It looks like flea bites on humans and how to treat them?

Fleas are parasites, feed exclusively on the blood of. Their bites are dangerous not only for the animals, where they live, but for a man. Fleas are different types of features mouthparts, which is designed to pierce the skin a specific individual animal. But to sustain these parasites can spread to human.

The human body is of little use for dwelling fleas. First of all, we do not have a scalp. Secondly, body temperature of the animals above, than people. AND, finally, people supports hygiene, that really do not like fleas.

Блохи - это паразиты, которые питаются исключительно кровью
Flea - are parasites, which feed exclusively on the blood of

Hazardous to human fleas

There are more than two thousand species of fleas. In the photo flea bites all look about the same. All of them can bite a person, but the most frequently encountered the following species of these parasites:

  • dog fleas. These insects live in the hair and skin of dogs. Even pets are not insured by their appearance, especially since the majority of dogs constantly to walk in the street, where it can easily pick up fleas. flea bites, living in dogs, It occurs in people more often than others. This is due to the fact, that a large number of parasites in one animal dwells.
  • cat fleas. Hit man less, still prefer to dwell in a warm-blooded cats, although able to maintain their livelihoods, feeding on the blood of virtually all mammals. flea bites, living in cats, similar in appearance to other.
  • rat fleas. human bite rat flea problem is relevant to the private sector, in these parasites are rare. But after being bitten by the rat flea in humans can cause serious complications, because these insects are carriers of dangerous infectious diseases.
  • human fleas. For these parasites is a person is the primary power source. their bodies, including mouthparts, fully adapted to humans. Human flea differs from its congeners in larger size. Besides, the bite, she plunges into the scalp, and even part of your body, to reach the blood vessel, so that flea bites on humans find easy. The human flea has strong armor, which protects it from crushing, when you catch it scratching or biting places.
Последствия укуса блох на теле человека
The consequences of a flea bite on a human body

Besides, bites can appear on the body of earth, sand, bedding, rabbit and other species of fleas.

It is important to know! Human flea can bite any kind, so that parasites, living on pets, also to be feared.

Dangers and consequences of the bites

should know, that fleas bite - this is a painful process. If bugs and some other parasites with his saliva is injected under the skin of the human analgesic, the fleas of the enzyme in the composition of the saliva no. Biting parasite causes painful sensation. But painful bites - it's not the worst, because along with the flea injects saliva into the human body of toxic substances, that do not allow blood to clot.

It is important to know, It looks like flea bites, because after the bite is very small wound. Bleeding does not come out because of the small holes and the elasticity of the skin. But here beneath the epidermis, it can last for a long time, resulting in hemorrhage. Especially dangerous flea bites in children.

Attention! Multiple flea bites on one area of ​​the body can provoke purpura, which is dangerous complications.

The dangers of flea bites are as follows:

  1. Allergic reaction. enzymes, contained in the saliva of fleas, possess strong toxic properties. Especially acute reaction to flea bites occur in children under the age of 12 years old.
  2. Infection with a serious illness. Bloch is a carrier of pathogens of dangerous diseases. The specifics depend on the type of flea and its previous habitats.
  3. infection. After taste rank crave, and scratching can lead to infection of entering into it.

Flea bites earthworks

Ground flea lives in places, where the birds live, rats and other rodents. If only certain types of flea bite through the skin and feed on blood, the addition of earth flea bites and still proliferates in vivo. In humans, it gets under your nails, which lays eggs. Places bites earth or sand fleas fester, which is a favorable environment for the development of larvae.

Bites cat fleas

Cat fleas are dangerous, that can carry pathogens currently on the plague, viral infections, which are transmitted to humans through bites. Besides, cat fleas are carriers of worms, dangerous to humans. flatworms, tapeworm and other parasites enter the bloodstream in the form of eggs, larvae grow and develop inside, causing irreparable harm to the body.

Rat flea bites

The consequences of the bites of these parasites can be very scary. That rat fleas are the most common cause of fever, plague and other diseases.

It is important to know! Over two hundred viral diseases transferred fleas. Each flea bite can result in dangerous consequences.

