The house wound up the mouse? find out, how to get rid of them quickly and efficiently

Mice in a private house, especially if the building is old and has a lot of moves, - a phenomenon by no means rare. In human dwellings in mice always have access to a steady source of food, so the fight with the mice in a private home - not an easy task. How to get rid of mice?

Why do they come

mice, settled in an apartment house, They are not only a threat to food, but can also become carriers of many unpleasant diseases. Despite its small size, little bullies can cause substantial damage to human dwelling. They gnaw through wiring, violate the integrity of the walls of the house, spoiled food, doing a hole in the bedding, curtains and clothes, rustling at night in the walls and ceilings. Therefore, the question "How to get rid of mice in a private house?"I have always been and still is very relevant.

Мыши - это довольно частые гости в частных домах. Но избавиться от них все же можно.
Mouse - it is quite frequent guests in private homes. Still, you can get rid of them

by the way, in the attic any private, and even an apartment house can settle and bats. but, these animals are more useful. If they are still causing you inconvenience, they can try to scare, but to destroy them in any case impossible. The bats, settled in a private house, It feeds on virtually all blood-sucking insects and pesky moths (the vast majority of which, among other things, harms many agricultural plants). Besides, Many bat species already listed as endangered.

For the ordinary man of the house mouse house is attractive mostly due to food supplies, publicly available. The mouse comes back, where you can find dropped by on the floor and furniture pieces of food, breadcrumb, sunflower seeds. therefore, the main defense against uninvited little guests will be content rooms spotlessly clean (at least without the presence of these edible products). All food must necessarily be securely hidden from rodents.

Продукты питания в открытом доступе - главный фактор, который привлекает мышей.
Food in the public domain - the main factor, which attracts mice

note! The reason for the emergence and reproduction of colonies of rodents in a private home can be a normal trash, which for some reason, often overlooked when trying to get rid of tailed bullies.

With the onset of cold weather in the autumn heat is beginning to attract the mice in the house. Rodents in an attempt to find a cozy place, which you can escape from the cold, rush into people's homes.

If several families live in the territory of one house, then deal with uninvited guests need to collectively, since there is nothing easier for mice, we go into the next room - the overlap, through walls, the cellar or attic.


On the question of "how to get rid of mice in a private home," the very first response would be: produce prevention. After all, the problem is always easier to try to warn, than then to disentangle the results of their own carelessness. so, for preventing unwanted visits, as well as the first, you start to get rid of already settled in the house mice, should observe a number of rules:

  1. Store food must be strictly out of the reach of rodents and in a sealed container (made of materials, that the mouse will not gnaw).
  2. Sex in the kitchen and other places use food should be washed every night - on the floor by nightfall in any case should not be even the smallest crumbs. they also should not be on the plate, table, Kitchen countertops - and do not forget to wipe these surfaces.
  3. Trash can must be tightly closed, and best of all daily make the house accumulated garbage per day.
  4. From the very first signs of cooling should begin to fight streamed into homes in search of warmth uninvited guests, placing in the kitchen, in the attic and in the cellar of the house trap (about the rules of their placing - hereinafter).
  5. Take care, to the walls and the floor was no cracks, holes. They can easily penetrate small mouse. Therefore, the gap must be carefully closed up inside, and outside home.
  6. Air vents and windows put the lattice.
  7. Mice do not like the smell of mint, therefore, may be added for prevention of peppermint oil in the water for washing floors. In mice, a very good sense of smell, and least favorite smell deter rodents.
Во все времена лучшим защитником дома от мышей был и остается кот.
At all times, the best defender of the house from mice was and still is the cat

You can settle in his furry purring, which will not only be your faithful friend, but for two or three nights without difficulty overfishing of all available in the house mice. In the future, your pet will not allow any unauthorized entry of rodents in your territory.

Traditional methods of struggle with mice

Many owners of private houses finds in his own dwelling rodents or traces of their life can get lost, not having the slightest clue, their output.

