How to get rid of warts on hands? Medicine and folk remedies

Warts on the fingers - a fairly common problem in people. They are sealed growths on human skin. Wart on the finger is considered to be a benign form of viral nature. Many people wonder about, how to get rid of warts on hands. Help better to see a specialist. But there are also a number of folk remedies, to help cope with the problem.

Бородавка - это уплотненные наросты на коже человека
Wart - is sealed growths on human skin

The causes of the growths

Since the wart growths are viral in nature, they can be transmitted by direct interaction with the vehicle or when visiting public places. It can be a swimming pool or a sauna.

Scholars have identified the following factors and causes of warts on the fingers:

  1. weakened immune system.
  2. The presence of micro traumas to the skin.
  3. sharp hypothermia.
  4. Neglect of personal hygiene rules.
  5. Hormonal disbalance.
  6. Accommodation in a poor environment.
  7. Strong sweating limbs.
  8. High levels of radiation.

Some patients notice, they were warts on the hands after regular classes at the gym. This is due to the fact, in sports halls there is high humidity and high temperature.

Often growths formed on hands, because it is the upper limbs in contact with the external environment. The virus can spread to other places on the skin, If the warts permanently scratch and scratch.

Бородавки на руках могут появиться из-за ослабленного иммунитета
Warts on hands can appear due to a weakened immune system

How is a wart?

After that, the virus enters the bloodstream through any microtrauma of the skin, its DNA promotes proliferation of the tissue by propagation of cells, thereby increasing blood flow to the affected area. This process creates a beneficial environment for cell growth. In general, the process takes from one to two weeks, In some cases, it takes several months.

types of warts

Experts distinguish between these types of warts on hands:

  • vulgar (simple);
  • flat (youth).

Pathogen growths vulgar type - a type of virus Verruca vulgaris. He is quite common in medical practice, since it provokes the development of the majority of skin tumors.

How does a simple wart? Vulgar warts have a size of no more than 1 cm and are compacted nodules rounded flesh color, which eventually turn brown. They often appear in young people. For such species is characterized by the presence of two warts: One is called the "parent", and next to it may form one or a small number of "daughter".

На фото плоские бородавки на руке
In the photo flat warts on the hand

Flat warts on the hands are diagnosed in childhood and adolescence. Contributing factors of their occurrence are:

  1. Low immunity level of malnutrition causes impaired or sleep mode and recreation.
  2. Neglect of personal hygiene rules.
  3. No treatment with SARS and other colds.
  4. hormonal changes.

Typically, juvenile warts disappear without treatment within a few months. But sometimes they need to be treated.

How to display the warts?

Print the warts on hands, you can use modern methods:

  1. electrocautery. Wart removed electrode special device - electrocautery. Cons of this method are the pain and the risk of scarring.
  2. curettage. The bottom line is scraping the buildup scalpel. The disadvantages are also the pain and the possibility of secondary infection.
  3. Laser destruction. It is carried out under local anesthesia and is one of the effective methods. Advantages are no scars on the skin after healing and the rapid session. Also, this method is considered the most sterile and safe.
  4. Application of chemicals. They have a cauterizing effect, and are often used for, to remove the warts flat type. Treatment should be at home. Peeling using acidic drugs.
  5. bleomycin. Method is, administered to a patient in wart anticancer agent. Such treatment is considered painful and has side effects, one of which - the loss of the nail plate.
  6. cryotherapy. Destruction is carried growths by freezing with liquid nitrogen. This method of treatment of warts on the fingers is considered the most gentle, but it requires several visits to the salon.
До и после лечения бородавок
Before and after treatment of warts

If no one type of therapy did not bring positive result, specialists prescribe immunotherapy. It consists of two types of:

  1. Removal of warts by applying a special substance, after which the allergic reaction appears around the growths, which helps the body cope with the disease.
  2. Introduction to the wart with interferon. Such injections contribute to the protective properties of the organism, and he begins to actively fight the virus.

To treat warts on the hands and the reason for their appearance can be using such medications:

  • Collomak;
  • Ferezol;
  • Solkoderm;
  • Verrukacid.

To strengthen the immune system, doctors prescribe Vitrum, Perfect or isoprinosine.

note! Despite, that the majority of drugs of warts without a prescription, it is recommended to use them only after consulting a specialist, because they have contraindications and side effects. Only a doctor can choose the most effective means of, focusing on the individual characteristics of the patient's body.

How to get rid of warts by folk remedies?

Some patients prefer traditional medicines, so they need to know, how to treat warts on the hands without a visit to the salon. One of the cheapest ways to treatment is salicylic acid. It can be purchased at the pharmacy. Means should be applied regularly. Before the procedure recommended wart soak in warm water for 15 minutes. Between the procedures necessary to remove dead skin from the surface of the buildup. Salicylic acid is nearly no side effects, but in the case of, if a person began to feel discomfort in the form of pain and other unpleasant symptoms, treatment should be discontinued. The positive effect of treatments noticeable later 3-4 of the week.

