Bluestone in gardening spring – how to apply?

Bluestone in horticulture - one of the known fungicide, used for the treatment and prevention of plant diseases on a variety, including pest infestation. It is a means of contact action. If a gardener in the right dosage conducts processing, the drug does not accumulate in plant tissues.

Медный купорос применяется для лечения и профилактики растений от множества заболеваний, в том числе заражения насекомыми-вредителями
Copper sulphate is used for the treatment and prevention of plant diseases on a variety, including pest infestation

The benefits of copper sulfate

Every summer visitor faces problems, related to the environment, frost and snowless winters, too wet and dry summers. Due to the rapid changes in weather trees weakened immune system and does not have time to adapt to the environmental conditions. they become vulnerable at this time, therefore, may be susceptible to infection by pathogenic fungi and harmful insects.

Support for a garden in a healthy condition is necessary to control the situation with trees and shrubs, timely processing of chemicals. That copper sulphate is a popular and affordable means of treatment for the garden. Copper is actively involved in redox processes, that occur in the tissues of the plant at the time of nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism. When a sufficient concentration of copper in the substrate and in the plant significantly increases its immunity increasing and protective properties.

it is recommended to spray the garden 2 once a year: spring and autumn. The treatment should be conducted under positive spring air temperature, before bud break. In the fall of the procedure is performed after leaf fall. If you often spray the plants with copper sulfate, it accumulates in the soil and will have a negative impact on plant development.

Медь активно участвует в окислительно-восстановительных процессах, которые происходят в тканях растения во время азотного и углеводного обмена
Copper is actively involved in redox processes, that occur in the tissues of the plant at the time of nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism

Important! The maximum allowable amount of copper in the soil - 2-3 d of 10 m2.

Copper sulfate is a component of such known mixtures:

  • Burgundy liquid;
  • Bordeaux mixture;
  • kupronaft and other.

Copper sulfate is highly soluble in warm water, becomes almost transparent or gray color, but the primary color returned in a humid environment. When heated copper sulphate becomes dangerous for human health, begin to evaporate as the toxic gases.

note! It is strictly forbidden to use fungicides, containing only copper. This will result in a loss of quality of the crop, slowing of plant growth and the emergence of chlorosis. It is therefore recommended to alternate the use of copper sulfate with an iron sulfate in horticulture.

Garden treatment in spring and summer is better to choose bluestone, and for the autumn spraying - Iron.

Buy copper sulfate can be as low as 150 to 200 rubles for 1 kg. The price of iron sulphate - 90-120 rubles.

Forms solutions

Depending on the concentration of the specialists are the following types of solutions based on copper sulphate:

  1. burn out. They contain 3-5% copper sulfate. To prepare them, enough mix of 300 to 500 grams in 10 liters of water. Received agent should be used during construction to mold removal or decontamination of land. Cultivated land should not be subjected to any manipulation for 1 of the year.
  2. Solutions for Dressing. The amount of copper sulfate in them ranges 0,02 – 0,03%. To prepare the solution to be dissolved 2-3 grams in 10 liters of water.
  3. Therapeutic and prophylactic mixture. This solution containing copper sulfate 0,5-1%. For the preparation should be diluted 10 liters of water 50-100 g feed. This solution effectively fighting fungal infestations of plants and insect pests. Besides, it protects wounds and cuts on the bark from infection by pathogens.
Сульфат меди хорошо растворяется в теплой воде, становясь почти прозрачным или серого оттенка
Copper sulfate is highly soluble in warm water, becomes almost transparent or gray color

How to prepare a solution for the processing of the garden?

According to instructions, solution preparation process consists of 2 steps:

  1. Preparation of stock solution of copper sulfate. It is necessary to take a separate container, which will no longer be used for food purposes. It should be diluted 100 grams 1 l of warm water. Mix thoroughly until complete dissolution of copper sulfate. The result is a 10% mixture of copper sulfate, which can not be used in horticulture. Then, the mother liquor must be diluted with water to a concentration of the substance 1-1,5%.
  2. Preparation of working solution. To do this, the mother liquor poured into a bucket of cold water and to add to 9 l. Wire processing plants recommended special spray.

The solution may be stored after preparation 1 year in a glass container tightly closed.

Wire processing should be strictly according to instructions:

  1. For shrub roses, currants and gooseberries - preparing 1,5% copper sulfate solution.
  2. For peach, apricots and plums - 0,5% solution;
  3. Spray pears, quince, apple and pome fruit crops - 1% solution.

In the spring before planting useful to disinfect the roots of trees. saplings on 1 Minute should be placed in 1% copper sulfate solution, then wash the roots under the strong pressure of water and rinse well.

Many gardeners for processing pumpkin and tomato seeds are used with the addition of potassium permanganate solution. To this should be added to 10 l of warm water 1 g of copper sulfate, 1 no. l. and potassium permanganate 2 g boric acid, stir well and soak the seeds in his 15 minutes, then rinse.

