The dangerous mumps in adults? Treatment of the disease and its consequences

mumps (or pig) in adults it does not occur so often, as in pediatric patients. However, it is an infectious disease affects adults more often in connection with a reduction in immune function older patients. The rhythm of life has accelerated in recent years,, dietary habits and sleep in humans were disrupted, which led to a deterioration in the population of the protective properties of the immune system.

Свинка у взрослых встречается гораздо реже, чем у детей
Mumps in adults is much rarer, than children, but it can have serious consequences

For medical treatment for mumps in adults, usually, It becomes more challenging, than carrying out treatment of the same disease in children. After all, in adults the disease is often found in various forms and gives dangerous complications.

What is mumps

Acute infectious disease, called paramyxovirus and characterized by a primary lesion of a number of glands (salivary, sexual and pancreas), as well as the nervous system - this is the mumps, which is also called "mumps" and "pig".

Epidparotit transmitted from person to person by airborne droplets.

The reservoir and the distributor of the infectious agent can be infected person, before becoming dangerous initial manifestation of symptoms and remain so for another 9 days.

Important! Future patient becomes a peddler of infection for about two days before the onset of the first signs of illness.

Most often the disease develops as follows:

  • viral agent, once on the nasal mucosa and the oropharynx, through the bloodstream begins to spread throughout the human body. Advantageously affected salivary, sexual and pancreas, and pia.
  • The incubation period for mumps can last from ten days to a month. The main symptom of mumps is swelling and tenderness of the salivary glands, mainly the parotid, wherein the earlobe can get up a little, and the ear itself - Provocation.
Инкубационный период свинки длится порядка 10-ти дней
The incubation period lasts about pigs 10 days

Important! Swelling of the salivary glands - the main symptom manifestations of the disease in all forms of mumps.

  • The body temperature rises to large numbers, up to 40 ° C, and this mark is kept to a few days, "Bring down" her with mumps can be very difficult. loss of appetite, in patients heavily and often have a headache, possible nausea, vomiting, tongue pain, pain when swallowing and chewing, fatiguability, generalized weakness, hearing loss, myalgia (muscle aches), decrease in salivation, pain chin area and ears when you try to touch them.
При свинке температура может подниматься вплоть до 40 градусов
When pig temperature may rise up to 40 degrees

note! If mumps develops in adult patients during the postoperative period, its symptoms become noticeable on the fifth day after the operation.

If the disease in the patient proceeds with classical symptoms, then no special examination methods need not be applied. Laboratory diagnosis can be carried out in cases of atypical mumps: urine and blood, swabs from the oropharynx, research and saliva puncture for taking on the analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid. Based on the data obtained, Specialist puts patient diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

  • Usually, after about a week from the onset of symptoms - the temperature is reduced, swelling subside, headaches subside. About ten days in the absence of all signs of complications of mumps finally come to naught.

types of diseases

Mumps occurs in adults in several forms. by this, for its diagnosis is very important to determine what kind of, since this will depend on the tactics of treatment of the disease.

Symptoms of mumps in adults have their own characteristics with each form of the disease, so, diagnose them is usually not difficult:

  1. Mumps epidemic - a disease, most often occurs in children, but not overlooking the adult. With this type of pig inflammation develops mainly by the parotid gland one (but sometimes it goes to both). Ear swelling in the area and the chin is the manifest symptom of this disease. Other symptoms have been described above.
  2. Mumps nonepidemic - a much more dangerous form of the disease. It can develop due to the presence of the disease in a patient sialolithic, as well as in salivary gland injuries or in case of penetration of the bacterial component with the oral mucosa, nose, pharyngeal. This kind of mumps in adults is most often manifested in the form of complications of various infectious diseases. (In the photo below - sialolithic disease):
На фото показана слюнокаменная болезнь
The photo shows sialolithic disease

In turn, this form of mumps are further subdivided into the following varieties:

  • Bluetongue - expressed in exfoliation glandular tissue ducts and accumulating thick liquid contents in iron.
  • purulent - the development purulent fusion of individual sections of the affected salivary gland. Symptoms of the disease with the development purulent forms of mumps occur later, than the classical course of mumps.
  • Gangrenoznaâ - or partial, or complete extinction of the salivary gland tissue.


