acyclovir ointment – how and when to use the drug? instruction, reviews, price

Мазь Ацикловир – специальное медикаментозное стредство угнетающее вирусы
Ointment Acyclovir - a special medical facility, depressing viruses

The occurrence of watery spots on the lips or genitals may indicate herpes lesions. It can be cured with the help of special tools, oppressing viruses. Among such medications should include acyclovir ointment. What else the drug is used? Can I use acyclovir to children and pregnant? What are the recommendations for the use of existing?

Description and Composition

Ointment Acyclovir - antiviral agent, Helps to cope with herpes. Active substance (acyclovir) It penetrates into the affected cells (DNA virus) and inhibits its development. Thus gradually disappear herpes. About 20% Ointment is absorbed into, and three hours later output via renal. people, that have a functional kidney problems, This process can take up to 20 hours. Efficacy explained by the ability of the active substances accumulate inside affected cells.

Мазь Ацикловир выпускается в нескольких формах: Ацикловир 3%, Ацикловир 5%
Acyclovir ointment is available in several forms: acyclovir 3%, acyclovir 5%

An ointment may comprise a different quantity of active ingredient and therefore is available in several forms:

  • acyclovir 3% - recommended for the treatment of eyes;
  • acyclovir 5% - for topical application to skin rashes.

It means packed in aluminum tubes for 20 gram and cartons. The ointment is white-yellow color and smooth consistency, It has no odor. As part of the means, addition to the active substance acyclovir, are: nipasol, nipagin, emulsifier, lipokomp "S", purified water.

Quinacrine ointment comprising acyclovir 5 gram, propylene glycol, vaseline, vazelinovoe oil, emulsifying wax, macrogol and water.

In addition to ointments and release tablets and injectable solutions and lotions.

Кроме мази Ацикловир, выпускают таблетки и растворы
In addition to the ointment Acyclovir, release tablets and solutions

Acyclovir Sandoz - cream for external use. It contains the active substance, macrogol fatty acid ester, dimethicone, cetyl alcohol, white petrolatum, paraffin, propylene glycol, and purified water.


From what helps ointment Acyclovir? Despite, that most people use this drug primarily for the treatment of herpes, its range of applications is wider.

acyclovir ointment, guide which describes in detail the recommendations and contraindications, appoint the following diseases:

  • Chickenpox (chickenpox);
  • Genital herpes (mucosa lesion genitals);
  • Shingles, caused by herpes virus 1 and 2 type;
  • Stomatitis (herpetic);
  • Cold sores on the skin surface;
  • Inflammation of the cornea (keratitis).

Besides, acyclovir ointment 5% able to prevent new rashes, It prevents the negative effect of the virus on the internal organs, and reduces pain during the acute phase and promotes rapid formation of crusts (provided weeping manifestations of herpes).

Кроме лечения герпесов, Ацикловир применяется для лечения еще ряда заболеваний
In addition to the treatment of herpes, Acyclovir is used to treat a number of diseases still

Doctors do not recommend the use of aciclovir in pregnancy, especially in 1 and 2 trimester. At the moment, there are no confirmed facts, about the negative impact of antiviral drugs in the fetus, but experts still recommend to abandon it. Indeed, in 1-2 trimester the fetus is actively developing the internal organs, and means, like any other medical preparation, able to disrupt this process. Therefore, decide whether to use the ointment acyclovir during pregnancy or not, solves only gynecologist, watching pregnancy. At the same benefit to the mother must be greater than the possible negative consequences for the child many times.

Important! As regards the period of lactation, it is important to understand, that the substance can penetrate into the body of the child with milk, where it gradually accumulates. This may lead to serious disorders of the liver and kidney functionality toddler. Therefore, the period of use of antiviral agents need to transfer the child on artificial feeding, or at all to refuse such treatment.

