Influvac flu vaccine 2017-2018 – it acts, who shows, precautionary measures

Influenza is one of the most common infectious diseases. Many people believe, that the disease does not differ much from the cold, but in reality it is not so. The disease can be very dangerous, especially if time does not get vaccinated. Different medications are used for injection, such as influvac from flu.

To protect yourself from complications, which often arise against disease, not necessarily on their own to buy in pharmacies. from flu 2017 calendar year of vaccination injections pose for free, but domestic products are used for this purpose. If a person wants to be vaccinated with a foreign agent, then it will have to pay.

Вакцина Инфлювак, производится в Нидерландах компанией Abbott Biologicals BV, в России применяется с конца восьмидесятых
Influvac vaccine is produced in the Netherlands by Abbott Biologicals BV, in Russia it is used since the late eighties

the drug

Vaccination against influenza influvac created from surface Antigen. To get them, specialists pathogen grown in chick embryos. Ready microorganisms sampled and killed by formaldehyde. Thereafter, they are separated from the surface particles, and which contain the necessary antigens.

Thus obtained preparation, in which the composition contains neuraminidase and hemagglutinin, collected from the surface of the virus. This type of graft is called a subunit. Unlike live vaccines, which consist of attenuated pathogens, subunit can not lead to human infection and the appearance of influenza symptoms.

Auxiliary components are:

  • Water for injections,
  • potassium chloride, calcium and sodium,
  • Sodium phosphate dihydrate,
  • Potassium dihydrogen phosphate,
  • Magnesium chloride hexahydrate,
  • Formaldehyde,
  • gentamicin,
  • polysorbate,
  • chicken protein,
  • sucrose,
  • Cetilmetilammonium,
  • sodium deoxycholate,
  • bromide.

Influvac vaccine is produced in the Netherlands by Abbott Biologicals BV. In Russia it is applied at the end of the eighties. This three-component vaccine, which comprises two strains of group A and one from group B. New versions of the drug are made annually, taking into account the epidemiological situation. influvac 2017-2018 it is already possible to buy in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities.

Вакцина Инфлювак, трехкомпонентная прививка, которая содержит два штамма из группы А и один из группы В, препарат 2017-2018 уже можно купить в аптеках
The vaccine influvac - triple vaccine, which comprises two strains of group A and one from group B, a drug 2017-2018 already available in pharmacies

Instructions for use influvac

This flu vaccine induces antibody synthesis in 95% vaccinated people. Immunity develops in two weeks and persists for about a year. If during this period in the human body will fall virus, cells with the same antigen, they perish. according to research 2000-2001 years, formulation is highly immunogenic.

Influvac vaccination takes place using disposable syringes, in which means it is released. This form eliminates the need to calculate the dosage on their own, gaining the liquid in the syringes or to dissolve it. The syringes already in the average number of vaccine - 0,5 ml. That's how much are usually administered to adults or children older than three years.

Before, administered as a liquid, We need to make, that it does not have any suspensions or foreign particles. You should always check the expiration date of the drug and the time of manufacture. If he is too old, you probably have no effect on pathogens, which appeared relatively recently. Most comfortable administered liquid at room temperature.

note. To protect against flu only one injection a year. Because of the constant mutation of the virus for the next season the new drug will become longer necessary.

Newborns do not put influvac. The minimum age of the child should be at least six months. If babies older than six months, but under the age of three years, they inject half the adult dose, i.e 0,25 ml. If the child is inoculated for the first time, then a month will have to put another such injection.

It is best to entrust the injection of medical professional, but to make it really and independently. Influvac administered intramuscularly or deep under the skin. The most commonly used femoral region or shoulder. Flu shots do not put in the buttock, because there is too much subcutaneous fat. Vaccines have never injected. Within days after the procedure, it is better not to touch the injection site, not comb it and not wet.