I mentioned earlier, that the pig, develop in patients in older age, It can cause serious complications:

  1. Meningitis;
  2. meningoencephalitis;
  3. encephalomyelitis;
  4. Pancreatitis and the subsequent development of diabetes;
  5. Deafness;
  6. Oophoritis in women;
  7. Orchitis in men, leading to infertility treatment without.

In the case of patient symptoms orchitis and / or meningitis, it is assigned a course of treatment with corticosteroids - often "prednisone". Duration of the course is on average one week.

Преднизолоном - лучший препарат при орхите или менингите
Prednisolone - the best drug for orchitis or meningitis

Important! Conduct self-mumps in adult patients can not categorically, as this disease is dangerous variety of severe complications.

Only a specialist can control the flow of the disease and to prevent adverse effects.


At least ten of bed rest in the treatment of mumps is a mandatory measure.

Antibiotics are not assigned in the absence of bacterial complications, since they are ineffective against viruses.

It is also important drinking regime, and it is necessary to ensure patient comfort.

specific treatment, aimed directly at the elimination from the body does not exist paramyxovirus.

If the doctor insists on hospitalization, and complications have arisen, the treatment of mumps can be done at home. It should be aimed mainly at the prevention of complications.

In the treatment of mumps used such a scheme:

  • Except fatty diet, fried, spicy food, as well as salted and pickled foods. Besides, should limit the consumption of bread made with white flour and pasta. The food of the patient must be milled in a grinder or blender, preferably before the consistency of sour cream;
  • drinking regime. Patients are advised to drink plenty of liquids - fruit drinks from fruits and berries, weak tea, rose hips broth;
  • after each meal rinse shown warmed solution of baking soda in water (Part one. baking soda in a glass of water), and decoction of herbs - sage and chamomile.

With regard to drugs, then basically they are assigned symptomatically:

  • antihistamines, such, as "Claritin" and "Suprastin".
  • Anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drugs - "Paracetamol", Friends, «Panadol for relief».
  • Complex vitamins - "Revit", «Komplivit».
  • Compresses on alcohol and oil packs, applied to the skin in the projection of inflamed glands.
  • Physiotherapy - UHF, KUF.
Один из методов лечения паротита - процедуры УВЧ и КУФ
One of the treatments for mumps - UHF and procedures KUF

Important! To warm the affected area using a heating pad or a wet dressing is strictly prohibited!

If you observe all instructions of the attending doctor, then you will almost certainly be able to avoid complications or transfer them to a mild form.


To protect the family members of the sick in the apartment entered the so-called "mask mode". While in the patient's room need to use a medical mask, and on leaving the room - throw it in the trash (is unstable in the environment a virus, so that special precautions for the disposal of masks is not required).

They are not necessary and the processing of the patient's dishes - it is enough just to wash with soap and water.

  • Since the mid-60s of the last century to the present day only measure the direct prevention of mumps is vaccination.

but, There is a strong opinion, that adult vaccination is "not working", so start vaccinated against mumps is necessary from childhood.

Главной и единственной профилактикой паротита считается вакцинация
The main and the only prevention is considered to mumps vaccination

For non-specific prevention measures include pigs:

  1. patient isolation to 9 days of illness, mask mode;
  2. airing and washing floors with bleach every day;
  3. wash-up, which used the patient;
  4. activity, to improve immunity (hardening, vitamin, walking, air and sun baths, sport, proper nutrition).

After an illness, the body produces lifelong immunity to the paramyxovirus.


mumps - no laughing disease, a serious illness, characterized by the severity of the high risk of serious complications. This can be avoided easily, if you recognize it on time and responsible approach to its treatment. Consult your doctor, and it will help you cope with the disease and move it without consequences.

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