How to protect yourself from mosquitoes and midges? Most people's money and drugs

Mosquitoes and gnats - a common problem, It faced by every person in the spring and summer. Many people in the bites of these insects begins terrible allergy, there are red blisters, accompanied by itching.

Комары постоянно пищат над ухом, кусают и доставляют дискомфорт и вполне предсказуемо, что люди всеми силами стараются найти способ обезопасить себя от них
Mosquitoes are constantly whining over the ear, bite and cause discomfort and predictably, that people are struggling to find a way to protect yourself from them

It is important to choose the right remedy for mosquitoes and midges, to protect the body and does not cause harm to your body.

types of funds

In stores you can buy a mosquito repellent in such forms:

  • trap;
  • fumigator;
  • repeller;
  • cream;
  • spray;
  • pencil;
  • gel;
  • stickers;
  • bracelets.

More often, people choose funds with repellent effect or repellents. They may be natural or chemical. The action of many funds is a pungent odor, which repels insects. The main active components are repellents:

  • diethyl toluamide (DEET);
  • carboxyl;
  • benzoyl piperidine;
  • oksamat.

Repellents are produced in the form of sprays, lotions and creams. Sprays have a number of advantages compared with other types of mosquito repellent:

  1. Coverage reaches 3 m.
  2. Maximum efficiency of the use of.
  3. Spray can treat most inaccessible places.
  4. Ease of application, because the jet is easily spreads on the area of ​​the body, which aims bottle.

The disadvantages of aerosol experts carry high toxicity, so they can not be used near food, children's clothes and furniture. Some sprays are contraindicated for children.

note! Before using the spray should be shaken well and spray on the open areas of the body at a distance of not less than 20 cm.

The aerosol can be treated clothing, but the fabric have to be natural. Use the spray is allowed to break in 4 o'clock. If you repeat the procedure more often, the allergic reaction may appear on the skin. To apply the spray on your face, should sprinkle it on the palm of your hand, smudge and gently spread on the face, passing the eyes, nose and mouth.

The best means of protection against mosquitoes

Dr. Klaus

One effective means of mosquitoes in the form of a spray is Dr.Klaus. He is represented in the volume flakonchike 600 ml. The drug not only protects against pesky mosquitoes, but also active against lice, flies and bees. Tool is perfect for the treatment of garden, terraces, foundation. Also it can be used indoors and sprayed places where midges.

Active ingredients in a spray performs permethrin, tetramethrin and piperonyl butoxide.

Dr Price. Klaus varies 220-300 rubles. Country of origin - Russia.


It has potent protective action spray Moskitol. His release in the vial volume 100 ml. Means protects against mosquito bites, gnats and horseflies. The active ingredient in it is dietilmtoluamid. Duration of the drug - 3-4 o'clock. Moskitol allowed not only for adults, but also for small children. It does not cause allergic reactions and ranks first among consumers rasprodavaemosti.

note! Moskitol represented not only in the form of an aerosol. In stores you can find spiral, plate and electric fumigators.

When using a child means you can not put it on the baby's skin, only clothes. Be sure to avoid contact with eyes and the respiratory tract.

Price spray Moskitol - 160-200 rubles. Country of origin - Russia.


Effective mosquito repellent in the country - it is the ultra. It is presented in the form of vials 200 ml. Spray easily sprayed, It protects against lice, mites, horseflies and other insects. This action is based on modern technology Time release - a special polymer provides long-term retention of particles of repellent on skin and clothes. Protection persists for 8 hours under high temperature and high humidity. The active components in the ultra-DETA stands substance.

Price spray the ultra - 700-750 rubles. Country of origin - USA.


He performed well against mosquito spray Gardex. It is composed of herbal ingredients and essential oils, so the tool is optimal for use in people with sensitive skin and children.

The store can be found 3 type spreev - Gardex Family, Gardex Extreme и Gardex Baby. The first tool is a universal, the effect of which lasts for 4 hours. He does not leave marks on the skin and clothing and approved for use in adults and children from 3 years old, but is contraindicated during pregnancy. Active ingredients in the spray are coumarin, vegetable oil, alcohol, glycerol and geranium essential oil.

Aerosol Gardex Extreme is designed to handle crowded places midges and mosquitoes. Its protective effect persists 4 hours of leather and 30 days on clothing. Unlike Gardex Family, Spray Gardex Extreme can not be applied to children and people with allergies.

Means Gardex Baby released in 3 options - for children up to 1 of the year, with 2 years and a universal remedy against mosquitoes and ticks. They differ from each other by the concentration of the active ingredients. The spray composition contains extracts of camomile and Calendula, and the active ingredient is a substance DEET.

Price Gardex spray ranges 225-450 rubles. Country of origin - Germany.

Bros Max

To provide protection against mosquitoes on 6 hours will spray Bros. It can be used by children 1 of the year. Release insect repellent in the form of a liquid foam and child. The spray contained a low concentration of insecticide. Use tool can be no more 2 once a day.