Contraindications and side effects

Like other medicines, drug may not be used under the following conditions and symptoms:

  • Purulent and ulcerative lesions on the skin;
  • open wounds, as well as bacterial infections of the skin in places of defeat;
  • Allergic reaction to the individual components of the ointment;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.
Ацикловир имеет противопоказания
Acyclovir is contraindicated

In most cases, the ointment is quite well tolerated by people, but in some cases, the following symptoms:

  • itch, skin rash and a burning sensation after application to the skin means;
  • Hyperemia;
  • puffiness;
  • The appearance of dryness and flaking (often for prolonged use).

Important! The active substance does not penetrate into the bloodstream, so the cases of drug overdose are not available. But if there were unpleasant side effects, you should immediately stop using the ointment and seek medical advice.

How to use

on the application of acyclovir ointment instruction reads, what:

  • Apply the product preferably in medical gloves or fingertip.
  • The number of applications and the dosage recommended by the physician only on the basis of the problem. The average duration of treatment is from 5 to 10 days. If positive changes are observed, then you should seek medical advice, which designate another drug.
  • Use the ointment for topical application on the affected areas of the body should be to complete drying of herpes.
  • Between re-application means must pass at least 4 o'clock.
  • The maximum dose - 5-6 use during the day. The elderly and people, with a need to reduce the number of liver disorders and kidney to 2 once a day.
  • For 1,5-2 hours after the application of an ointment to the skin can not take a shower, that the preparation is not washed away.
  • The substance is applied in a thin, but rather a dense layer over the entire surface of the herpes.
Ацикловир необходимо наносить тонким слоем по всей поверхности высыпаний
Acyclovir is necessary to apply a thin layer over the entire surface of rashes

Acyclovir ointment for the eyes is used as follows:

  1. In order not to harm the mucous membrane of the eyes is recommended to adhere to the three-day course. In this day means to apply no more 5 time.
  2. Ophthalmic gel must lay directly over the conjunctival sac.
  3. During treatment should stop wearing eye lenses.
  4. Some experts believe, that when herpes keratitis should also use the additional funds, eg, Zovirax. But they can be used only after consulting an ophthalmologist and destination.

Important! Acyclovir ointment or cream should be applied thinly across the surface rashes.

Cautions and recommendations

Information about, the effect Acyclovir ointment on the body of the newborn, not yet. Therefore, for children up to 1 year, this ointment is not recommended. In rare cases, though drug use, but in a very low dose of no more than once a day. Acyclovir tablets and ointment better to apply from two years. At older ages, the number of applications can be increased to 3-4 once a day.

ointment Acyclovir 5% outdoor use for children and adults should not be applied on mucous eyes, vagina, and oral mucosa, and nasal.

Can I use the drug during SARS and other viral diseases? Ointment Acyclovir herpes help from cold. The active substance is not able to deal with the likes of viral diseases. It can be used only against the background of weak immunity, the appearance of herpes sores.


If you want to buy a tool, capable of delivering an antiviral effect, then you should pay attention to the preparations, containing acyclovir. The most well-known counterparts:

  • famvir;
  • Vyroleks;
  • Gerviraks;
  • Herperaks;
  • Gerpesin;
  • Zovirax;
  • Medovyr;
  • Provirsan;
  • Supraviran;
  • Tsiklovaks;
  • Tsiklovir;
  • Citivir.


How much is a topical ointment with 5% content of active substance? Ointment against herpes on the lips, you can buy 30 rubles, or in the area 23 hryvnia (tuba).

acyclovir (ophthalmic ointment) now available in pharmacies at a price 70-80 rubles or 45 hryvnia.


Many want to know, what's better: Ointment Acyclovir Zovirax Acre or? According to the scope and content of components are similar and prescribed for herpetic diseases. At the same time Zovirax worth several times more. they differ producing countries. Acyclovir produces Russia, and Zoviraks - England. In the opinion of the people, the latter drug is somewhat softer tolerated and almost no side effects. In this case, after a few days of using the positive changes observed.

mark, that means very good for the treatment of keratitis in children. At the same time to recommend a dose and frequency of use of the ointment should optometrist, based on the difficulty of developing the disease. It helps tool in the fight against chickenpox. Thank basements, rashes fairly quickly covered with dry crusts.

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