Symptoms of herpes sore throats in children and how to treat it

On health forums on a daily basis there is a discussion of one of the most common infections - tonsillitis. Reviewing the photos of the throat and rashes, who appear in it, it becomes clear, that the disease can look different. There is nothing surprising, because medicine knows many types of this disease, such as herpes angina, symptoms and treatments which are discussed below.

Despite its name, the disease has almost nothing to do with herpes. The only similarity - herpes angina symptoms in children and adults include the formation of a liquid bubbles. Something similar happens with the spread of herpes on the lips. For the rest, these diseases are not related.

Немедленно обратитесь к врачу, если заподозрили симптомы герпесной ангины у вашего ребенка
Seek medical advice immediately, if suspected symptoms of herpes sore throat your child

Description and pathogen

Herpes sore throat in children is an acute viral disease, which affects mucosal oropharyngeal. The disease is especially contagious just for kids, but after recovery they are developing a strong immunity. scientists believe, that it can be preserved for a lifetime. therefore, Although herpes sore throat in adults is theoretically possible, I found it very rarely.

The name of this disease is in fact a mistake, and it is not only linked to the herpes virus infection. The disease is not even a sore throat. Her correct name is hand, foot and mouth disease, or, eg, Zagorski Enterovirus disease and vesicular pharyngitis.

note. The disease is also sometimes called ulcerous angina.

The causative agent of disease is the Coxsackie virus type A, which has nothing to do with herpes organisms. it enterovirus, which is represented by approximately thirty species. The pathogen was named thanks to a small town in the United States, where it was first discovered.

In rare cases, to treat herpes sore throat in children is necessary because of the activities of enteroviruses ECHO. Such microorganisms can attack different organs, from the eyes and the respiratory system, and ending with the heart and the central nervous system. The virus is very dangerous for newborn babies, but in adults treatment is rare, because the pathogen is almost never let them strikes.

Визуальные симптомы герпесной ангины
Visual symptoms of herpes angina


source of infection when gerpangine is another sick person or a carrier of the virus (sometimes they are animals). Enhanced pathogen transmission accounts for the acute phase of the disease, and thereafter the probability of further proliferation is greatly reduced. Although some doctors believe, that harmful microorganisms can be released into the atmosphere for several weeks after recovery.

Most often, the pathogen is transmitted from a sick person healthy, when the second coughs or sneezes. There is fecal-oral route of transmission, by dirty hands and household items, like toys and utensils. Contact with nasal or throat secretions or saliva of an infected too, is the cause of herpes angina.

The child may face harmful microorganisms almost every day, but he showed no clinical signs of disease. This is due to the fact, that the immune system is usually able to cope with the pathogen. If immunity is low, and the baby close contact with the sick person, will soon have to think about, It looks like herpes angina and how to treat such a disease.

One side, on the development of the disease affects hypothermia. On the other hand, most cases of the disease recorded in the summer. This is due to the fact, that in this period children drink cold water and eating ice cream. They form favorable conditions for the onset of inflammation.

Важно помнить и быть внимательным, поскольку это заболевание передается воздушно-капельным путем
It is important to remember to be careful, as this disease is transmitted by airborne droplets

Course of the disease

unknown, exactly how many days is the incubation period of herpes angina. Sometimes symptoms after only two days, and sometimes they occur only after two weeks. The average time interval is the period of three to six days. Then the child the temperature rises (up to forty degrees), which will keep for about three days.

Symptoms of herpetic tonsillitis in children:

  • Redness of the tonsils,
  • cold,
  • Cough,
  • Headache,
  • Weakness,
  • Pain when swallowing,
  • Swelling and tenderness of the parotid and submandibular lymph nodes,
  • Pain in back and limbs,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Abdominal pain,
  • Nausea, vomiting.

Throat with herpes angina photo difficult to distinguish from tonsillitis. Externally rashes in the throat may be similar. When Vesicular stomatitis on the soft palate and tonsils develop small bright red rash, which occasionally may later even appear on the body and face. After a day or two since the beginning, bubbles burst, and in their place there are painful sores.

note. eruptions, appearing on the hands and feet, run very fast, Unlike throat.

