Gnats in apartment – Top 10 best means of struggle against insects

Such innocuous at first glance gnats bring a lot of trouble the hosts apartments and houses. Besides, that midges in the apartment are carriers of mass diseases, their vinegars very painful and can cause swelling and itching. These insects reproduce very quickly and deliver a lot of trouble for the extraction.

There are many ways to deal with gnats in the apartment - from the people's money to a variety of chemical sprays and fumigation. But all methods will be powerless, if you do not use them comprehensively, and not to carry out at the same time prevention of insects in the apartment.

Каждый человек рано или поздно сталкивается с тем, что на его кухне появляются мелкие мошки
Each person is faced sooner or later with the, that in his kitchen appear small midges

Where are the gnats: eliminate the cause

Most often, in the apartment there are two species of midges: midge fruit - the fruit fly and soil gnats - stsiriady. If you do not find a place of their distribution, the fight against lice will be useless, tk. they will appear again and again.

Important! Before, how to get rid of gnats in the apartment, first you need to find a place, which has become their breeding ground in the apartment.

Where are the midges in the apartment:

  • Dirty fruit and vegetables, brought from the garden or shop. If the fruit insect eggs were laid, then in a supportive environment (as fetal podgnivaniya) of them are starting to emerge quickly small midges in the apartment. The life of small midges (about a day), but if there is a favorable nutrient medium (rotting fruit, eg), they multiply at a rapid rate.
  • Bin. Irregular trash removal - one of the most common causes, Why do I get the apartment gnats. In the remains of food, located in the bin, may be insect eggs, are in the process of rotting waste are beginning to wake up. food debris, caught on the surface of the bucket (If the bucket is not clean), can cause the appearance of an entire army of insects.
  • Pets' corner. Many lice love to settle in the corners of the living - the cells of rodents or birds, aquariums etc.. leftovers or poorly washed bowl pet, aquarium for a long time do not change the water, It is a great environment for the settlement of midges.
  • Houseplants. Midges are very fond of indoor plants, especially if the soil is overly hydrated. Some housewives watered plants tea brewing, which can also cause the active dissemination of midges, tk. they are very fond of tea and tea leaves.
  • Neighbors. Midges can penetrate into the apartment through the ventilation passages from unscrupulous neighbors.
  • Sewerage and water. When injected into the pipe food particles may get stuck in the folds and siphons, which begin to decompose. This process can lead to a whole hordes of midges, which is not so easy to handle.
Мошки в квартире не проблема - от них легко избавиться
Mote in the apartment is not a problem - easy to get rid of them

Important! Mote often fall into the apartment with the help of the man himself, but the further spread of mosquitoes depends on the cleanliness of the premises and timely cleaning of water and sewer pipes.

After that, as the cause of midges set, should begin the fight against uninvited guests using preventive and sanitary measures.

How quickly bring midges

first, what should be done, to quickly bring midges from the apartment - to conduct cleaning of premises: Wash all surfaces, remove crumbs, wipe the floor behind furniture, throw all the products with the slightest signs of damage.

10 advice, how to get the lice out of the apartment:

  1. Conduct a thorough audit of all kitchen cabinets, which stores the products of plant origin and cereals. You should check, to storage areas of cereals were no signs of rottenness and moisture. If necessary, cereals should pour into dry and hermetically sealed cans, and all loose articles Deterioration should be immediately put to the trash.
  2. Enumerate all the fruit vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables - to put in the refrigerator, spoiled - throw in the trash.
  3. Vacuum the places where midges. If midges much much, should vacuum all surfaces, where seen hordes of black midges.
  4. Every day, take out the garbage, and be sure to wash and dry the bin.
  5. Do not leave on the tables of food residues, sugary drinks in glasses, tea and tea bags. If the house has a small child, you should pay attention to the place, where there is a high chair - kids often throw food, and even a small piece of half-eaten food can attract a lot of midges.
  6. Check filters and traps under sinks (especially in the kitchen), if necessary, to treat them with special means.
  7. Handle special spray the entire room, where there were gnats. We should be careful, especially if the house there are animals and small children. It is better to carry out the procedure in a respirator and special gloves.
  8. If the source of the emergence of midges serve as houseplants need to change the ground or treat the soil with special insecticide. Care should be taken, so that the soil does not pereuvlazhnyat - do not pour water plants, regularly loosen the soil.
  9. Do not leave dishes in the sink nedomytuyu.
  10. Regularly monitor the cleanliness of the living corner.
Не стоит оставлять на столе овощи и фрукты, так как мошки заведутся очень быстро
Do not leave on the table fruits and vegetables, as the midge zavedutsya very quickly

Quickly get rid of lice to help special insecticide, which can be purchased in almost any supermarket.

