Effective tablet from worms to humans – for prevention and treatment

Parasitic diseases - are not uncommon. There are many types of worms, eggs which may enter the human body after the contact with the ground, Throat unboiled water from a natural source, time has not washed hands. For the treatment of various types of helminthiasis used tablets from worms to humans. It can be a broad-spectrum of action, or designed for a specific type of parasite.

Previously used to combat worms folk remedies - ate pumpkin seeds, garlic, and even such a toxic substance, as an oil henopodievoe. Now, to bring the worms in humans, synthesized using tablets helminths. But it is important to remember, that they can only assign a specialist after determining, what kind of parasites present in the body. But what are the most effective pills for worms? Well proven drugs Worm, Vermoks, Nemozol, pyrantel. This means a broad spectrum of action, they are used in the most common worm infestations.

Вермокс - отличное средство от глистов
Vermoxum - an excellent remedy for worms

note! Before starting treatment, make sure helminthiasis, that you have no contraindications. In addition to these instructions, each time the drug may be contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, acute intestinal infections, infectious and viral diseases.

What you need to consider, before starting treatment

To really get rid of parasites, enough to learn and get good tablets from worms. This is a range of activities, which includes the preparation and recovery of the organism. So before, than to start treatment, you need to consult a doctor. But there are general rules, that must be followed to get rid of parasites.

  1. Training. Before taking anthelmintic drug, the body must be prepared. To do this, drink vegetable oil - flaxseed or pumpkin, as well as pharmaceutical agents take - and Allohol Enterosgel. It is necessary for the binding and removal of waste products of parasites, a toxic effect on the body.
  2. Pills against worms. Depending on the type of parasite, the doctor will select the most effective drug and the optimal dosage. It can be a tablet narrow spectrum, to combat worms certain class, or broad-spectrum drugs, which helps to get rid of all types of worms. Especially good results such funds give, If the infection occurred several species of parasites.
  3. Recovery of the organism. After the expulsion of worms need to restore all body functions, for that prescribe drugs, ESTABLISH liver, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, light. It is useful to drink a course of vitamins and drugs, enhance immunity.

All worms are divided into three classes - nematodes, they also roundworms, cestodes - tapeworms, and trematodes - flukes, or flatworms. For each group, the expert selects the particular drug, best suited to adults or children. The doctor will take into account characteristics of the organism, disease, weight, drug tolerance, and only then prescribe pills and give guidance on dosage. So the question, how to get rid of worms, not so simple, as it seems at first glance. The following are the most effective drugs, who benefit from a certain type of worms.

Drugs in nematodes

Nematodы, or roundworms, They settle in the human body more often than other types of. The most common in children and adults are pinworm and roundworm. Besides, nematode are toxocara, vlasoglav, trihinella. Here are the most effective pills for worms:

  • Nemozol, Gelmodol-VM, Worm, the main active ingredient is albendazole. These drugs disrupt the metabolism of parasites, those killed. The drug is available as chewable tablets or suspensions.
  • Dekaris, the main active ingredient - levamisole, which paralyzes muscles helminth. Consequently, it is detached from the walls of the intestine and excreted naturally by.
Декарис 50 мг - один из самых действенных препаратов
Dekaris 50 mg - one of the most effective drugs
Дозировку Декарис 150 мг должен назначать врач
dosage Dekaris 150 mg should be prescribed by a doctor
  • Vormin, Vermoks, Mebeks, Termoks, Vero-Mebendazol. The main substance of these drugs is mebendazole. Its antiparasitic action based on breach of excretion of glucose and slow ACE synthesis.
Мебендазол - основным веществом этого препарата является мебендазол
Mebendazole - basic substance of this preparation is mebendazole
  • pyrantel, Gelmintoks, Nemocid, Kombantrin. The active substance - pyrantel pamoate. These funds belong to the broad-spectrum drugs, because it has a devastating impact on the different types of worms. Their action is prolonged neuromuscular blockade parasites.
  • piperazine adipate. Paralyzuet muscles of parasite. It is produced in the form of tablets and oral solution.

If the detected extra-intestinal nematodes, you need to drink other drugs - Ditrazina citrate and Ivermek.

There are some features of removing worms from the body. Some drugs act on adults parasites, and their eggs and larvae remain intact. And when enterobioze, pinworm infection, possible re-infestation, ie autoinfection. Therefore, treatment is carried out twice: two weeks after the first course of repeated administration of drugs.

Important! After taking some pills have to spend cleaning procedures: morning drunk tablet, and in the evening enema or laxative is drunk. This will help to quickly bring the body of the dead parasites.

Tablets of tapeworms

By cestodes, or tapeworms, It includes such parasites: bovine tapeworm, dwarf tapeworm, pork tapeworm, teniarinhoz, echinococcus, gid, and other. Upon infection, tapeworms are the most effective pills:

  1. fenasal, niclosamide. The active substance - niclosamide, it has a paralyzing effect on helminth, and also suppresses the resistance of parasites to gastrointestinal enzymes.
  2. Nemozol - active substance albendozol, inhibits muscle activity of worms.
  3. Akrihin, Mepacrine used in giardiasis, malaria, tenioze, leishmaniasis.

Preparations against trematodes

flukes, or flukes, less common other types of worms. However, this is a very large class of parasites, which include swimmer's itch, klonorxoz, dikrocelioz, opisthorchiasis, fasciolasis, metorhoz and other. Tablets from worms to humans flukes apply such:

  1. Praziquantel - causes muscle spasms and paralysis gelminta.
  2. Azinoks, active ingredient - praziquantel. Strikes integument worm, that leads to the death.
  3. Bithionol hloksila and eliminate the extra-intestinal trematodes.


Question, whether or not to take drugs to prevent anthelmintic, It is debatable. Some experts insist, it does not make sense, since it is possible to drink the medicine, and the infection will come later. Besides, they emphasize the high toxicity of tablets from worms to humans, and receiving inappropriate medication without such serious indications. And as a prevention recommends scrupulous adherence to the basic rules of personal hygiene: thorough, with soap, washing hands before eating, after using the restroom, after a walk, daily change of underwear and a weekly basis - bed.

Other experts argue for prevention, explaining that, which is not always when infected with worms have symptoms, and even the tests may not reflect the true state of affairs, giving false-negative result. Especially important is prevention in children of preschool and early school age. This is the age, when the child is not able to follow the hygiene properly, and children's groups the likelihood of infection with worms, especially pinworms, very high.

and adults, and children should take anthelmintic drugs as a preventive measure, if you often have to deal with the land, sand, at closely in children groups, in the presence of pets.

Worming medications during pregnancy

Pregnancy - a special time, to which should be treated with caution to receive medication. In the first trimester of anthelmintic drugs banned, but, starting from the second, they must appoint a physician. But only allowed during gestation baby means worming is a piperazine. And in that case,, if a pregnant woman is infected with pinworms, the first thing it must comply with the hygiene - with careful observance of its possible cure.

Since treatment of helminthiasis, important to remember, that even the best tablet from worms to humans should be taken on prescription, with great care and to monitor the reaction of the organism.

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