Price Bros Max spray volume 90 ml - 150-200 rubles. Country of origin - Poland.

Picnic Baby

An excellent remedy for mosquitoes for the children is a spray Picnic Baby. It is made based on vegetable ingredients and substances DETA. Use means permitted 2 times a day.

Spray Picnic Baby not only protects from biting mosquitoes, but also has a calming effect, caring for baby's skin after bites. The protective effect persists for 2 hours. Approved for use with children 1 of the year. It has a slight pleasant scent.

Aerosol Picnic Baby is designed for processing of clothes. Its protective effect lasts about 12 hours against mosquitoes and 6 hours against ticks. Means children are allowed to use a 2-year-olds.

Price Picnic Baby - 112 rubles. Country of origin - France.


Known means mosquito is spray OZZ. It can be used only to adults. The manufacturer guarantees the protection to 6 hours. Means to easily and evenly distributed throughout the body.

note! Before applying to the person you need to moisten the palms. Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth.

In addition to the spray can be found OZZ creams 10 и OZZ 18, lotion and spray OZZ. cream OZZ 10 short-term effect has. One treatment lasts for 2-3 o'clock. It is great for people with sensitive skin and a fast metabolism.

Достаточно известным средством от комаров является спрей OZZ, который предназначен только для взрослых
Suffice known means mosquito is spray OZZ, which is intended for adults only

cream OZZ 18 It is considered to be a potent tool. It is recommended to use the perimeter of places with large concentrations of blood-sucking insects. It means you can handle the body and face is no longer 3 once a day.

Lotion Spray OZZ enters the deeper layers of skin and has a protective effect on the 8 hours. It is composed of vegetable ingredients, which possess moisturizing and nourishing effect. Means suitable for people with sensitive or burned skin.

Price repellents OZZ brand ranges 100-400 rubles. Country of origin - Belarus.


for places, where blood-sucking insects are particularly aggressive, suitable aerosol Atas. It is made of alcohol-based, so in the morning after a shower is recommended to put on the body nourishing cream. In addition to mosquitoes, it is effective in the fight against lice, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.

Аэрозоль Атас идеально подойдет для мест, где кровососущие насекомые особенно агрессивны
Aerosol Atas ideal for places, where blood-sucking insects are particularly aggressive

In addition to the manufacturer produces aerosol spray lotion Atas volume 100 ml. Its protective effect lasts 5-6 hours. It has a pleasant aroma and does not dry the skin.

Price Atas aerosol - 180-230 rubles. Country of origin - Belarus.

Kontra gel

Comfortable and one of the cheapest means of mosquito. The gel is perfect for people with delicate skin cover, because it prevents drying. Sales can be found not only gel, but the cream and lotion spray Kontra. They can be used both during the day, and at night. Means soften the skin and provide protection to 3-6 hours. They are allowed to use a teenager and adults.

Kontra гель замечательно подходит людям с нежным кожным покровом и разрешается применять подросткам и взрослым людям
Kontra gel remarkably suitable for people with delicate skin and allowed to use for adolescents and adults

Price repellents brand Kontra - 800-1000 rubles. Country of origin - Belarus.

Bracelets from mosquitoes Green Luck

One of the modern means of mosquito bites - a bright bracelets. They are completely harmless and were originally intended for young children socks. Over time, the increased popularity of bracelets, so they became available for adults.

Green Luck Bracelet soaked in oil of citronella, which provides protection against insects. It does not cause allergic reactions on the skin, They have no odor unlike sprays and does not stain clothing.

The advantages of bracelets from mosquitoes experts attribute:

  • absence of harmful compounds in the composition;
  • It does not harm the integuments;
  • sturdy clasp made of microfibre;
  • Holdover time - about 10 days;
  • large color palette.

Price bracelet Green Luck - 60-100 rubles. Country of origin - China.

What to do, If you are bitten by a mosquito?

Many people consider the best assistant in the fight against mosquito bites soda. To reduce itching, enough 250 ml lukewarm water to dissolve 20 g soda and treat the resulting solution bites. Itching will stop after 10-12 hours.

Get rid of unpleasant feelings after the bite, you can use an alcohol compress. To do this, wet a couple of napkins in cologne, ethanol or liquid ammonia and apply to the bite on 10 minutes.

Чтобы уменьшить зуд, достаточно обработать укусы содовым раствором (в 250 мл теплой кипяченой воде растворить 20 г соды)
To reduce itching, enough to treat bites soda solution (at 250 ml lukewarm water to dissolve 20 g soda)

It is useful to place bitten by mosquitoes applying fresh leaves of plantain and a small amount of cosmetic clay. They should be kept on the skin for 5 minutes.

Reduce inflammation and alleviate the condition will help the ice. Enough to wrap it in a towel and apply to the affected areas to 15 minutes. This procedure will remove swelling and eliminate itching.