More later educational change color to gray-white, they have a red circle visible. Sometimes they form extensive erosion. If the area will be permanently injured, the treatment of herpes sore throat takes much more time. Usually on the forums say, that recovery occurs after six to eight days. However, the number of days can reach up to fourteen.

There are cases of atypical course. The disease may be associated with symptoms of acute respiratory infections, but the rash does not manifest itself in the throat. Sometimes bubbles appear wavy, it is accompanied by a high fever with sore throat herpes. If the child's immune system is unable to cope with the pathogen, may develop complications such as encephalitis, meningitis, myocarditis, hemorrhagic conjunctivitis and pyelonephritis.

Будьте внимательны и контролируйте состояния вашего ребенка во время болезни, чтобы избежать осложнений
Be careful to monitor the state of your child during illness, to avoid complications


Usually, herpes angina diagnosis in children is not difficult. The doctor draws attention to the characteristic symptoms of the disease, ie, inflammation of the tonsils, rash and high temperature of about forty degrees. The latter is of particular importance, because with tonsillitis strong increase occurs only once.

For gerpanginy characterized by two temperature peaks. The first occurs at the beginning of the disease, and the second on the third day of the active flow. Among the laboratory studies, reliable way is considered a blood test for antibodies. Usually refers to this method, if the treatment is long no results.

However, sometimes the patient meets the clinical picture of atypical symptoms or oiled, and in this case it is necessary to carry out a differential diagnosis. The disease to be distinguished from:

  • herpes stomatitis. The main difference is considered to be localized rash. If gerpangine it develops on the palate and pharynx, then the affected stomatitis tongue and gums.
  • purulent tonsillitis. Some take the bubbles of pus, typical for angina. Vesicular pharyngitis can distinguish, First of all, by the presence of the common cold (angina did not happen), as well as the formation of plaque on the palate and tongue.
  • catarrhal angina. If gerpangina proceeds atypically, the rash may not appear at all. In this case, distinguish karatalnuyu sore throat from herpes can all be on the same factor - the presence or absence of rhinitis.

About tom, the difference between streptococcal tonsillitis in children and herpes angina Komorowski recounts in his video. If necessary, an additional confirmation of the diagnosis, doctors can take a throat swab or blood test.

Опытный врач сможет установить правильный диагноз только посмотрев на горло больного ребенка
An experienced doctor can establish the correct diagnosis, Only by looking at the throat of a sick child


In children, treatment of the disease does not differ from methods, used for adults. In the course are antiviral drugs, among them one of the most common is considered Acyclovir. If the child is seriously ill, combine internal and external forms. The dosage and rate established specialist.

If your baby has an allergy to acyclovir, he will appoint agents, active substance which acts interferon. This pill like Cyclopheron, Viferon and drugs with a similar name - Interferon. Appointed by antipyretics, if the temperature exceeds the mark of 38 degrees.

note. Antibiotics for sore throat herpes are not used. It is also forbidden to use packs, inhalations and hot drinks.

In addition, antiviral ointments are applied to tablets. The throat is sprayed treatment solution and a special spray with enveloping and analgesic effect. You can buy a tool like Geksoral, miramistina, Hlorofillipta and other. If the pain is too strong in the throat, by prescribing it is permissible to process a weak solution of lidocaine.

Than to treat a herpes sore throat, Only a doctor can decide. A parent can easily be confused with other infections disease, and in this case, the standard drugs are useless.

Пожалуйста, запомните навсегда, что герпесная ангина не лечиться антибиотиками
You are welcome, remember forever, herpes sore throat that is not treated with antibiotics

preventive measures

Although gerpanginoy person is sick usually only once in a lifetime, better to avoid infection, to avoid possible complications. Prevention herpes angina includes:

  • Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene,
  • Avoiding contact with diseased,
  • Refusal of visits to crowded places during periods of epidemics of viral infections,
  • Maintaining the body's defenses,
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle,
  • hardening,
  • Feeding children breast milk up to a year.

Employees of medical and educational institutions need to undergo regular medical examinations and comply with all the sanitary standards. In the event of an outbreak of disease is assigned a quarantine for two weeks.

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