Bedbugs bites on humans – Photos and methods of treatment

Bedbugs bites on humans characterized by, that they are often confused with traces of the activities of other insects, with different skin rashes or injuries, but the real reason to guess at least. Diagnose bites bedbugs difficult, because they look different, and very similar to mosquito bites, fleas and even ordinary pimples. Their appearance is very dependent on the individual reactions of each person on the poisonous saliva. In this case, an entomologist for the bites of these bloodsucking easily recognizable, as expressed different specificity. ordinary people, living in apartments or houses, also need to know, It looks like bedbug bites on humans, so that when the first symptoms quickly learn parasites and have an idea, than to treat damaged skin.

На фото показан клон. Укусы этих насекомых часто путают с комариными или с аллергической реакцией
Photo shown Klopp. Bites of insects is often confused with mosquito or allergic reaction

note! There were cases, when the bites of bedbugs on the human body could not identify even dermatologists and confused them with an allergic reaction, or chickenpox. Now with similar complaints to medical institutions treat not often, so each is important to have an idea, the differences between bites of bedbugs from other skin reactions.

Appearance klopinyh bites on the human body

This pest is not a very greedy, but for once, he can suck up to seven milliliters of blood. To satisfy his hunger insect tries to find a capillary, located close to the skin surface. Very rarely succeed him on the first try, bug makes several bites close to the original. Therefore, the human skin there are traces in the form of tracks on the same line, and in place, where there was a coincidence of several bites, is their merging into one large red spot. This is the main difference, no other insect bites do not, One bug makes it to five punctures the dermis at a distance 3-4 centimeters apart.

Укусы клопов на теле человека
Bedbugs bites on the human body

Externally klopinye bites resemble mosquito, but more painful and have a clear outline. They look like a swelling of scarlet, and have a circular shape. In the central part of redness bug bite blood spot is a bright scarlet point. Dimensions of inflammation depend on the individual reaction of each person. They may look like small spots, and expressed as a red rash, which is an allergic reaction to saliva pests. Of particular danger is posed by the bites of bedbugs in children, because the consequences can be in the form of nervous disorders, poor health, iron deficiency anemia, and even anaphylactic shock.

When and where to bite

Bed bugs bite through the skin and suck blood at night, when a person is sleeping and living pest is not in danger. Puncture the skin parasite makes sharp beak, by which is introduced into the saliva, containing substance, which prevents blood clotting and acts as a painkiller. That is why sleeping person feels nothing and allows the bug plenty enough of the blood.

Young bugs should be relatively little time for, to get drunk with blood, but more adults can eat up to twenty minutes. After the meal, the insect looks for a gap or other secluded place, there to sit and digest food.

Symptoms klopinyh bites

Traces of bedbugs bites are mainly in the area of ​​the back, neck, hands, shoulders and legs, at least - on the stomach, face and goals. Insects tend to bite through the most delicate skin, to easily reach the blood. They appear in the morning in the complete absence in the evening before going to sleep. Stains from bedbug bites last longer, than from the bites of other pests.

The affected area of ​​the skin itch severely, for them there is swelling of the inflammatory process. Different people have these symptoms occur to varying degrees, depending on the characteristics of each organism. In some there are traces in the form of huge cones, are detected immediately. Sometimes it requires medical attention.

In other bites are hardly visible and can be detected after a long time of bad neighborhood. Besides, important to consider, that bites bedbugs home may occasionally pass through and emerge. Fed the parasite can not feel the hunger to ten days. Breaks between the appearance of the bites can be from one day to a week, depending on the degree of infection premises.

note! It is important to understand, that the treatment of bed bugs bites without pest control will be ineffective.

Whose blood prefer bugs

Human blood is the main food of these ectoparasites. They prefer to bite through the skin of a young woman or a child. The reason is, bugs that are looking for the victim by blood scent, the thinner and softer skin, the brighter they feel fragrance. Due to age and physiological characteristics of the epidermis is the thinnest in children and the fairer sex. Men or elderly bedbugs bite less. Sleeping in the same bed, spouses may notice for yourself different number of bites for this reason. Woman certainly suffer the most. And rumors, that bugs like the blood of a particular group is a myth.

pets, living in homes infested with bedbugs, These insects can bite too, but only if you reach the area for a long time no people. animal skins rather rough and thick, so the bedbugs bite through her hard. Especially, the smell of human skin attracts bloodsuckers, and the smell repels animals, probably due to the coat. Bedbugs can attack birds, eg, on parrots and canaries.

Признаки наличия клопов можно обнаружить на матрасе
Signs of bugs can be detected on the mattress

The consequences of the bites of bedbugs

Klopinye bites no more afraid, than mosquito. These parasites do not carry dangerous infections, so they can not infect human. But there are unpleasant symptoms, the most important of which is strongly itchy rash. In constant contact with these parasites cause psychological and physical discomfort, which leads to a lack of proper rest and irritability of people, exposed to attack of pests. Many feel uneasy at the thought of, that when they sleep on their body crawling insects and suck their blood.

Sometimes numerous bugs bites on humans can cause severe rashes, which is a consequence of an allergic reaction. Besides, allergic to the bites of bedbugs can cause nausea, dizziness and anaphylactic shock, It is the most serious consequence of contact with these insects, but such cases are not common.