Блохи опасны в первую очередь тем, что являются переносчиками сотен различных заболеваний
Fleas are dangerous especially to those, carriers that are hundreds of different diseases

Symptoms of flea bites

In time to take action, need to know, It looks like a flea bite. This will help you a visual picture. It is a redness in a small area, around which there is a vast slick of pink color. Also can form multiple red dots - so manifest an allergic reaction to a sting. Besides, area bitten badly scratched, bringing discomfort. After a short time on the site of bite blisters. However, He quickly passes, but the wound is still visible in a few days.

Fleas bite the person primarily in the area of ​​the lower legs. The most commonly affected lower leg and foot. But flea bites on the body can be localized in other parts of its. for example, If flea bites a man in a dream, they tend to find places, where blood vessels are closest to the skin. Often bites can be seen on the neck, armpits, on hands.

Fleas do not leave tracks, on which you can find bed bugs bites. Yet these parasites trying to bite through the skin in several places around 1-2 cm apart.

Symptoms of flea bites:

  • People feel soreness at the time of bite
  • Pronounced itching after bite
  • Slight swelling in the area of ​​the bite
  • Localization in the lower legs
  • Flea bites in the region 1-2 cm apart, in series

Flea bites can cause quite a specific disease - pulicosis. Its symptoms are as follows: festering in places bite, increase in lymph node size, the presence in the mouth and throat ulcers, fever, headache. If the temperature rises to 40 degrees, we can speak of a pronounced allergic reaction.

Attention! If you do not know, It looks like a flea bite, but you have seen signs, consult a doctor!

Than to treat flea bites

After detecting flea bite and identify the parasite is necessary to conduct a series of activities, aimed at disinfecting wounds and minimizing the consequences of the bites. Need to know, than to treat flea bites, to avoid complications.

  1. Processing the bite on the skin antiseptic. You can use an antiseptic soap solution, apple vinegar solution ratio of water 1:1, citric acid. If flea severely damaged skin, the wound must be treated several times a day.
  2. Cooling the bite. You can use a cold compress or ice. Wrap ice cubes in a thin cloth or tissue and wipe the affected area of. Cooling prevents inflammation, reduce puffiness, the skin returns to normal.
  3. Applying an antiseptic ointment or cream, gel or liquid. There are many drugs, eg, boro-plus, calamine lotion, Sulfuric ointment. Suitable and conventional soda solution. Steroid ointments - Hydrocortisone, flutsinar and others - reduce pain, itch, but before using them better consult a doctor.
  4. The use of antihistamines. If you have an allergy to flea bites, you can take antiallergic agent. Treatment to better align with the doctor.
Последствия укусов блох на ногах человека. На место укусов необходимо наложить холодный компресс
Consequences of flea bites on human legs. On the site of the bite you need to apply a cold compress

Do not neglect and traditional medicines. Good help to relieve itching, inflammation and swelling of the gadgets from the juice of parsley, dandelion, plantain, calendula, strong green tea.

Attention! Headaches, high temperature, the presence of hives, festering seek medical attention immediately.

How to bring fleas

Protect against bites of fleas is almost impossible, they should be destroyed. Especially dangerous is the emergence of these parasites in the home with children. The child will be affected in the first place.

Before, how to get rid of fleas, We need to identify the source of contamination. Most often it is pets - cats or dogs. Animals need to inspect and wash detection of parasites by special means. After washing treat hair animal insecticides. treat litter, floor coverings, sofas and other places, where your pet likes to spend time.

Regardless of the type of fleas, you need to conduct a thorough treatment of the entire premises. Pay special attention to cracks and corners, where flea larvae can develop. When cleaning, use special disinfectants. After two weeks of treatment should be repeated.

It is important to know! Process larva transformation into an adult may hold more than one and a half months. Besides, larva can be a long time in a cocoon, waiting for favorable conditions for development.


Preventive measures are primarily aimed at protecting animals against parasites. Periodically wool processing, protivobloshinye buy drugs, collars, After each walk the dog wash paws.

Bites can be prevented by treating the feet with special sprays. Most of them have a wide range of activities and are intended to prevent the bites of various parasites.

In the house, keep clean and dry. Can be decomposed into sachets with herbs, flea repellent - wormwood, čabrecom, tansy.

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