins, BUT, RR, and vitamin complexes.

With the development of bullous form of erysipelas impose Polimiksinovuyu on erosion, Tetratsiklinovuyu, methyluracyl ointment.

Processing inflamed site

The following treatments can be used in home conditions erysipelas in addition to medical:

  • Applications with Dimexidum. The affected area is applied gauze, folded so, to happen 6 layers, and soaked in 50% solution Dimexidum. The bandage is applied so, to cover not only the affected area, but also to seize the land in a few centimeters of healthy skin. Application superimposed on 2 o'clock, and the procedure is repeated twice a day. This results in an analgesic effect, It stimulates circulation process. Also this application is characterized by antimicrobial effect and increases the efficiency of the use of antimicrobials, thus relieving swelling and inflammation.
  • Powder with enteroseptol. Enteroseptol must be crushed and twice-daily use in the form of powders. Powder is used twice a day and is applied only on a dry and clean skin. Means resulting in the death of bacteria and prevents the adherence of a new infection.
  • Applications with furatsilinom. folded 6-8 layers should properly wet gauze in solution, cover the top compress paper and leave 3 o'clock. The procedure is carried out twice a day - morning and before bedtime. The solution penetrates into the skin thickness and destroys germs.

Important! Using the case of inflammation sintomitsinovoy, ichthyol ointments, and ointments Vishnevsky prohibited, because it can enhance the inflammation.

If you do not treat the disease correctly and on time, it can lead to serious consequences, therefore, at occurrence of the first symptoms are not recommended treatment folk.


One of the areas of complex treatment of erysipelas legs are physiotherapy:

  • UFO. The dosage is determined by the condition of the skin - the procedure continues until the appearance of redness on healthy portions. UFO is appointed from the start of treatment, in parallel with the reception of antimicrobials. Duration of treatment may range from 2 to 12 days.
  • Electrophoresis Lydasum. Used for lymphatic drainage, It reduces the level of infiltration. Electrophoresis course begins about a week after the beginning of treatment and includes 5-7 procedures.
  • magnet. The procedure stimulates the production of steroid hormones nadpochechenikami, that, in turn, inhibit the production of inflammatory mediators. As a result of the procedure will remove puffiness, suppress allergic reactions. However, this method should be used with caution, as it suppresses the immune system and.
  • UVCh. It helps reduce inflammation and normalizes blood circulation. Therapy starts at 5-7 day treatment and includes 5-10 sessions.
  • infrared laser. Under the influence of the laser activates protective processes in cells, reduces puffiness, increases the activity of immune cells.
  • paraffin bath. Used to normalize trophic processes in the tissues, It stimulates local blood circulation.


  • Preventing the development of chronic inflammatory foci.
  • Adhere to the rules of personal hygiene. Shower should be taken at least once during the day. Good action has a douche with water alternation 3-5 times and a gradual increase in the temperature difference.
  • Low alkaline soap. Care should be taken, pH was lower to 7. Soap with lactic acid in the composition contributes to the creation of the protective layer, for destructive fungi and pathogenic bacteria. Soap with an alkali destroys this protective layer.
  • avoid chafing. For this purpose use powder.
  • Massage. With the purpose of prevention is recommended twice a year to pass a course of massage. This advice is particularly important to pay attention to people with poor blood circulation and lymph traffic violation.
  • For the treatment of venous ulcers and scars twice a day using camphor oil.

If one of the family members have any symptoms of the disease, not only need to know, how to treat erysipelas legs, but also to pay attention to prevention. It is recommended to limit the close contacts, monitor the integrity of the skin. It is important to avoid rubbing or chafing, the appearance of cracks on the feet.

Erysipelas often develop in summer and autumn. To a large extent they affect women, particularly after 40 years old. To reduce the likelihood of developing the disease, should avoid contact with carriers of streptococcal infection (including patients with angina) and monitor the integrity of the skin.


Drug treatment of erysipelas can be supplemented by folk remedies (after consultation with your dermatologist).

  • It is necessary to take equal parts of chamomile flowers, calendula, coltsfoot, tsikoriy, immortelle, and burdock root. All components are thoroughly ground, mixed and 2 pour 2 st.l. boiling the resulting mixture (half liter). Infusion allowed to stand overnight. This is - a medicine for internal use, drink it on the third / fourth of the cup 3-4 times a day.
  • You can also prepare a mixture of clover flowers, rhizome levzei, alder and birch buds cones, dandelion root, herb wormwood, succession, yarrow, taking all the ingredients in one volume. Infusion also prepared and adopted as in the previous recipe.

Important! Using folk remedies, you need to understand, that only such treatment is not sufficient.


In the absence of adequate treatment, the following complications erysipelas: ulcers, necrosis, abscesses. lymphostasis may develop due to violation of a lymph circulation. In rare cases, the disease can lead to sepsis.

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