Spring is useful in treating seeds 0,2% solution to obtain earlier germination. Also it is necessary to spray the tubers before planting. After the procedure significantly improves the quality of the crop, and the probability of occurrence of diseases is reduced by 30%.

In the summer I decided to use 1% copper sulphate solution for the development processing of the roots of the root cancer. To process trees of mildew, must be connected 20 g of copper sulfate and 150 g soap. If you found a fungal infection, it is necessary to prepare a Bordeaux mixture.

Autumn solution used for disinfection and to prevent the development of fungal diseases. Also, they can be treated greenhouses to eliminate all pests and fungi.

Mixture consumption and precautions

Flow mixture based on cupric sulfate depends on the age of the tree:

  • for wood processing to 3 s need 2 liter of solution;
  • from 3 to 4 years old - 3 l;
  • from 4 to 6 years old - 4 l 1 tree;
  • senior 6 years old - 5 l.
Многие дачники для обработки тыквенных и семян томатов применяют раствор с добавлением марганцовки
Many gardeners for processing pumpkin and tomato seeds are used with the addition of potassium permanganate solution

To avoid the unpleasant effects when using copper sulfate should follow a few rules:

  1. Do not perform processing in high winds.
  2. Not to spray right after the rain.
  3. Do not exceed the maximum concentration of copper sulfate. If the solution contains more 5% copper, the plants and all the micro-organisms will be burned.
  4. Do not handle the blooming garden.
  5. Use gloves while spraying plants, special clothing and eyewear.

If copper sulfate was randomly scattered on the floor, it is necessary to carefully build it with a broom or a broom, endure beyond the garden and bury it in the wrong place, where it will not harm the soil.

What is Bordeaux mixture?

Bordeaux mixture - and proven effective remedy against various pests and diseases. It is used in gardening more 100 years old. I invented this fungicidal agent French botanist P. Billion in the second half of the XIX century.

Bordeaux mixture used to process stone fruit crops from perforated patchiness, kurčavosti, kokkomikoza and molinoza. Apple Trees, pears and quinces tool saves from black cancer, fruit rot, scab and other diseases. Currants and gooseberries gardeners treated Bordeaux mixture, to protect plants from rust and anthracosis. Strawberries and raspberries, melons, she keeps on leaf spot.

To prepare the treatment solution should perform such actions:

  1. copper sulfate powder pour hot water.
  2. mix well
  3. Add cold water solution (total volume should not exceed 5 l).
  4. Dilute lime in another container in cold water (5 l).
  5. Dissolved copper sulfate from the first vessel cautiously pour into lime.
  6. To stir thoroughly.

Before use, check to obtain funds. For this to be omitted in an iron nail or wire solution. If the object was formed red patina, in the mixture the copper concentration increased. Such a solution can not be processed plants, because it will burn them leaves. It is necessary to add a little lime mixture.

Бордосскую жидкость используют для обработки косточковых культур от дырчатой пятнистости, курчавости, коккомикоза и молиноза.
Bordeaux mixture used to process stone fruit crops from perforated patchiness, kurčavosti, kokkomikoza and molinoza

note! To receive 1% solution required 100 g of copper sulfate, 150 g Corner and 10 liters of water.

Bordeaux mixture treatment is not recommended in extreme heat. The procedure to perform better in the early morning or after sunset, in dry weather. Fruit, treated such means, for food use is permitted only through 15 days, if this fruit, through 20 days - vegetables, after 25 days - berries.

Garden processing urea

Garden to be healthy, well-groomed and beautiful, summer fruit trees give a quality harvest, should properly care for them and to prepare for the season. One of the important processes of care is the treatment of plants with urea or urea.

Urea - a nitrogen fertilizer, which has a concentration 46%. It is produced in the form of granular crystals of yellow and white color, without smell. Urea is readily soluble in water without problems and is distributed to the portions. Action fertilizer starts immediately and lasts for a long period. Urea can be used in any ground, even in the greenhouses and greenhouses. It shows high performance on wet soils. The advantage of the fertilizer is also a safety. Even at high concentrations of urea does not burn leaves.

Important! Before processing of the garden you must remove all frost-bitten and dead branches, dig and loosen the soil. The procedure can be carried out at a temperature not lower than +5 °C.

The first spraying should be carried out prior to the occurrence of kidney. Insect pests in this period still in the dormant stage. Processing plants effective against apple blossom beetle, sucker and tley. To prepare the solution should take 500-700 g raw 10 liters of water. Consumption per 10 m2 is 2,5 l means.

If the plants found scab, purple blotch or scald monilial, it is enough to breed 500 g urea 10 liters of water. Penetrating the foliage, inhibits substance has effect on the infectious agent, causing him to lose the ability to reproduce.

For the treatment of fruit trees effectively use urea in combination with copper sulfate. must be mixed 600 g urea, 40 g of copper sulfate and 8 liters of water. The tool-destroying insect pests and fertilize the soil. The second spraying soot is recommended during the flowering trees, and the third procedure is useful when the ovaries of flowers.

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