Effectively treating mosquito bites or potassium permanganate zelenkoj. If itching persists over 12 hours, should prepare this remedy:

  1. mix with 200 ml of water 2 tablets furatsilina.
  2. put on 4 hour in a refrigerator.
  3. Moisten a cotton swab in the vehicle and attach to the itchy place.

It helps reduce itching soap solution or mint toothpaste. Also get rid of the discomfort can be using the application to the affected area of ​​food:

  • salt;
  • clove of garlic;
  • kefir;
  • cream;
  • cut onion;
  • mashed mint leaves;
  • parsley;
  • cut sheet agave.

Remove the pain of the bite will help lemon. Enough to moisten with lemon juice cotton pad and apply it to the affected site.

Effectively eliminates itching common salt. It should be mixed with water to form a pasty consistency, then put on the bite. Duration of procedure - 15 minutes.

Folk remedies against mosquitoes

The simplest remedy for mosquitoes in the home - is valerian. Its pungent smell repels insects. Replace valerian can korvalola, Valokardin or tobacco smoke. Sufficient to expand the tobacco on scraps of paper or make it with small bags. A good alternative is camphor valerian. Means must be heated, to make it evaporate and give off the smell, which is not carried by mosquitoes and midges.

Effective means of mosquitoes - catnip. You can apply a grass or drugs, in which it is part. Mint can be decomposed on the balcony or near the threshold of property. It protects not only against mosquitoes and midges, but also from many other biting insects.

Эфирные масла, мята, ваниль - все эти природные средства эффективно защищают от надоедливых комаров
Essential oils, mint, vanilla - all of these natural remedies are effective protection against pesky mosquitoes

For the protection of the premises useful essential oil of anise, lavender citronella and eucalyptus. a couple of drops on different areas of the body sufficient to apply or to apply aroma lamps, to mosquitoes flew from the unpleasant odor to them. Well suited for repelling mosquitoes tea tree oil. Since it is a safe folk remedy, the suit against mosquito bites for children.

Well in anti-mosquito spray vanilla. For its preparation should be dissolved 1 bag of vanilla 1 l of water and handle body with the spray. You can cook a cream based vanillin. enough to take 1 g vanilla and 10 g baby cream.

Important! vanilla funds are no more 2 hours, after which it requires repeated application. It is not recommended to use vanilla sugar, as the smell attracts mosquitoes.

An effective home remedy for protection against mosquitoes is the adhesive tape. It can be made as follows:

  1. Apply on paper tape gelatin glue.
  2. Pour on top of the crushed leaves of bird cherry or basil.
  3. Attach indoors.

Change the tape every necessary 24 o'clock.

Protect housing from mosquitoes, you can use basil. The plant should be planted under the windows or door or put on the window. It repels not only mosquitoes, but also flies, It has a pleasant smell of man and beautiful appearance.

To avoid biting mosquitoes, It can be ground to a powder type Dalmatian or Persian chamomile and put it in the house or apartment. The smell of the plants affects the nerve cells of mosquitoes.

To protect the body from mosquito bites in nature by using juniper. To do this, throw in a bit of a fire the dried juniper needles.

Blood-sucking insects can not tolerate the smell of tomato leaves. Experts recommend to grow tomatoes in a flower pot on the windowsill. You can pick a few leaves and put them in the room.

Good help from mosquitoes carbolic acid. It should be put on the wall next to the bed or to moisten hands, feet and face. This tool can be used while fishing, hunting or at home.

Fighter against midges and mosquitoes is melissa. A bunch of this plant on the windowsill not only save space on the harmful insects, but also will give a pleasant lemon-mint flavor.

Protect the house from the bloodsuckers can use homemade aromarepellenta. To do this, connect 15-20 drops of lavender oil with 25 ml sunflower or olive oil. The resulting mixture was put on not clothes hidden areas of the body.

note! It is useful to add essential oils to your favorite shampoo, shower gel or cream. The skin after use will become repellent to insects flavor. Recovering oil permitted based 5 drops to 10 ml means.

Good protection shelter from the onslaught of mosquitoes nettle juice and tarragon. Both plants should mince and squeeze through cheesecloth.

Before taking a stroll on a summer evening, you can lubricate the legs and arms with fish oil, Then the mosquitoes do not bite them.

Universal remedy against mosquitoes is the birch tar. To prepare the solution should be mixed 2,5 ml tar from 1 l of water at room temperature, and then applied to the body. Keep this tool allowed no more 2 hours, so you need to prepare a fresh batch before each treatment.

For longer effect it is recommended to prepare tar oil according to the following scheme:

  1. take 1 tar ml.
  2. Melt 100 g of butter in a water bath.
  3. Add to oil tar.
  4. mix well.

When the tool has cooled, treat them point-exposed areas. can replace butter with vegetable.

Scare away mosquitoes can laurel leaves. Enough to put a bunch of laurel branches in the bedroom or use the essential oil of laurel, dropping a few drops in an aroma lamp.

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