  1. And the first thing you need to put a mousetrap, which are the easiest way to destroy uninvited guests gray. Many people think about the inhumanity of such a method, see, like wounded animals suffer. People are looking for other ways, how to derive mice, not knowing, that even now there are quite humane mousetrap, not to kill and maim small animals.
  • Mouse, caught in a (cm. pictured below) device, you can simply carry away from his home and released in any suitable for that location in your opinion.
Поймав мышь в подобное устройство ее можно отнести подальше от дома и выпустить на свободу.
Catching device like a mouse, it can be carried away from the house and to release.

Council! When using this kind of mousetraps sure that, that frightened little animal did not bite you through the gaps between the bars.

  • mousetrap same, shock spring provided with high-quality, provide instant death of the rodent. such devices (mostly Chinese-made) Now one can easily find in the specialized and hardware stores.
  • An apparatus for humane trapping rodents, if desired, and the ability to make and can be independently. Many schemes makeshift safe mousetraps posted on the Internet in the public domain.

Failures with mousetraps are most commonly associated with the, that these devices establish either insufficient, or entirely in the wrong places. Under the rules of the mousetrap put in the path of movement of gray rodents every 2 m (eg, mouse in kitchens is usually run along baseboards). And as bait is best to use no cheese (it can impart an unpleasant smell in the room), and pieces of chocolate or oat grains.

  1. Mice can not stand the smell of mothballs, that allows you to drive them out of the house by folding pieces of this substance in burrows, and moves in the path of movement.
  2. To display the mice from a private house, You can apply a modern and humane method - ultrasonic repeller. For a person not hear ultrasound, and mice are very sensitive to it. As a result, the rodents leave the room in a panic, where this device is installed.

But it is important to consider some nuances regarding its use:

  • Repeller operates in a limited area, often up 100 m2. In addition, the site should be open - ultrasound does not penetrate through walls.
  • You need to install the device in places, where the mouse mink.
  • It has the same effect on pets: rats, hamsters, decorative mice and guinea pigs. But if you Kosha, dog or rabbit, you can safely install the repeller.

enough Time, click to leave your home. But in some cases, these devices are ineffective: with time rodents become accustomed to ultrasound, and live quietly in the house, where he works repeller. In addition, animals may be a fancy place, at which the action of the device is not covered.

  1. You can catch a mouse without a mouse trap, but this method can not be called very humane. Special adhesive, intended to get rid of rodents, is applied to the smooth surface. In this case, the bait is not needed, a means in itself odorless, attractive gray robbers. but, creature, Caught in a trap, painfully dies.
  2. Not caring about humanity, You can also get rid of rodents in the house by using poisoned baits, preparing for popular recipes. Mice like flour and sugar, which allows to deal with them with the help of this method:
  • mix flour, quick lime and sugar;
  • Pour this mixture into the corner of the kitchen;
  • Next to put a container with water.

After eating dry sweet bait, Mouse tries to drink more. It is easy to imagine, what a nightmare it is happening to her on. This method in the villages of old rid of rats and mice in the building. but, not everyone is able to condemn a small creature such suffering with the available modern methods of struggle against rodents.

  • Another cruel and outdated method is unfolding bait, consisting of cork pieces, plastered in animal fat. Mouse, swallowed plug, painfully die from clogging the stomach and intestines.

    note! children, had discovered dying animals, psychological trauma can be applied. Try to protect their children from such a sight.

В XXI веке люди все чаще переходят на гуманные методы устранения мышей.
In the XXI century, people are increasingly moving to humane methods of eliminating mice

And generally speaking, These traditional methods, really it is too cruel, used today except in remote villages.

Ready chemical warfare agents

The shape of the release of several types of poisons:

  • aerosols. Their action is, that a film is formed on the treated surface. In contact poisons is on rodent fur, and with licks to get inside.
  • Powders and granules. They pour in corn or other food for mice.
  • Ready money in the form of briquettes, tablets or powders. Their advantage is, that does not need to be added to food for mice.
  • liquids. Designed to handle the mouse food.

