Influenza vaccines 2017 – 2018: how to choose – or our overseas? names, description, features

Why get a flu shot

Flu - highly contagious (or, simply put, highly contagious) viral disease, the main symptom of which is intoxication and defeat predominantly upper respiratory tract. Influenza vaccines - is today the only effective means of, aimed at preventing the incidence of this disease, as well as contributing to the lighter its course in the case of, when the infection to avoid yet failed.

Единственное эффективное средство от гриппа - вакцины
The only effective protection against influenza - timely vaccination
  1. The virus enters the body through the respiratory tract and begins to actively proliferate.
  2. Acute onset of the disease is almost always accompanied by a sharp increase in body temperature - it is usually hovering around 39-40 degrees. the patient also suffers a severe headache (mainly in the forehead), muscle pain and joint pain and chills.
  3. On the second day of the disease the patient begins to complain of slight runny nose and dry cough.

Important! Dangerous not so much the flu (although the heat can pose a threat to life, but, usually, it manages to "knock down"), as its complications - the virus can affect the lungs, kidney and central nervous system.

Particularly susceptible to the development of complications, patients childhood, the elderly and patients, with serious chronic diseases. Children will need to undergo an annual vaccination against influenza, as the child's immune system is not yet fully formed, and often can not keep the baby even from relatively "simple" forms of the virus.

What are viruses and vaccines

Different strains of influenza virus - highly variable. They mutate from year to year in new forms, For this reason, a lot of flu vaccines in the same way, annually improved - new component parts are made to them. Before each new influenza season is made by specialists improvement influenza vaccines in view of relative prediction probability propagation of a strain of influenza in different territories. And resist the insidious virus - not easy.

В ответ на мутации вируса гриппа, усовершенствуются вакцины
In response to the influenza virus mutation and improved vaccines

note! The most formidable is considered a subtype of A / H1N1 flu (it is called "swine"). He immediately applied to large areas, as the incredibly fast and is transmitted from sick to healthy people infected.

The influenza virus is divided into the following subtypes:

  • BUT (most variable, constantly mutates and becomes more dangerous);
  • AT (quickly mutating virus);
  • WITH (not as a variable).

Mutations lead to the appearance of new strains of, guard against that by means of their own immunity succeed, Unfortunately, not always.

Flu Vaccines 2017-2018 of the year, as previously issued, protect patient simultaneously from three or four virus strains.

  1. Trivalent vaccines provide protection against 2 strains of influenza A virus subtype, namely - H3N2 and H1N1, as well as 1 influenza virus strain of subtype B.
  2. Released on the market in the season 2013-2014 s tetravalent vaccine - to protect us from the same strains, and, Besides, from another strain of influenza virus subtype.

Influenza vaccines 2017 and 2018 year will also have differences from each other, and not just in the name - a flu shot 2018 year (and trëhvalentnogo, and tetravalent types) It will have a different composition compared with a vaccine 2017 year to provide better protection from the "updated" virus.

Council! If you want to know, what kind of drug the doctor introduces you to the time of vaccination, you have every right to ask the doctor the name and composition of the vaccine, read the instructions. Also a specialist is required to notify you about possible side effects.

Самым опасным считается подтип гриппа A/H1N1
The most dangerous is a subtype of A / H1N1 flu
  1. The components of the trivalent influenza vaccine 2017-2018 are:

Additional species of H1N1, namely influenza A, subtype Michigan / 45/2015, H1N pdm09; as well as the strain H3N A / Hong Kong / 4801/2017. Plus there is a vaccine influenza virus B / Brisbane / 60/2008 - In-Victoria lineage).

Council! In this and the coming year should be preferred drugs, containing a part of the viral strains of the "Hong Kong" and "Michigan", because they can give a dangerous complications.

  1. As for the tetravalent vaccine, the, except for those components, that were listed above, it is a part of B - influenza strain B / Phuket / 3073/2013.

vaccines 2017-2018 year to help prevent not only the incidence of "seasonal" flu, but also to ensure the prevention of infection with virus type A / H1N1 ("Swine").

Important! The effects of any vaccine per person may be unpredictable, so choose the form of vaccination should be a doctor in the hospital environment, and the drug itself must necessarily be certified.
When choosing a product specialist should be considered as age, and history, and the current state of health of the patient.

Which vaccines exist: their names and how to choose

Varieties include vaccines for today:

  1. live vaccines, whose composition includes attenuated strains of infection. This type of vaccine is able to provoke the development of influenza momentary condition - but, if it is applied is formed resistant quality immunity. Allergoreaktsii and other complications when using this type of vaccine, Alas, too, are not uncommon. vaccinated intranasally (digging in his nostrils) - twice in 3 Time for children 3-14 years and only once - to adult patients. An example of this type of products is the Russian trivalent "vaccine influenza allantoic live".
Отечественные препараты не должны вызывать опасений, так как они разрабатываются и производятся под постоянным контролем Минздрава и Роспотребнадзора
Domestic products should not cause concern, as they are developed and manufactured under the constant supervision of the Ministry of Health and Rospotrebnadzor

It is interesting! Besides the usual vaccination, there are innovative methods, allowing to get a dose of the drug using:

  • Nazalynogo spray (the easiest and is already familiar to many method - has proven to be 2015 year as an ineffective);
  • Intradermal injection with low dose;
  • And the most interesting - it's jet injection under high pressure without the syringe.
  1. Whole virus inactivated vaccines. They are created from purified viruses at high concentration, material prepared from chick embryos, irradiated with ultraviolet light. Said kind of vaccine is contraindicated in persons, in history who have an allergy to chicken protein, as well as young patients up to the age of seven. In Examples domestic "Grippovak" for the subcutaneous and intranasal administration types (intranasally given to infants, but not recommended for babies under 7 years old, because it can cause allergies) and Infleksal (Switzerland).

note! Do not be afraid of domestic products, because their production and development are constantly monitored not only the Ministry of Health, but also Rospotrebnadzor, in addition, vaccines are constantly being improved.

  1. Split vaccines (or shaded), It does not have a part of viruses and contain only their individual protein structure. Showing young patients since 6 months and almost do not cause allergic reactions. The administration is intramuscular way in verhnenaruzhnogo shoulder surface, and the smallest patients such a vaccine can be administered in the thigh at the outer side. examples: German "Begrivak", "VAXIGRIP" French production and "Fluarix" (production England).

note! Each kind of vaccines has its own particular applications and a number of contraindications!

  1. And the most recognized safe split-species subunit vaccines. They give the least complications and allergic reactions, rightfully considered the most purified from existing. In their structure - pure surface viral antigens. examples: Dutch "influvac" and domestic "Grippol" or "Grippol Plus", and "Agrippal" (Italy) and the French "Vaksigripp". IN 60-70% patients in their application stored persistent antiviral immunity to influenza.

Nowadays, you can almost any clinic to choose for themselves the most appropriate vaccine: import or domestic production, among which are shaded to give preference to either live.

Council! Pregnant women are not recommended to vaccinate through the use of nasal sprays. should be vaccinated, using inactivated preparations, or, as an option - recombinant vaccine, produced without the use of animal protein (chicken protein), ie - less allergic.

Занятия спортом укрепляют иммунитет
Exercise strengthens the immune system

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