Салициловая кислота- хорошее средство от бородавок
Salicylic acid- good agent of warts

Equally effective folk remedy is the infusion of garlic. For its preparation required 4 cloves of garlic and 500 ml apple cider vinegar. Mix both ingredients and nastaivat14 days. If we apply the resulting infusion for compresses daily, it will help bring a wart in the shortest possible time.

Home treatment of growths on the hands can be carried out with ointment. To do this, we must take these ingredients:

  • 1 no. l. minced garlic;
  • 1 no. l. melted lard;
  • 1 Article. l. vinegar.

Apply the ointment for warts on the hands before going to bed.

Very effective in the treatment of growths considered celandine. Excretion warts cauterization data medicinal plant has several advantages:

  • indolence;
  • presence of natural substances, have a negative effect on tumors;
  • ease of use.

The disadvantages of this method of therapy are:

  • the likelihood of the appearance of scars or minor traces;
  • allergic reactions.

For the procedure, you must make the cut grass stems and dripping juice on the wart. Repeat manipulation should be for three weeks 2-3 times a day. Dolzhen growths pochernet, then disappear. You can purchase a remedy for warts on the hands of the pharmacy, where the composition is a fresh natural juice of celandine in combination with other medicinal plants.

Печеный лук также хорошо помогает избавиться от бородавок
Baked onions are also good at helping to get rid of warts

Excellent himself showed in dealing with warts, baked onions. It is enough to cut the root in half with the peel, and send it in a preheated oven for 10 minutes. Baked onions fluff all growths and do not wash off the juice.

Effectively in the event of warts apply honey. To do this, you need to take honey and sesame oil in the proportions 1:4 and treat the resulting mixture surface excrescences. The procedure is repeated daily until complete disappearance of warts.

It is useful when a buildup of corn oil used to lubricate the affected area. Before the procedure, it is necessary to heat.

One of the easiest cures for warts on hands is iodine. They should cauterize the wound virus place several times a day.

How to treat warts in children?

Warts in children contraindicated removed using a laser and liquid nitrogen, so parents better to turn to folk remedies. Remove a wart, you can use soda baths. Regularly enough in the evening to soak the wart in water with soda, then gently rub it with a pumice stone and processed outgrowth oxolinic ointment.

Equally effective folk remedy for warts on hands is the potato. It can be used in raw form. Enough to apply to the affected area shredded raw potatoes and fix it with a gauze bandage.

Will not cause any harm to the child decoction of wormwood. It is necessary to prepare means, cool it and make compresses 2-3 twice a day for a week. This method of treatment results in, that the wart gradually shrinks.

For overly active children is a band-aid for warts. It needs to be changed every 12 hours. For this method of wart removal is required 7-14 days.

Of medicinal drugs to eliminate the build-up of the child can use the following:

  • Solkoderm;
  • Duofilm;
  • interferon ointment;
  • Superchistotel;
Суперчистотел - одно из популярных средств для лечения бородавок
Superchistotelo - one of the most popular for the treatment of warts
  • plaster Salipod.

Often parents are interested, how to remove a wart on a finger baby. The safest modern method of removing growths in young patients is photochemotherapy. Its essence is to apply to the affected area metoksipsoralena, after which the portion exposed to UV radiation.

Despite its harmless warts can be closely linked with more serious pathologies, so when they are detected should immediately consult your pediatrician.

Prevention of warts

To avoid the development of warts, such recommendations should be followed:

  1. Avoid skin microtrauma. In the case of their occurrence should be immediately disinfected the wound.
  2. Feet should always be in a dry form. If they were sweating, should be replaced with wet shoes to dry.
  3. Upon detection of a wart can not comb it and scratching, that the infection did not get to other areas of the skin.
  4. If there is nail biting should abandon it, so as not to appear okolonogtevogo growths.
  5. Avoid stressful situations.
  6. More often in the open air, possible to travel to the sea.
  7. Drink vitamin complexes.
  8. correct nutrition.
  9. To live an active lifestyle.
  10. Adjust sleep and rest.

Preventive measures are quite simple and understandable. They can protect against warts and other pathologies, which spread by contact.

Why dream of warts?

If a person is dreaming wart, This means bad news. If it is well hand - to wealth. See the wart in others - to the advantage and benefit to themselves.

Dream Interpretation on a psychologist D. Miller, if a person has a build-up, and he dreams, they disappear - it means something, that it will overcome all the difficulties on the way to success. See the warts on other body is a warning, that a number of people are, which can not be trusted.

If a person has no warts on the body, but he saw them in a dream - it is a favorable sign, that he would soon be rich.

See neoplasm in itself - a dream foretells unexpected gifts or interesting findings; others - anticipated meeting, which will bring profit.

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