Ointments and tablets from herpes – list of effective drugs

The herpes virus has so many pathways, that is present in one form or another in 85% of all the people. The need to buy the ointment and tablets herpes occurs only periodically, when the disease becomes acute stage. This can happen a couple of times a year, and much more. The strength and duration of manifestations, too, vary for each person.

All these (and some others) factors determine the, a cure for herpes on the lips is to use the patient. Tablets should be applied only in the case, If symptoms develop too often. If it is not, it is better to give preference ointments.

Герпес на губах время от времени бывает у большинства людей
Herpes on the lips from time to time happens in most people

Causes and symptoms

Herpes easily transmitted through contact people, even in ordinary things, like dishes or bedding, thus it applies droplets by. mucous person, including in the genitals, do not hinder its movement, and therefore pathological particles quickly into the blood.

Over time, the virus becomes part of the nerve cells, and therefore take it out of the body is no longer possible. In conjunction with the pathways, this explains, why it is present in almost all.

Normally, the immune system blocks the activity of viral particles, but sometimes there is infection awakening. Most often this is due to:

  • Cold season,
  • diseases, such as colds,
  • lack of vitamins,
  • Fatigue and stress,
  • Mensturalnym period,
  • Frequent and deep tan.

While herpes is able to occur in almost any area of ​​the skin, often bubbles, the main symptom of the disease, exhibit on the lips. Sometimes before his appearance person feels itching and burning, and there is a feeling of chill.

There is a kind of herpes, known as tinea. In this case, the symptom will be neuralgic pains, and bubbles (which over time will accumulate pus) manifest along the nerve. Determine zoster is also possible to increase temperature rise and lymph nodes.

Одни из частых причин герпеса на губах - недостаток витаминов и простуда
Some of the common causes herpes on the lips - a lack of vitamins and cold

Types of drugs

Tablets of Herpes on the lips and other drugs can be divided into several main groups:

  • Specialized antiherpethetical drugs, also called antigerpetikami. They do not allow virus particles to multiply, thereby stopping the course of infection. It is to this group belong most famous pills and ointment against herpes on the lips. On the basis of this active ingredient Acyclovir Zovirax and let Viroleks. Another representative antiherpetic means is valacyclovir, which is part of such medications like Valtrex. Finally, To this group belong Minaker, Famira and some of their derivatives.
  • The symptoms of herpes appear at the moment, when the immune system becomes unable to suppress viral life activity. Therefore, some take drugs, increasing the production of interferon. It enhances the immune response. These tools include Arbidol, Amiksin, Tsikloferon and some other.
  • Other immunomodulators presumably accelerate the maturation of white blood cells and enhance their activity. This group includes Isoprinosine, levamizol, Galavit.

In this way, cure for herpes - a specialized drugs, and all the rest can act as aids. They will not give quick and visible results, so it's worth a closer look is antigerpetiki.

Most people prefer to treat cold sores on the lips by means, active substance which acts as acyclovir. When the next virus particles begin to form, in it, instead of the normal guanine, gets drug component, which will not start the replication process.

The same applies to drugs, in which the active substance is valaciclovir or penciclovir. Their main difference from that of acyclovir, they are inactive forms. Valacyclovir subsequently launch hepatic enzymes, and famciclovir activity manifested directly in the diseased cells.

Ацикловир - одно из лучших средств при герпесе на губах
Acyclovir - one of the best means with herpes on lips

Analysis of the most suitable means

based on acyclovir drugs are produced by many pharmaceutical companies, but because they can be purchased in almost any pharmacy and at a low enough price. This treatment is suitable with herpes on lips, and genital, and shingles. Means, used even chicken pox. Contraindication in this case is the intolerance of acyclovir.

note! For the treatment of herpes labialis Zovirax often choose, because it is an inexpensive drug.

Valtreks, active substance acts valacyclovir, It considered safer, tablet than on Acyclovir. The fact, that it should take up to five times less than for the same dosage of the substance required. but, the price of such tablets herpes is much higher, and they can not be applied to persons under the age of 18 years old.