Effective means of midges:

  • aerosols (Dihlofos, Raptor, raid, Kombat). Before applying the tools you need to remove all the toys, Food, lay a film of all surfaces. The procedure is best done with the windows closed, pre wearing clothing, but after the treatment room should be thoroughly aired.
  • fumigators (raid, Kombat, Fumitoks, Moskitol). safer, than aerosols, but act as effectively. Lack fumigator in, he begins to work through 3-4 o'clock, and complete freedom from insects occurs later 6-7 hours.
  • repellents (Off!, Gardeks, Moskitol). The strip is a special repellent housing, impregnated with chemical agents, that repel gnats. Repellents convenient to use, tk. they can be hung in any room, but not safe for other household inhabitants, so the need to frequently ventilate the room.
  • Insekticidы (Thunder 2, Muxoed, Bazudin). Applied to the soil plant, if the source of the emergence of midges become houseplants.
  • Tools for pipe cleaning (Flup, Mister Muskul, mole, tiret). Means poured into the sink and leave it for a while. This will not only eliminate lice, but get rid of all blockages in pipes.
В наше время от мошек в квартире продается множество эффективных аэрозолей
In our time, many effective aerosols sold by midges in the apartment

All chemical products are very effective when dealing with annoying gnats, but it is not safe for humans, Yes, and there are not always cheap. Because a good alternative to the purchased assets are the traditional methods of struggle against insects.

Folk remedies for lice

To get rid of lice can be your own home remedies: manufacturing traps either through exposure to certain scents, that repel insects.

How to get rid of fruit midges in the apartment:

  • Aromomasla (aromas of cloves, verbeny, ylang-ylang, patchouli). It should be installed in a room with the addition of Aromalamps peresichlennyh oils, as the midge immediately leave the premises.
  • camphor. Camphor crushed and pour into the pan, good pre-heated. As soon begin to stand out pairs, fire shut down, and the pan gently sneaked around the perimeter of the room. The aroma of camphor instantly raspugnet midges. It should be noted, camphor that pair perfectly safe for others, including animals and small children.
  • Geranium and tomatoes in a flowerpot. If these plants will be in the apartment on a window sill, gnats never zavedutsya indoors.
  • Basil, anise, eucalyptus, horseradish - the smell of the plant repels insects.
  • Orange and Clove. The orange stick a few sticks and cloves arranged in places where midges.

traps - the safest and most effective way to combat lice, they can make out of any scrap materials.

Народные умельцы придумали множество ловушек для квартирных мошек
Craftsmen invented many traps for apartment midges

We derive midge with hooks:

  • From a plastic cup: the bottom of the cup is placed bait: overripe piece of fruit or vegetable, honey, sweet water, compote etc. On top of a glass covered with polyethylene film, which makes small holes. A glass was left overnight in the kitchen, and on the morning of the contents together with the midges caught poured down the toilet.
  • From the tank with a solution of dishwashing liquid. The capacity, where there is not much of a soap solution, pour apple cider vinegar, compote, the juice, wine, etc.. to attract fruit midges. Insects will fly to the bait and sinking due to funds, that reduces the surface tension of the liquid.
  • sticky traps. Cut sheets of paper into thin strips, which is necessary to moisten in a solution of three tablespoons of black pepper, glass of milk, and one tablespoon of sugar. The traps are hung around the perimeter of the apartment, that creates some inconvenience, but it will help you quickly "collect" all the midges.
  • Bottle of beer or wine. Leaving such artless bait at night, you can collect a lot of midges, who will fly to the bait, and "sticks" to the bottom of the bottle.
Ловушку для мошек очень легко сделать самостоятельно
Trap for gnats very easy to do yourself

To get rid of lice in the pots with plants, should stick to the ground match heads down and reduce the time the amount of water for irrigation.

To remove lice from the sewer and water pipes, it is necessary to pour a little baking soda in the sink hole, and through 5-7 minutes pour 1-2 cup vinegar. after 20 minutes necessary to wash the tube with water.

To get rid of lice in the apartment - a time-consuming and troublesome task. Therefore it is better to prevent their occurrence in the apartment, keeping an eye on the cleanliness and order in the room, removing garbage time in the apartment and live parts of pets, paying attention to the content of indoor plants and sewer and water pipes.

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