Arbidol for children – when the drug is prescribed and how to take it?

Annual influenza epidemics are delivered to parents a lot of trouble. After all, if you do not start early treatment of the disease, the child may develop serious complications. One of the most effective drugs, who are appointed for the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections in children, Arbidol is a child. How does this means and how it helps with colds? The answer awaits you in this article.

Арбидол защищает от вирусных заболеваний детей и взрослых
Arbidol protects against viral diseases of children and adults

How does Arbidol?

Arʙidol, instructions for use of which is described below, designed to combat viral infections. Suitability: Recommended for use by adults, and children. The drug combines antiviral and immunostimulatory effects, so that you can quickly cope with the disease and prevent complications. Besides, thanks to the action of antioxidant agent strengthens the body, whereby the disease is much faster and easier. The drug is considered effective enough, while its price ranges from 200 to 600 rubles (depending on the form of issue and place of purchase).

Arbidol children and adults can have either at the first symptoms of the disease, and as a prophylactic agent during seasonal outbreaks of viral infections, eg, flu.

Arbidol has the following actions:

  • It strengthens the body's resistance to the pathogen infection;
  • shortens the period of elevated temperature;
  • reduces the severity of symptoms of intoxication, accompanying infectious disease;
  • facilitates catarrhal phenomena (cold, cough, etc.. d.);
  • reduces the risk of developing complications.

It is important! You should not start taking Arbidol pills without prescription. Despite, that the drug is relatively safe, its uncontrolled use can harm the body, especially children.

the drug

The main active component of Arbidol is umifenovir. As an auxiliary component preparation contains silica, starch, cellulose and other ingredients. Umifenovir has the property to stimulate cell-mediated immunity, thereby increasing the resistance to viral infections. Besides, drug violates the virus shell capacity secured on the cell walls. Due to this virus can not penetrate the mucosal cells of the upper respiratory system and initiate inflammation. That is, the virus continues to circulate in the bloodstream, at the same time without causing symptoms of SARS.

Arbidol adult capsule consists of gelatin with addition of titanium dioxide, imparting shell white.

Each package Arbidol contained detailed instructions for use. It is important to carefully study it before, than to give the child medication.

It is important! Many parents are afraid to give their children even Arbidol prescribed by a doctor, thinking, that the drug is an antibiotic. However, it is not: to a group of antibiotics for children Arbidol, instructions for use of which is described in the article, not applicable: it is active against viruses, while antibiotics only fight bacterial infections.


On sale you can find two versions of the drug:

  • Arʙidol (Capsules and tablets);
  • Maximum Arbidol (It is only available in capsules).

Both forms are identical to each other, differing amount of active principle. In arbidola maximum of twice the active ingredient, than conventional Arbidol, therefore he appointed only for adult patients.

Arbidol comes in two forms: tablets and capsules at doses of 100 and 50 mg. Arbidol maximum is only available in capsules. The tablets are white or cream color, capsule painted in a yellowish tint.

For sale is a suspension Arbidol, which is recommended for use for children. Suspension (syrup) It is a powder, which must be diluted with boiled water and carefully shake. Ready syrup is measured using a measuring spoon, which is available in a package. Usually the syrup intake there is no problem: it has a nice fruity (cherry or banana) aroma, so even the most capricious kids drink it with pleasure. The vial is equipped with a suspension cover, which opens only after pressing. Giving the suspension may be only for children, who have reached the age of two-year.

Для большего удобства при лечении детей применяется Арбидол в виде суспензии. Важно помнить, что препарат назначается детям в возрасте от 2 лет
For more convenience in the treatment of children is used as a suspension Arbidol. Important to remember, the drug is administered to children between the ages of 2 years old

Divide by Arbidol for children and adults is considered to be conventional. Children are given only the usual Arbidol, which is available in tablets. This is due solely to the fact, that the child is easier to swallow a pill small, than capsule.

It is important! Application Arbidola 50 mg for children are not able to reduce the period of the disease, but it means much easier for. Particularly effective drug would be the case, if you start treatment early in the disease.


Arbidol for children recommended for the following diseases:

  • ORVI;
  • flu (A and B);
  • pneumonia;
  • prevention of complications after a viral infection: good immunomodulating effect means makes it easier to recover from illness;
  • prevention of complications after surgery;
  • HSV recurrent infections;
  • immunodeficiency states, due to previous diseases.