For the destruction of rats and mice, you can use ready-made poison baits, so called rodenticides. They also cause a painful death rodents, but, triggered relatively quickly. They poured into disposable plates or on a piece of paper and placed in a wrong place, which will be available for children and any pets. The effect of the drug are waiting for three weeks. In that case, if the mouse has not gone, on their way to set traps.

note! Mouse - quite fairly clever creatures, and, if their community had already suffered from the effects of these baits, they can simply refuse to eat it.

Industry today manufactures bacterial preparations, which are safe for humans, and animals (excluding, of course, mice and rats). These drugs refers, eg, Baktorodentsid, containing grains, infected with the causative agent of murine typhus. And even if only one mouse eats a "poison", it quickly infect the entire population - in just a few days there will be absolutely nothing from the colonies.

Important! Not all drugs are equally safe! Some funds for the destruction of rodents are deadly poisonous and for the people, so, working with such preparations, you must comply strictly with all the nuances, set out in the application instructions.

Always remember the following:

  • Poisons are kept strictly out of reach of children and pets all (do not forget about the neighborhood, as well as the "coming" furry friends).
  • Besides, such substances should be stored away from food.
  • It is impossible in any case to keep toxic substances under the kitchen sink, because there are usually stored, and various household powders, and, unless you, then someone from the family members, sooner or later they may confuse.
  • By choosing to shop rodetentsid, If possible, avoid funds, which contain substances, deadly to humans and domestic animals - such, like strychnine and arsenic. Remember, that poisoned rodents can eat any domestic dog or cat - like your, and neighbor. AND, if it happens, it is almost certainly an animal dies (provided, that he did not immediately veterinary care will be provided).
  • If the poisoning still occurred, Keep the packaging of the product and show it to the doctor, because on it will be shown, from what it suffered poison pet or person.
  • Working with poisons, Always wear rubber gloves.

Modern chemical poisons to control rodents (such, as a storm, Mortorat and other) spared the main shortcoming of all the poisonous baits - died from poisoning the mouse will not fill the room the smell of rotting, as her body mummified. Some drugs act differently - when poisoned animal tends to leave the premises as soon as possible and runs out into the fresh air.

Ультразвуковой отпугиватель мышей "Торнадо" - гуманный борец с грызунами!
Ultrasonic repeller mice "Tornado" - humane fighter with rodents!

If you do not have a cat, then using these methods of struggle against rodents from time to time, the mouse will still attempt to run into your house - so to speak, "Exploration".

AND, finding food in the house, and heat, they will remain. Not only that - certainly acquire offspring. Of course, in this case you will have to start all over again.

Plants, mice that repel

wondering, how to get rid of mice in a private house, most often people mean effective, but safe ways. These include traditional methods. To scare away mice used plants, smell which rodents can not tolerate.

Can be used:

  • chamomile;
  • peppermint;
  • sagebrush;
  • elder (red, black and grassy);
  • bagulnik Lucky.

Grass can be used as fresh, and dry. If you chose the second option, the dry grass to grind and put into cloth bags. These bags must be expanded in mice habitats and there, where they are most often. Paying special attention to cracks and holes in the floor and walls.


If independent attempts to get rid of mice were unsuccessful, I have to call experts. The downside of professional rodent is the high cost of service. But you can get rid of rodents.

Rodent control can be carried out in order to prevent or to kill mice with poisons. Usually after disinfestation given year warranty.

Remember! The fight with the mice in a private home is not easy, but, Aware of the risk, posed by mouse, it's worth it. We must act quickly, so as mice reproduce very quickly, and bring a whole colony of rodents is much more difficult, than to get rid of one or two individuals. If you do not help one way, Use another or several. And then your efforts will be successful.

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