Сделать инъекцию можно и самому, но лучше всего доверить эту манипуляцию медицинскому работнику
An injection is possible and very, but it is better to entrust this manipulation medical worker

Contraindications and side effects

Contraindications to influvac similar to any other vaccine. To refuse vaccinations have, Firstly, the, who are allergic to chicken products, like protein. If a person can be a negative reaction to any other components of the composition, it also can not be vaccinated.

Injections do not put during acute periods of any disease. If the patient has a temperature, the procedure set aside for at least a month. Acute viral infection or exacerbation periods of chronic pathologies are contraindications for vaccination. It is best to do several vaccinations in one day, but it is still permissible, if the injections are placed in different places.

Influvac has a relatively well-tolerated. Typically, if side effects occur, and, they are limited to local reactions like redness. More serious symptoms are observed only in 1% patients. Instructions to influvac notes the following possible adverse reactions:

  • Headache,
  • temperature increase,
  • Chills,
  • convulsions,
  • vasculitis,
  • itch,
  • Weakness,
  • sweating,
  • Muscle and joint pain,
  • Transient lymphadenopathy,
  • Anafilakticheskiy shock.

The latter is very rare, but the probability is not excluded. Therefore, all the immunized asked to wait about half an hour in a medical facility. Each office, where put injections, There is a special antishock kit, which will use if necessary.

Application influvac can cause false-positive diagnoses for hepatitis C and HIV (in children - the Mantoux), so before the analysis is better to wait a few weeks. If a person passes immunosuppressive therapy, he has a small specific immune response can occur.

Инфлювак отличается относительно хорошей переносимостью, побочные эффекты проявляются как местные реакции в виде покраснений
Influvac has a relatively well-tolerated, side effects are manifested as local reactions such as redness

special cases

Minor problems with the well-being considered normal for people, unvaccinated. Usually the condition is normalized within two to three days. If this does not happen, you need to seek medical help. In general, the drug is considered safe. It can be used even during pregnancy, after the second trimester. The same applies to women, breastfeeding.

If pregnant women are at risk, to them (after consultation with physician) you can put a shot in the first trimester. risk group includes people with:

  • heart trouble,
  • diabetes,
  • immunosuppressed,
  • liver disease.

Toddlers adverse reaction to the vaccine occur much more frequently, than in adults. Often children fever, It lays nose or cough develops. Such a condition can persist for several weeks. It should be remembered, it takes two weeks to develop immunity against the flu. Parents to limit the contact of their child with strangers for this term.

It is important to be vaccinated in the elderly. According to statistics, after 65 s likelihood of death from influenza increases significantly. Older people more often develop complications. In addition to pneumonia, pharyngitis, bronchitis and other pathologies, affecting the lungs, flu can adversely affect a number of other bodies. for example, it can cause arthritis, cardiovascular disease or liver disease.

После 65 лет важно проходить вакцинацию, так как в этом возрасте вероятность смерти от гриппа значительно возрастает
After 65 s important to be vaccinated, because at this age the probability of death from influenza increases significantly


Buy influvac in St. Petersburg pharmacies can be as low as 500 to 1200 rubles, depending on the pharmacy network. Outside St. Petersburg and Moscow, the cost is significantly lower, about 200-300 rubles. If you do not want to pay for the purchase of vaccines, you can free to get a shot with a domestic drug at any clinic.

note. mostly among Russian injections Grippol purchased or upgraded, safer version Grippol Plus.

There are many analogues to influvac, but most people decide, which is better - he or Vaksigripp. This drug is created and used by the French company in Russia with 1992 of the year. As influvac, Vaksigripp is a three-component vaccine. They have the same contraindications and side effects are virtually identical.

Select your version of the vaccine needed, based on a doctor's appointment. There were no significant differences in most of today's vaccinations are not. They are produced in the same way, pricked in the same amount and have the same mechanism of action. Sometimes drugs varies term preservation of immunity. Most often it is one year, but some are effective for nine months.

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