Facilities, active substance which acts as famciclovir, are among the most expensive drugs antiherpethetical. Just three capsules will have to pay Bole 1500 rubles, but, eg, Minaker packaging costs 5000 rubles. This is a very effective medication, but they are so much, that are prescribed against the Epstein-Barr virus.

note! Famciclovir tablets to take only people with particularly severe and frequent symptoms of herpes. for example, if a person is suffering from HIV or other pathologies, suppress the immune system.

When receiving antiherpetic medicines is important to remember, that they do not destroy the disease forever, and not clean rashes, which have already appeared - drugs will not be allowed to develop new bubbles.

Таблетки от герпеса на губах можно найти в любой аптеке
Tablets from herpes on the lips can be found at any drugstore

What to use - pills or ointments?

Antiviral tablets are easy application. Enough to drink them a couple of times, and you can forget about everything. but, as well as any other drug, they shall be appointed by the attending physician. If the situation with the virus are not so serious, to require referral to a specialist, then the tablet is not justified to treat it.

Price ointments for herpes on the lips is much lower, and the overall impact on the body have less. It means, that such funds are more secure, some of them are even suitable for children or expectant mothers. Generally, in the normal course it should not use ointments against herpes on the lips. Tablets also are used only in very serious situations, on prescription.

As with almost any similar drugs, they have a list of side effects, among which:

  • Nausea,
  • Headache,
  • anaphylaxis (seldom),
  • vomiting.

Some scientists link such serious manifestations, as renal failure, hallucinations and coma with reception antigerpetikov in tablet form. Children as they can be given only in the event, if the risk of receiving less, than the potential danger from the disease.

You can not take pills for prevention. They are quickly eliminated from the body, and the virus is present in him always. It means, that the drugs would have to accept all life, endless. The only case, when this is acceptable - if a person is suffering from immunodeficiency.

Таблетки от герпеса нельзя пить в целях профилактики
Tablets from herpes can not drink for prevention

Features oxoline

Among the ointment against herpes on the lips of one of the most benign is Oxolinic, active substance which acts oxoline. It is often recommended to nursing mothers and women, which has yet to bear a child. This tool quickly leaves the body (It takes less than a day), and also has a very weak overall impact due to the low absorbability.

As a result, the cream does not get into the breast milk, and leads to a minimum number of side effects. Usually, they are generally not observed, but sometimes oxolinic ointment herpes causes:

  • Burning in the field of application,
  • Allergic intolerance components,
  • Staining of skin in blue, which is quickly washed off with water.

In connection with the gentle effect, Ointment against herpes on the lips based on oxoline have to be used for a long time. It is applied up to three times a day for a month, and sometimes two. The package must be stored in the refrigerator. Almost all other ointments for the treatment of herpes on the lips are not suitable for pregnant women, whether or Zovirax Acyclovir Acre.

Оксолиновая мазь - самая щадящая среди всех мазей от герпеса на губах
Oxolinic ointment - the most gentle of all the ointments from herpes on the lips

Best available ointments

A cream based acyclovir are low cost and breadth of distribution. Most people buy Zovirax:

  • Means must be used up to five times a day with an interval of four o'clock, rubbing on the lips for a minute.
  • Early use can prevent rashes.
  • We need to follow, that the ointment did not get into the mouth or on the food.
  • If the body is several strains of herpes virus, the means to achieve the result will have to be combined with other drugs.

acyclovir - domestic analogue of Zovirax. It is believed, it helps not so good and fast, but with timely use is completely transparent. Besides, Russian ointment cheaper. All this can be said about Acyclovir Acre, but the components for its production are imported from Spain.

Ukraine also produces its ointments. for example, Ager, active substance is still the same acyclovir. Reviews of various preparation, some say its high efficiency, while others say, that he did not help.

If hypersensitivity does not allow the use of acyclovir or valacyclovir, you can turn to Vivoraksu. The ointment is produced in India, and such treatment refers to those, which causes minimal side effects. In this way, remedy for herpes should be selected, based on the severity of the disease and available cash.

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