Vaccination against flu 2017 year – who you can and can not do it?

Autumn and winter has long been known as the so-called cold and flu season. Due to a number of factors in these periods of ill huge numbers of people. One method of protection against the disease - vaccination, but not everyone agrees to take her. What are the pros and cons of vaccination against influenza 2017 year?

Once upon a time people do not even think about the need for injections of this pathology. Now, every year campaign to vaccinate only intensifies. Despite the potential danger, for most of the disease is virtually no different from the common cold. For them, the vaccine against influenza 2017-2018 years - something completely unnecessary. Is it really?

Все, что вам нужно знать о штаммах гриппа в 2018 году, можно прочесть в нашей статье
Everything, you need to know about the flu strains in 2018 year, It can be read in our article

modern strains

In total there are three types of pathogen - A, B and C. The most dangerous are the first two. First of all, human organism is immune to types A and B. Secondly, they are subject to constant mutations, against which regularly appear new strains of harmful microorganisms.

Current vaccines against the three work either, either against four common strains. for example, trivalent vaccines protect against two members of the group A - H1N1 and H3N2, as well as one strain of group B. injections, immediately effective against four strains, first appeared in 2013 year. They work against the same microorganisms, a quarter-became another strain of group B.

According to preliminary data, vaccination against influenza 2017 year to do against a pathogen, which was named "Michigan". This serological subtype A / H1N1, addition of the "swine flu", because of which it raised serious panic 2009 year. Luckily, facility has already been done in Japan to deal with the strain.

Today, to protect against the flu, you can use not only the standard version of the vaccine, but also additional. for example, persons over sixty-five years to introduce additional high dose. There intradermal vaccine with low dosages. Now hospitals have the ability to administer the vaccine via jet injector, which distributes liquid via a high pressure. It is permissible to use only adult. The upper limit of the age - 64 of the year.

А знаете ли вы, что современные вакцины направлены сразу против 3-4 штаммов гриппа
Did you know, that are directed against the current vaccine immediately 3-4 flu strains?

Why vaccination is necessary?

One of the features of influenza is its high infectivity. That is why the disease is so easily and quickly spreads, particularly in closed environments. From the moment of infection until symptoms pass very little time. Soon comes the strong intoxication, affected by upper respiratory tract.

With all the complicated clinical course, it often leads to the development of complications. They can affect the lungs or central nervous system. In many ways to deal with possible negative consequences and offer to vaccinate children and adults. The vaccine is unable to completely prevent the possible contamination, but it minimizes potential complications.

note. Dr. Komarovsky says in his video, that the flu shot only works against influenza virus. It will not protect against colds.

As a result, administration of a specific antibody human body adjusts its protective function for their removal. therefore, if later the person will pick up the pathogen from someone else, protection system will be ready to deal more effectively with the virus. It is believed, that in such circumstances, the disease is easier flows, the possibility of complications is greatly reduced.

Именно своевременная вакцинация, до наступления болезни, поможет вам уберечься от гриппа
It is timely vaccination, before the onset of disease, will help you protect yourself from the flu

To put the vaccinations shown?

Every person has the right to personally decide, whether he should get vaccinated. It is always possible to take advantage of the right of withdrawal, eg, If flu shots for children put in school. However, the Ministry of Health identifies several types of entities, at-risk. They are encouraged to be vaccinated every year. Among such people:

  • Children between the ages of six months and up to five years. The vaccine is especially important for kids, attending any educational and training institutions, but because there are among men.
  • cancer patients. In this regard, undermined immune systems are particularly hard to bear any infectious diseases, but because of them need additional protection.
  • person, suffering from immunodeficiency, and problems with the nervous or endocrine system.
  • People over sixty years, especially if they have any chronic diseases.
  • Disabled persons and persons, living in nursing homes.
  • People, working in the educational and medical institutions.

WHO also recommends that pregnant women be vaccinated. proved, that this procedure is safe on the second and third trimesters. Permissible to put injections before, but in this case, the doctor must first assess the condition of the woman and her fetus. If getting the flu during pregnancy, then the probability of severe will be high. If we receive protection through vaccination, it will also give the unborn baby.

Из-за высокого риска заразиться гриппом во время эпидемии, врачи советуют сделать ребенку прививку
Due to the high risk of getting the flu during an epidemic, doctors advise to make child vaccinated

Points for and against"

On specialized forums, the arguments for and against a flu vaccine every day acquires new details. Some of them are quite truthful, while others are without any scientific evidence. So, eg, people believe, that the vaccine itself could trigger the beginning of the flu. In fact, it is not so. Infected because the vaccine can not be, This can only occur due to contact with a sick person.

Why do I need to be vaccinated? Arguments for":

  • It helps to avoid dangerous complications, often occurring against the backdrop of flu. This is especially true of people, at risk.
  • Attenuated pathogens do not lead to infection. considered relatively safe Flu shots.
  • The vaccine is widespread and has a relatively low cost as in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and any other city.

Despite the benefits of this procedure, Every year, many refuse it. One of the main arguments "against" is the frequent occurrence of side effects, which will be discussed below. Also, the drug's effectiveness is questionable. Vaccination fact does not guarantee one hundred percent protection against disease.

note. According to statistics, injections work in six out of ten.

The relative disadvantage is the need for annual revaccination, as the strains constantly mutate, them regularly to create new vaccines. the, What worked more in the past year, It will have no effect in the following, if a new strain. It is necessary to re-set each time a shot in the autumn-winter period.

Vaccinated persons prohibited, suffering from intolerance to eggs, as their fragments may be part of the means. The same applies to the intolerance of antibiotics amide. If a person has ever received vaccination, and there was a serious allergy to its background, it can not be instilled in future. To refuse the vaccine to newborns is necessary. Injections do not put children under the age of six months.

Для принятия решения, стоит ли делать прививку, изучите, пожалуйста, аргументы за и против
For a decision, whether or not to vaccinate, learn, you are welcome, points for and against

Side effects

In a review of vaccination against influenza 2017 You can find diametrically opposed views. Some note the complete absence of side effects, while others have assured, that the vaccine they almost killed. Among the proven effects of the injection are considered to be the most common swelling, pain and redness at the injection site.

There may be more serious manifestations, in the form of edema around the eyes and lips, shortness of breath, palpitations, urticaria, dizziness and temperature. The latter only occurs in 2% among all vaccinated. Vaccination children sometimes leads to consequences such as:

  • wheezing,
  • common cold,
  • fever,
  • vomiting,
  • Headache,
  • muscle pain.

Something similar can be observed in adults. Sometimes people confuse these symptoms with flu symptoms, partly affected the dissemination of erroneous opinions, if vaccination leads to infection. Overall, serious adverse effects are very rare and, usually, quickly pass.

Regardless of, in St. Petersburg or Moscow clinic put vaccination, everywhere domestic product will be used. Some independently acquire foreign funds, but doctors have the right to refuse to enter one of these drugs.

 В некоторых случаях возможны побочные эффекты от вакцинации, в большинстве же взрослые хорошо переносят прививку
In some cases, possible side effects of vaccination, in the majority of adults vaccinated tolerate

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