It is important! children, has not attained the age of three, Arbidol can be assigned To treat infections kilechnym, having acute for. Naturally, diagnosis and calculate the dosage of the drug can only be a doctor.


recommendations, relating to, how to take Arbidol, They are exploratory in nature. Prescribe the dosage and dosage regimen may only doctor.

children under 12 years give Ardibol tablets 50 mg. the dosage can be administered in rare cases 100 mg, eg, In severe infectious disease. children under 12 years to give maximum Arbidol can not in any case.

Giving children the drug is necessary for five minutes before a meal. The child must swallow the tablet completely, without chewing it, washed down with a little water. Preparation of carbonated drink can be water or a dilute juice. Dissolve tablet or grind it should not be.

If the drug is taken for the prevention of influenza, after visiting public places in the epidemic period, or after contact with a sick person children 2-6 years are on 50 mg, and 6-12 years - 100 mg dose once a day for one to two weeks.

To avoid infection during the epidemic, as well as to prevent the recurrence of chronic infection appoint 50 or 100 mg depending on the age of the child twice a week for 21 day.

For the prevention of complications after surgery give a child medication for 2-3 the day before surgery, as well as 2 and 5 days later it. Dosage This depends on the child's age and condition of his body.

For the treatment of SARS drug gives kids 4 times a day (one capsule Arbidol 100 or 50 depending on each child's age 6 hours) during 5-7 days. If there are complications of treatment to prolong 4 weeks. Extend the exchange rate of the drug is possible only after consultation with your doctor.

It is important! Arbidol is considered a safe drug: overdose cases on record were not fixed. However, the dosage of the drug should be discussed with your doctor, who decides, how long should drink Arbidol for best results.

Как и в случае применения любого препарата, перед применением Арбидола все же лучше посоветоваться с врачом на предмет дозировки и длительности курса
As in the case of any drug, before the application of Arbidol is still better to consult a doctor about the dosage and duration of the course

Side effects

Arbidol have identified only one side effect: drug sometimes causes allergic reactions. Allergies can manifest themselves in different ways: from the appearance of the skin rash to severe angioedema, representing a life-threatening condition. If signs of allergy should be interrupted taking the drug and consult a doctor.


From reception Arbidol should be abandoned in the following cases:

  • child under 2 years old (Arbidol should not be taken in any form);
  • up to age 12 years old (Arbidol should not take maximum);
  • there is intolerance of components.

Arbidol not recommended in the presence of chronic renal disease and liver, as well as the cardiovascular system. In these cases, the drug can only be under the supervision of a physician. Can I take a child Arbidol, Only a doctor can decide on the basis of clinical examination.

drug analogues

At the present time any drug analogues are divided into two groups: synonyms and directly analogues. Synonyms preparation contain similar active ingredients. For Arbidola are synonymous tools, which include umifenovir. Analogs same Arbidola represent formulations with other active components, while providing similar effects on the organism. If it means Arbidol, which destroy viruses, causing respiratory diseases. If you are looking for a cheaper analogue, you should pay for drugs, listed below.

Arbidol is synonymous Arpetol tablets, Arpeflyu, Immustat and other drugs. The instructions given to these drugs, that they have similar effects substantially similar composition and. Most unique is produced in Ukraine and Belarus, so their cost is relatively low.

By analogues are Amiksin, isoprinosine, ointment oxoline, Nikavir and m. d.

It is better to buy for the treatment and prevention? Answer to this question can only be a doctor. It is considered the most effective drug Arbidol, however intolerance its components may be administered analogs. Do not choose the means just because, it is cheaper: the application of each of the antiviral medication has its own nuances, which are known to those skilled only.

It is important! Arbidol can not give the child in the event, if he suffers from insufficiency of sucrose or lactase deficiency. In commercially available drugs, whose composition does not include lactose: they can be used not less successfully to combat seasonal infections, than Arbidol.

Even for such a relatively safe drug like Arbidol should be treated with all the attention. self unacceptable, especially when it comes to the health of the child. Learn more about the mechanism of action of Arbidol you can from this video:

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