Ants in the apartment - what to do, how to get? effective means

The occurrence of ants in an apartment is often a huge problem, which is always difficult to handle. With her face everywhere in the city, and in rural areas. The house or apartment can receive a variety of data types of insects, and get rid of them is only possible with the help of special tools and proven methods of folk.

Появление муравьев в квартире - это довольно серьезная проблема, так как вывести их совсем непросто
The appearance of ants in the apartment - this is quite a serious problem, so how to get them is not easy

What is the crux of the problem?

With the onset of warming it is very often in many apartments there is a nuisance and a serious problem - ants. The apartment can attend the same frequency as a red, and red ants. They begin to settle in various hiding places in homes, the type of overlap in the parquet, cracks and plaster plinth. However, most often their principal place of residence is outside the dwelling, to the apartment or home, they are treated as a source of food.

Causes of ants in houses and apartments:

  • Migration from one apartment to another. I.e, possibly, your neighbors had a problem, and they conducted intensive destruction of ants in the apartment, after which the pests moved to you.
  • In your kitchen are often leftover food, which are very attract insects.
  • You rarely or never spend quality wet cleaning.
  • On clothing or shoes can be brought to the apartment ant queen.
  • Ants can migrate through the open windows, basement or porch.

The proximity of these small insects just seems safe. In fact, small red ants can be carriers of a variety of infectious diseases, that can infect people. Ants often creep in appliances and cause a short-circuit, which in turn can lead her into disrepair. They can cause many foods unfit for use, spread to different parts of the apartment leftover food, which deteriorate over time. it, in turn, may contribute to the emergence and spread of microbial flora, causing insanitary conditions in the room. In such circumstances, dangerous and unpleasant to live, so everyone, which is faced with the problem of ants in the apartment, I wondering - how to get rid of small pests?

Муравьи могут перебраться в квартиру от соседей
Ants can move into the apartment from the neighbors

Destroying of ants in the apartment. Basic principles

First of all you need to tune in to, that the fight against ants - it's quite a long process, which requires some endurance and patience. As in any war,, in the fight against these small pests you have to take the place of the tactics and strategy. Therefore, you need to know all about the "enemy" and to make a strong blow to the "weak points" of their defense. Of course, you first need to scout, where the ants nest - this is the place, from which appears each time more and more annoying insects. The trouble is, that is the female sockets, and which reproduce in such a short time. This "root of all evil" is often in the dark and inaccessible parts of the room, under the baseboard, sex, in furniture, ie there, them where you, probably, not see with the naked eye.

It is important to understand, that the victory will be yours only if, when it will be destroyed and socket, and female. For example, in a nest of red ants can be only one queen. therefore, if it will be destroyed, it will perish and all the colony with her.

Борьба с муравьями, хоть и длительный процесс, но победить их вполне реально
Fighting ants, though a long process, but to defeat them is quite real

But the search for the colony nest may take a long time did not give the result, as worker ants often hide it in defects, crevices and cavities of walls and floors. To get to the hearth you have to go the distance, calculated in meters, about as long maze of these small builders. Of course, such an option is absolutely not acceptable, very few people want to destroy the walls and floor, to get to the nest, and then tinker with the repair and bear losses. But if you know, what he eats, "Queen", you can easily outwit these small pests.

In principle it does not matter, what kind of parasitic ants in your apartment, methods of dealing with them the same. If you notice even a few ants, the poison they must immediately. To start general cleaning must be performed. If that does not work, should go to the main methods of controlling these pests.

Fighting them may be carried out by several methods, These include:

  • Prevention of insects entering the housing through the creation of special barriers. To prevent the penetration of ants in the apartment should be carefully checked all the hiding places in the apartment. It is necessary to remove all cracks and damage in the floor covering. At first glance, it is very easy to perform, but in fact completely sealed apartment is very difficult. Yet in order, to get rid of insects perform these methods simply need. It is the cement composition to close all the holes in the walls, plastered all damaged surfaces. Ventilation pipe and the injection point be treated with silicone sealant, because it is an excellent remedy for ants in the apartment. Places sheeting damage can be closed with adhesive tape. These activities, at least, prevent the development of an anthill in the living room.
  • Elimination of all kinds of feeders ants. Since ants are most often feed on the remains of food, All foods should be stored in sealed packages. Be sure to provide a trash can with a tight lid, and try as much as possible of its cleaned of waste. Also, do not leave dirty dishes for a long time and try as much as possible to carry out wet cleaning in the kitchen. If at least a week to make some effort and maintain the cleanliness of the apartment, the small ants in the apartment will not appear, because it will not be the source of their livelihood.
  • Creating a deterrent effect. There are many natural ways to repel ants forever. For, to discourage ants, frequently used substance, which have a pungent odor. Most often, red ants helps garlic. Garlic cloves rubbed the penetration of ants in apartment. Also get rid of small ants to help the orange peel, parsley, anise, mint leaves. They are also trying to spread in places ants penetration into the apartment, and odorous substances repel pesky insects. Essential oil also excellent effective means of ants in apartment. It will be enough only a few drops, to protect the apartment from the yellow ants.
С любым видом муравьев методы борьбы абсолютно одинаковые
With any kind of ant control methods are exactly the same

Chemical means to combat ants

Nowadays in the market there is a huge amount of chemicals to control insects. But how to understand, which ones are most effective and safe for humans? Consider the basic methods of dealing with the ants using himsredstv.