In the attack on the person every bug bites through the skin many times, and when the room is heavily infected, the night, you may receive more than five hundred bites, which at close range merge and form large red spots.

Council! bites, made by bedbugs, it is not recommended to comb, so it can be brought into damaging microorganisms, causing infectious processes. Besides, combing appear small sores, of which bugs smell blood, so start even stronger attack. There is also a likelihood of inflammation and suppuration, so it is important to handle properly and timely damage.

How to treat the bites of bedbugs

Basically, skin damage from bugs bites heal themselves without outside intervention a week. Itching stops after three days. Traditional medications or promote more rapid healing and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. But a special agent from the klopinyh bites do not produce.

Folk remedies

Medicines from the bites of these insects is present in every home. At the first sign should be:

  • water wash the affected area;
  • wipe with alcohol or alcohol tinctures;
  • smear soda place biting in the form of slurry;
  • for removal of edema as necessary apply ice.

The smear bites bugs from edema and itching:

  • aloe juice - is applied to the bite leaves of this plant or make a cure, prepare is possible in several ways. Cut pieces of aloe pour vodka or alcohol, drawn and applied to damaged skin. Aloe leaves is subjected to freezing damage and wipe them. The juice was frozen in cubes and rub them bites place.
  • lotion of grass St. John's wort - 1 Article. l dry grass pour 250 ml of hot water, allowed to stand for half an hour, napkin wetted with a solution or cotton cloth and applied to damage.
  • Good clean pain and swelling of the fresh juice of plantain, garlic, onions, parsley leaves, potato.
  • Wipe wound acetic solution with water in identical proportions;
  • Make a paste of wormwood, plantain, bird cherry, dandelion and apply to the bites on the skin;
  • Remove sharp itching helps compress using ammonia.
  • It is also effective in a compress of black or green tea;
  • Bites can alleviate the symptoms of mint toothpaste, is applied to the damage.

help bath

For ease symptoms klopinyh bites are not always sufficient to use only ointment or compresses. Sometimes it helps to cope with the situation bathtub:

  • adding half of a soda glass mixed with salt in equal proportions;
  • with oat flakes;
  • with children or tar soap;
  • with a series;
  • the medicine Alka-Seltzer, but not suitable for people, are allergic to aspirin.

When, if after three days of no improvement, then you need to start applying the pharmaceutical agent.

Pharmacy drugs from bugs bites

Each pharmacy has a wide range of medicines, which can be used to treat bites klopinyh. There are such, which allowed for children two months of age. The most popular of these include:

  • Balm "asterisk" - simple and effect of the drug, helps to relieve irritation, redness, inflammation and itching. Smear bites should be several times a day until the final disappearance of symptoms, on average, it takes three days from the start of the use of funds.
  • Afloderm - ointment bites from bedbugs, that restores damaged skin and helps relieve itching.
  • Alcohol tincture of propolis - well disinfects, reduces inflammation and redness. Use the tool should be several times a day.
  • Fenistil gel - has antipruritic effect, relieves allergic reaction, prevents suppuration.
Фенистил гель – отличное средство после укусов клопов. Гель снимает зуд, аллергическую реакцию и препятствует появлению нагноений
Fenistil gel - an excellent remedy after bedbugs bites. Gel relieves itching, allergic response and prevents suppuration
  • Psili Balm - effectively reduces inflammation, edema, itch, It has a cooling effect.
  • Elided - sometimes in the form of gel or ointment, very good for the expressed allergic reactions, admission Course lasts about ten days.
  • Bepanten - cream and gel, which apply from age newborn and pomogabt restore damaged skin, but does not relieve itching.
  • Rescue Ointment - relieves itching and heals.

All of these drugs are released without a prescription. If after using them for a week no marked improvement, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist or allergist.

What to do if you are allergic

The presence of an allergic reaction after being bitten by bedbugs there anyway, Available but it will be much vyrazhennee. enhanced rash, spots merge into one, damaged areas swell, temperature appears, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath and the unbearable itching. Separate treatment in this case is unacceptable, you need to go to the doctor.

First aid is possible to use L-CET, Loratadin, Dizolin antihistamines or other medication in tablet form. Ointment in this case must be prescribed by a doctor, usually it will contain hormones, therefore may develop side effects when using improperly. Basically, therapy lasts ten days.

После укусов клопов на теле человека может появиться аллергия
Once bedbugs bites on the body may appear allergic

The use of antibiotics from the bites of bedbugs

there are cases, when the use of drugs in this group is a necessary. It happens, if the wound has got an infection and develop an inflammatory process. Then on damaged Metakhim arise peel, ulcers and redness. Antihistamines for the treatment is no longer enough. The doctor prescribes antibiotics. Often use drugs tetracycline. If the wound does not heal and ooze, their smear ointment Levomekol.

Often, such a situation happens in young children. They scratch the bites and brown skinned and bleeding. For fast and effective care of the child it is mandatory to show the experts.

Little bloodsuckers are becoming a real problem in a person's home, fight which we must quickly. In the meantime, apply methods for destruction of insects, save from their bites will help lavender essential oil, mint, Melissa, spirits with a pungent odor. Odor should be changed, since parasites are adapted to them. Bed frame can be spread shallow Masha, under the bed to put sprigs of chamomile drug, tansy, wormwood, it's time deter pests.

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