Mumps in children (mumps) – the dangers of the disease, Symptoms and Treatment

Mumps in children occurs mainly in autumn-winter period, and in the warm days of summer disease temporarily retreats. Epidparotitom ill adults, but still, most often it occurs in children. Mumps in children, usually, proceeds not hard. but, risk of the disease is of serious complications, that may develop as a consequence of this disease. Infants under one year of mumps almost sick, because they receive protection in the form of antibodies the mother along with her breast milk.

by the way, this protection works for most kids up to the age of three. In high-risk group is children from three to six years, after which the disease "leave alone" children until they reach adolescence, but teenagers are again at risk.

Свинка (эпидемический паротит) - заболевание, которое может вызывать тяжелые осложнения
Piggy (parotitis) - disease, which can cause serious complications

note! Adolescents develop complications of mumps are much more likely, than in younger patients.

Where it appears

among the diseases, which are called "children" (chickenpox, rubella, measles, mumps, pertussis) - pig is considered the most insidious. maybe, this is due to a strong opinion about, that the male child, who had been ill with mumps, an adult can not have children. Incidentally, the disease is really more common in boys, than girls. The reasons for this are not yet known to science.

The causative agent of mumps is a virus. This disease is not considered the most contagious, because the pathogen can not be long outside the human body. However, when speaking, cixanii, drinking from the same cup - children can be infected from each other, and the virus begins to multiply in the body of the new owner, causing in most cases, inflammation of the salivary glands (under the tongue, nijneçelyustnıh, and more - parotid). found, though rarely, and cases of pancreatitis.

The child becomes contagious in the last three days of the incubation period, averaging about 15 days. The highest risk of infection exists 3-5 day as it shows signs of disease.


Symptoms of mumps in children - a fairly typical:

  • A place, in which "settled" virus, markedly inflamed, in this way, the most striking symptom is inflammation and swelling of the salivary glands (cm. pictured below), and testes in boys.
Свинка заметна на теле человека, место сильно воспаляется
Mumps is noticeable on the human body, place badly inflamed
  • With increasing virus infected glands in size - it is getting worse and the general condition of the small patient. Kid complains of pain in the glands, headache, and his parents (often in vain) trying to knock down a child heat, which rises to 39 degrees, and sometimes higher.
  • The child suffers from nausea and vomiting, many children may start to refuse food. Since when chewing the baby experiences pain, the food it is best to give a shabby.

Important! The most dangerous places localization and propagation of the virus are the pancreas and the brain.

  • The agonizing condition of holding the child about three days, then, usually, disease begins gradually take their positions.

Swelling become less pronounced, gradually cease and become less intense headaches. Temperature normal within a week.

  • Ten days after the first signs of, in the absence of complications, ailment completely recedes. Immunity in the patient had been ill with mumps persists for life.

Council! If your child against the background of emergence of swelling of the salivary glands in the area general condition worsens, consult your pediatrician, so he can diagnose the disease in a timely manner.

How to treat

Treatment of mumps in children is not intended to impact exposure to the virus special preparations:

  • The main recommendation is to comply with bed rest until the temperature normalization, that will significantly reduce the risk of dangerous complications.
  • Shows the use of dry heat, but in any case not wet compresses. The neck of the child gently wrapped soft warm scarf.
  • Your doctor may prescribe your child gargle with antiseptic solutions throat (furacilinom, weak solution of "potassium permanganate", broth chamomile and m. p.). This is necessary because, that in the development of inflammation in salivary gland, respectively, and protective functions are reduced salivary enzymes, which greatly increases the risk of such complications, as:
  1. stomatitis;
  2. pharyngitis;
  3. fungal diseases of the oral cavity;
  4. Other complications of bacterial and fungal origin.
  • Treatment of mumps in children means mandatory compliance with the drinking mode - this allows you to quickly remove toxins, which are the products of decay virus, from the body. For this purpose, suitable tea with lemon, table water, fruit drinks.

Council! Drink liquids through a straw is better - thus reducing the pain when swallowing.

Вылечить свинку можно только следуя четким правилам, в том числе и в еде
Cured pig can only follow the strict rules, including in food
  • If the child has no appetite, do not force him to eat it in the usual amount. It should just wait, to appetite recovered. In the meantime,, feed your baby fractional:
  1. liquid soups;
  2. diluted broth;
  3. vegetable and fruit puree;
  4. cereals;
  5. grind in a blender or grinder (repeatedly) meat, fish.

Separately, infertility and other complications

  • Orkhit

so, Can a man have children, if he had previously been ill with mumps? - In fact,, orchitis, or orchitis, in fact occurs in the boys about 15% cases. And it later in some cases causes the disruption of spermatogenesis. but, orchitis completely cured, the main thing is not to run the process. If the fifth-seventh day (occasionally two weeks) with the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease appear:

  1. temperature jump to 39-40 degrees;
  2. swelling and reddening of the skin of the scrotum;
  3. sharp pain in the testicle

- is required to immediately inform the treating physician, he would appoint therapy, which will help to avoid complications.

При первых симптомах паротита необходимо срочно обратиться к врачу
When the first symptoms of mumps is an urgent need to see a doctor
  • oophoritis

Mumps can hurt and girls, especially for children nine to twelve years: complication manifests itself as an inflammation of the ovaries and often (if not treated) It leads to hormonal disorders and infertility. The symptoms are almost the same - fever, pain and / or lower abdomen.

  • pancreatitis

The most dangerous complication - this is not the, that can lead to infertility. and this, that threaten the life of the kid.

order 40% children, sick pig, have 3-4 day "earning" an inflammation of the pancreas - they develop acute pancreatitis.

Important! In this situation, the urgent need to call "ambulance" and in any case not to refuse admission!

Such a child requires emergency treatment, otherwise complications can develop into chronic pancreatitis, and sometimes even leads to diabetes.

  • Rarely, but the mumps virus can also cause inflammation of the meninges - meningitis.
  • Sometimes pigs can join bacterial infections, cause, As briefly mentioned above: pharyngitis, stomatitis, sore throat, pneumonia, otitis and lymphadenitis.
  • They occur as complications epidparotita and nervous system diseases. They manifest themselves in different ways: in the form of fatigue, headaches, neuroses, sometimes enuresis, etc.. These unpleasant events may bother the patient from two months to three years.
При эпидпаротите появляется повышенная утомляемость, головные боли, неврозы, иногда энурезы
When epidparotite appears fatigue, headaches, neuroses, sometimes enuresis

For this reason, after the disease is necessary to consult at the neurologist, and, in case of need, Special therapy is assigned to the child. And after passing the small patient is under the supervision of specialists for another two to three months.

Council! Pay close attention to the course of the disease, in due time to catch the beginning of the development of complications!


The most effective way to protect your child against mumps - is, of course, vaccination. Routinely vaccinations are twice: first - in 1-1,5 of the year, and the second - in 6 years old.

Вакцинация - лучшая защита от свинки у детей
Vaccination - the best protection against mumps in children

In most cases, the vaccination applied foreign ternary vaccine (rubella, mumps, measles). but, if the child has already previously been ill with measles and / or rubella, then use only one monovalent - mumps. After vaccination with about the fourth day of the twelfth, some children may increase the temperature and the appearance of the common cold, as well as a mild cough, in some cases - throat congestion and a slight increase in the parotid glands. This is an absolutely normal reaction post-vaccination the child's body, which after two or three days passed completely unnoticed. Immunity against mumps, the child appears fourteen days after vaccination.

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