How to use the Northwind for the treatment and prevention of plant diseases?

The gardens and orchards may appear diverse types of pests. If the plants struck by biting or sucking insects, then to eliminate them suitable insecticide Boreas. He refers to the two component drugs, which the, according to reviews, It works faster and longer supports analogue efficiency.

Potatoes and other crops are regularly affected Colorado potato beetle. He has become a common problem, to cope with a difficult, so both adults and larvae of different stages of development needs its own methods of struggle. It is believed, that the use of insecticide Northwind allows you to remove completely from the garden of the Colorado beetle.

Инсектицид Борей – это двухкомпонентный препарат для борьбы с широким спектром грызущих и сосущих вредителей, включая скрытоживущих на многих сельскохозяйственных культурах и других объектах
Insecticide Boreas - a two-component drug to combat a wide range of chewing and sucking insects, skrytozhivuschih including many crops and other objects

Release form and composition

Pesticide Borej manufactured by "August" in the form of a concentrated emulsion. It was placed in vials in one liter. After that, as a concentrate to be diluted in water, it appears bland peculiar smell. Means consist of imidacloprid and lambda-cyhalothrin. These two components can deal with chewing and sucking pests, even among skrytozhivuschih.

15% insecticide consists of imidacloprid. A component gets into the plant and accumulates in the tissues of parenchymal. He gradually spreads throughout the body. Substance-running pin, enteritis, destroying insect inside. The second active component, lambda-cyhalothrin, contained in the pesticide in amounts 5% of the total volume. This is a synthetic element, which protects the plants and acaricidal action has.

The combination of substances, two-component medication Borej running inside and outside. It destroys pests, and at the same time helping to protect the health of the crops. It means best suited to eliminate insects, are used to dwell on the bottom side of the sheet. To expand the range of action of Boreas, it can be combined with other fungicides, creating a tank mix. There is also an insecticide Northwind Neo, but it refers to the three-drug.

Действующие вещества инсектицида Борей работают по-разному, поэтому их комбинация в одной препаративной форме приводит к высокой эффективности
Active ingredients of the insecticide Boreas work differently, therefore their combination in a single formulation results in high efficiency

mechanism of Action

When Boreya components are inside the body of the pest, they inhibit signaling processes of the nervous system,. Insect poison can be absorbed as a result of spraying in, and in the process of consumption of juice completely processed plant. The latter aspect makes an insecticide effective against herbivores and parasites skrytozhivuschih.

note. Usually the insects die within days. Larvae die immediately, after contact with poison chitin shells.

This drug is suitable for pest control, in which there is resistance to Organophosphorus compounds and pyrethroids. It works well at high temperatures and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. the composition of the components are not washed from the plant during the rainy, and therefore stands Borey extended period of protective action. He is an average of two to three weeks.

However, in the description of the insecticide note, he nocuous environment. Because the Northwind slowly excreted, it remains in the soil for a long time. Means harm to the body, living in the soil, and beneficial insects. The substance is harmful to fish, bees and amphibians, and it has low toxicity to humans. Borey Do not spray in suburban areas.

Для человеческого здоровья Борей не представляет опасности при соблюдении норм расхода, дозировки и технологии внесения препарата
To human health Northwind is not dangerous in compliance with the norms of expenditure, the dosage and the technology of the formulation

Scope of use

Pesticides are used as amateur gardeners, and agronomists. Poison Boreya type used for different crops, such as potatoes, cabbage, carrot, beet, onions and rape. As an insecticide for grain processing, grapes and apple trees. For each group of plants has its own rate of concentrate flow, although in some cases the same parameters.

How much poison is required in a particular situation, It depends on, what and who will handle. for example, Use the following dosage:

  • cereals. For the destruction of the breadcrumbs needed 100-200 l / ha of solution. For most other malicious insects used 200-400 l / ha. Flow of slurry 0,08-0,1 l / ha, and the duration of protection - 28 days.
  • Potatoes and beets. Such seedlings are often treated by the Colorado potato beetle, but the poison may also be required by aphids, moths and other insects. Suitable for all 200-400 l / ha of solution. concentration of 0,15-0,25 l / ha. Boreas will continue to operate throughout the 20 day.
  • apple trees. Processing of the leaf and require plodozherki 800-1500 L / ha solution at a flow rate of suspension in 0,3 l / ha.
  • grapes. Grozdevoy leafroller eliminate same solution, as the apple, but only time will protect 10 day.
  • Carrot. Carrot against flies and take psyllites solution 100-300 L / ha with a suspension concentration 0,2 l / ha. The term of protection - 20 days.

To eliminate the pests of cabbage used 0,1-0,14 L / ha slurry and solution to make 200-300 l / ha. In the case of the bow rate is 0,12-0,25 l / ha and 200-400 l / ha. For any plant procedure is performed twice per season. Longest insecticide protects rape. In this case, the flow rate is the same, like crops, but the duration of action is 38 days.

Борей успешно применяется против колорадского жука и картофельной коровки
Northwind successfully used against the Colorado potato beetle and potato ladybugs

How to plant an insecticide?

Instructions for use of Boreas provides various methods of use, whichever, for the destruction of the parasite selected poison. for example, to protect plants from cereal and sugar beet flea beetles, We need to handle seedlings. In other cases, the procedure should be carried out during the growing season.

note. In case of threat of locusts, plants must be treated before, as pests come out stage larvae.

Use an insecticide for the second time as possible after, expires its term of protection for a particular type of plant. The working solution is made just before the procedure. To dissolve the desired amount of venom, the tank is filled with water up to the middle, and then top up the Northwind The consumption. The mixture is stirred and brought up to volume by water.

The best time for processing - in the morning or evening. You must select a day, during which the wind will not move faster than two meters per second. If close to the apiary, important five days to inform beekeepers about the upcoming use of Boreas. It is better not to use tool, if beneficial insects may be killed within a radius of five kilometers. After use, the container of the insecticide is necessary to take the thermal recycling.

cost Boreas

The price of pesticide is about 4000 rubles per liter means. Buy Northwind possible in shops garden Chemistry. Three-way version is also in this price segment. Taking into account the delivery of purchase can rise. In such cases, the drug costs from five thousand.

When working with pesticides is important to use protective equipment. The person should wear a jacket with long sleeves, trousers, rubber gloves and a respirator. After contact with skin venom allergy and irritation occur. In case of inhalation of the drug possible serious poisoning. Suspect him of real headache and abdominal discomfort, nausea, RVOT, diarrhea and dizziness.

В случае вдыхания препарата возможно серьёзное отравление
In case of inhalation of the drug possible serious poisoning

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