Sovigripp flu vaccine – composition, instruction, efficiency, reviews

Annually, on the eve of the season of colds, vaccination of the population in all age groups. Sovigripp - a vaccine domestic production, part of which is updated annually, depending on the predicted flu strains. It is made with 2013 of the year. Solution containing a preservative is introduced only with adults 18 years old. Children under the age of six months can be administered vaccine, composed of a preservative is not included.

Features and effects of the vaccine

Одним из преимуществ данной вакцины есть то, что она поставляется на бесплатной основе
One of the advantages of the vaccine - that, that it comes free of charge

The vaccine composition Sovigripp - attenuated viruses of different strains of flu. It is a clear solution, which is produced in ampules.

WITH 2015 , this vaccine is mandatory. Its introduction is free of charge.

Sovigripp protects the cells of the body and has a marked antioxidant effect. The vaccine activates the immune system against specific strains of influenza, antigens that are part of the drug.

The structure Sovigripp vaccine includes antigens of influenza virus type A H1N1, A H3N2, AT, as well as an adjuvant Sovidon, polioksidony and phosphate-saline.

Vaccination is a preventive measure, to prevent the development of influenza. It is particularly relevant for persons, which are particularly vulnerable to flu. it:

  • representatives of the "social" professions - medical workers, military;
  • person, who suffer from chronic diseases of the heart, respiratory, endocrine system, as well as immunodeficiency states;
  • elderly people;
  • pupils, students.
Прививка данной вакциной показана как взрослым, так и школьникам, учащихся в старших классах
Inoculation of the vaccine is shown as an adult, and students, students in high school

note! The vaccine is designed for the adult population, but can be carried out in schools for pupils 8-11 classes. Pregnant Sovigripp introduced only in the last trimester and only if, if the potential benefits of such an event exceeds the harm, nanosymыy fruit.

Instructions for use indicates a contraindication to the administration of the vaccine Sovigripp. it:

  • idiosyncrasy components, which are part of the solution;
  • the presence of infection or inflammation in humans;
  • febrility;
  • Children up to age 6 months;
  • a history of severe reactions, caused by vaccines administered previously;
  • the recovery period after diseases;
  • during exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Important! To administer the vaccine is recommended at the beginning of autumn, to the time to maximize the flu could emerge immunity.

This solution is often compared to a similar activity vaccine called Grippol. And Sovigripp, and Grippol vaccines are domestically produced, virus antigen in their composition are the same as. The first of these, according to reviews, much easier tolerated and has fewer contraindications.


Перед тем, как сделать прививку, нужно пройти обследование и проконсультироваться с врачом
Before, how to get vaccinated, You need to be examined and to consult a doctor

Sovigripp flu vaccine is administered once a year. solution job dosage is 0,5 ml. The vaccine must be administered in the deltoid muscle, which is located at the top of the shoulder.

According to the instructions to Sovigrippu, vaccine, containing preservative, administered to only the, who turned 18 years old. Children aged 6 months injected solution, composed of a preservative is not included.

note! After the introduction of the vaccine the patient should be within half an hour to be under a doctor's supervision. This is especially true, who are prone to allergic reactions.

Vaccine in any case should not be administered intravenously.

A few days before the introduction of the means necessary to avoid contact with persons, influenza patients, avoid hypothermia, refuse to accept alcoholic drinks. For at least 3 days after the injection should also abandon the use of alcohol.

note! The maximum effect of the administration of the vaccine occurs only through 2 of the week.

probable complications

Иногда прививка может вызвать побочный эффект, к примеру, ощущение слабости или повышение температуры
Sometimes vaccination may cause a side effect, for example, a feeling of weakness or fever

Side reactions may occur after vaccination, although in most cases this does not happen. Among the possible complications include:

  • raising the temperature to 38 degrees. This phenomenon is quite normal and does not require correction;
  • pain in the injection site, redness, small swelling;
  • headaches;
  • sore throat;
  • cold;
  • generalized weakness;
  • rash.

note! If adverse reactions persist more 2 days, should see a doctor.

If Sovigripp was administered to a patient, who observed intolerance to any component, is part of the solution, the allergic reaction can be extremely difficult - until angioedema.

epidemic season 2017-2018: what to expect

Flu vaccines in 2017 It was developed with the new flu strain. Flu shot Sovigripp should make sure, because it is composed of strains, that provoke a dangerous kind of flu, It is known as the "Michigan".

note! Furthermore Sovigripp vaccine, in season 2017-2018 will be introduced and influvac Grippol.

AT 2017-2018 years is expected a new type of influenza, It referred to above, - «Wolverine». This is - a kind of swine flu, which is dangerous severe complications. recorded, what in 2016 this year has provoked the death of about 100 People in Russia, among them - children and pregnant women.

reference. The main reason for activation of the virus experts call the abnormally warm weather in the winter.

Flu "Michigan" is developing rapidly: in the first 24 hours after the virus enters the body there are the first symptoms of the disease. It causes such dangerous complications, as meningitis, pulmonary edema or brain, pneumonia, myocarditis, otitis.

In addition to this type of flu is also expected to "Hong Kong" and "Brisbane".

Помните: лучшее лечение - это профилактика, готовьтесь к эпидемии гриппа уже осенью
Remember: the best treatment - is prevention, prepare for a flu epidemic in the autumn


Irina, 33 of the year: "Flu is becoming more menacing with every year, therefore inevitably have to think about vaccination. to be honest, the domestic vaccine I do not trust, and why - tell the example Sovigripp vaccine. If you carefully read the instructions, one finds, that the composition of this vaccine contains a number of antigens, a smaller amount of antigen, than that recommended by the World Health Organization. Besides, I am confused, that there is no data for international research on this drug. My child, I agreed to enter only influvac, she vaccinated still Sovigrippom. I'd like to note, Earlier I never set myself such vaccination, so it is - my first experience. After inoculation pronounced adverse reactions have arisen, only undesirable effect was the appearance of noticeable itching at the injection solution. Now I will evaluate, how this vaccine ".

Marina, 41 year: "I am a paramedic, so I regularly administered vaccines, which is especially important to large-scale vaccination of the population. AT 2016 year in our medical facility began to introduce Sovigripp (instead Grippol). I have a sore forearm after injection, where the vaccine was administered, but other side effects or allergic reactions have arisen. Prick delivered in September 2016 of the year. Throughout the autumn and winter period, I never fell ill colds viral diseases. Of course, Sometimes there is easy, quickly passing a runny nose, but more severe manifestations were not observed. So I can recommend Sovigripp. by the way, colleague advised of the following: if pain injection site after administration of the vaccine, you need to draw in this area iodine grid. the, who are prone to allergic reactions, desirable bedtime drink tablet "Suprastin" means.

Anna, 28 years old: "Last year set itself a flu shot. Administered the vaccine proved Sovigripp. The procedure was carried out at a medical facility in the community, everything is free. Of course, I was a little startled a small number of reviews on the effectiveness of this solution, but the fear of the possibility of complications of influenza still won my uncertainty. After inoculation hurt shoulder area, but the temperature did not rise. Until spring 2017 year did not hurt anything, except lung rhinitis, while my husband, which declined from the vaccine, ill SARS. I still have not caught, although usually "catch" viruses very quickly. I think, that Sovigripp - effective vaccine, which must necessarily enter, to protect themselves and their loved ones from this dangerous disease, which can lead to unpredictable serious consequences ".

Sovigripp - domestic vaccine, the composition of which varies each year according to the type of the expected flu. Means forming immunity gradually. therefore, to prepare for the season of viral diseases, should be put in September vaccinated and protect themselves against the most dangerous strains of influenza.

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