  • The easiest way - use a pencil-crayon "Masha". It can be used to delineate the place, of which there was penetration of ants in your home, it should stop them, scare, and insects will be less.
  • There is less budget, but more effective and convenient option. It's all kinds of special funds in cans in the form of aerosols ("Raid", "Dihlofos", "Kombat", "Frontline"). These poisonous to insects suspension effectively sprayed directly into the slot. Separately, you can select "Front Line" since this facility is also effective against fleas, cockroaches and bedbugs, but due to its high efficiency, it has a corresponding price.
  • less comfortable, but also popular "Regent", "Tetrix», "Executioner", "Sinuzan". Less is, that before applying them should spend preparing a mixture of: first they diluted with water and only then sprayed.
Довольно часто для борьбы с муравьями в доме используют спреи
Quite often, for the control of ants in the house use spray
  • Funds in the form of powders (or as they are called - dust): Fenaksin, pyrethrum. Good destroy it ginger ant.
  • Tools based on the gel: "Globol", "Fass», «Dohloks». The poison is applied along the ant tracks. The principle of operation is, insects on pads bring poison into the slot and the defeat of the colony takes place directly from within. For do not appear by this yellow and red ants in the apartment.
  • But how to deal with the "queen" of the colony? ant body is covered with chitin, Therefore, as a method of combat is perfect boric acid from ants (And even a small concentration, about 2%). Ant shell withstand poison until such time as the working ant will carry no poison to the uterus.

How to get rid of household ants in the case, if its own forces were not sufficient to eliminate the problems associated with ants should take advantage of services insect control. Further, to such trouble is not repeated, and you do not have to again display the pests, you need to constantly maintain a clean and process the geometric means of places of possible penetration of "unwanted guests", in particular need to be more careful in the kitchen. If you still are faced again with the invasion of ants, it is necessary to stop the advance of their spread and expansion of the colony. Upon detection of the pioneers have to determine the place of their entry into a dwelling. To do this, follow the movements of the "scout", in this way, you find a nest quickly and be able to destroy it.

Folk remedies to combat ants

How to withdraw from the apartment ants, when you can not use factory repellents for one reason or another (substances family members intolerance, the high cost of funds)? With a small number of ants, as well as in the case of allergic reactions to the chemicals in the media of the store people's councils are ideal.

Бороться с муравьями можно не только с помощью химических средств, но и народными методами
Fight the ants can not only by chemical means, but traditional methods

Here are a few effective ways to:

  • In the field of movement, in places of penetration into your home of ants (ventilation holes, defects in the walls or the floor) you can place baby powder, coffee grounds with a sweet juice, vinegar applied on the surface of and treatment of detergent.
  • traps. For them, using a recipe: boric acid (2% a concentration of about 20 g), a little jam and egg yolk. From this mixture necessary to form a smaller seed beads and placed in the field, where allegedly crawling pests. This method is effective, since they destroyed not only single individuals, but the "queen" of the colony.
  • Can be placed around the housing dry grass, such as wormwood, elder, lavender, chabrets, acacia flowers.
  • Deters ants smell of camphor, Skipidar, kerosene, White-Spirit. Soaked cotton swabs place in "problem areas" apartments, do not forget to change tampons.
  • Another effective recipe of the people: glycerol half, half tablespoon of boric acid, a quarter cup of water, and a spoon of honey. This mixture is slightly warm, that all components of the solution. Position the tool in places where pests.

Prevention of occurrence of ants in the apartment

In order not to wonder about, how to get the ants out of your home, Be sure to carry out preventive measures in the home:

  • Always have to spend a wet and a thorough cleaning of all working kitchen surfaces, and cabinets, sink and stove.
  • Keep all sweet foods in closed containers, since they are very attracted to these insects.
  • Carefully monitor the condition of the flooring and ventilation ceilings. Always dispose of various holes and cracks in them.
  • Monitor their own hygiene and cleanliness of clothing and footwear. Because the finer the ant, so imperceptibly it on clothes, and the more likely, he gets into your home.

By following these simple recommendations, you can protect yourself from problems, that may occur with the arrival of your home of these pesky insects.

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