Essential pumpkin seeds from worms: how to take

Pumpkin seeds - an effective means of worms, which in many ways can get into the human body. Parasites can live there for years, and their support will not even guess about it. Of course, body faltering. But man always finds it some explanation, without thinking about the only true. He live in the body, and the fruit parasites. Meanwhile they gradually cause extensive damage, destroying from within. Pumpkin seeds - natural active agent, helping to expel intestinal worms. How to take the seeds, to get the desired effect?

Whether pumpkin seeds help of worms?

This product - a great alternative medication drug, which have side effects and contraindications. Pumpkin seeds against parasites in their effect are second only to the male fern. But they are absolutely harmless, unlike him. Therefore, they are even small children can use without fear, the elderly and pregnant women.

note! Their positive effect is due to the content of a substance called "kukurbiatsin". It is located in the green peel, which covered each seed. That together with the skin does not lose his, Some healers recommend using unpeeled pumpkin seeds from worms. The substance paralyzes the worms. And they safely eliminated from the body.

There are many ways, how to make pumpkin seeds from pests. They are eaten raw, dried and roasted. Of course, fresh pumpkin seeds from worms will have the strongest effect. But also the use of roasted pumpkin seeds in the morning without any recipes will not only help get rid of the people living in the body of parasites, but also is an excellent preventive tool. Let's find out, how to make the most effective means and how to make pumpkin seeds from worms.

11 best recipes

Recipe with honey

This mixture is very effective and popular. It is often given to children. Such treatment of parasites pumpkin seeds are much more pleasant and useful, than from a pharmacy pills. To prepare take 300 g refined grains, crushed them in a blender and add 2 tablespoons honey. To obtain a homogeneous mass, dolivayut 2 tablespoons of water and stirred.

Take medication on an empty stomach. It should be eaten completely within an hour, and then drink a laxative, to achieve cleaning of parasites pumpkin seeds with honey.

Wash down magnesium sulfate

If the way to treat worms pumpkin seeds lasts one day, then two hours after administration of the grains, drink a laxative. A better option is magnesium sulfate, which was dissolved in water. Half a liter of water take half small spoon laxative. Magnesium sulfate drunk as when cleaning the seeds with honey, and using other recipes.

With garlic recipe

This product contains volatile. These worms also "partial". They can not tolerate these substances. Recipe for the next.

  1. 200 g seed pre-fried bit, and then ground.
  2. The resulting paste is added 6 crushed cloves of garlic.
  3. To take pumpkin seeds against worms with garlic can be normal, added to them 2 large spoons of honey.
  4. Gruel left insist 3 — 4 o'clock.

Means fasting use one large spoon for 4 days. Breakfast then not earlier than 3 o'clock.

Рецепт с чесноком очень действенный, так как в этом продукте содержатся фитонциды
Recipe with garlic is very effective, as this product contains volatile

Recipe with milk

This is another way to treat pumpkin seeds from worms, Suitable for Children. He has long been proven to be effective. Prepare means follows.

  1. 200 g grain was placed in a glass.
  2. Pour it milk room temperature.
  3. The mixture is whipped blender.

Received gruel to eat, and an hour drink a glass of water. Two hours later to take a laxative effect teaspoon of castor oil.

Recipe with herring

Fish lovers can take advantage of the following means for the treatment of pumpkin seeds of worms. take:

  • a glass of treated seeds;
  • 2 raw yolk;
  • 4 pieces of herring (quarter of the average size of fish).

In the morning on an empty stomach eat seeds, yolks and one piece of herring. Then lie on the right side, podlozhiv grelku. The remaining pieces eat one for 2 hours. The procedure is repeated daily throughout the 5 days.

Recipe after dinner with fish

Here is another similar tool. But the treatment of worms pumpkin seeds begin in the evening. Dinner herring and sprat. And in the morning to whisk blender 100 g grain and 30 — 50 ml lingonberry juice (should get a thick consistency). The mixture was separated into two parts and drink for one hour. After two hours, drink a laxative.

Recipe with carrot juice

Prepared according to the recipe of pumpkin seeds of worms, perfectly suited for children. The mixture is prepared in the:

  1. crushed 100 g grain.
  2. added 50 g fresh carrot juice.

Means drink on an empty stomach. Breakfast can be taken at least through 40 minutes. So treated for 3 weeks. This application quickly get rid of parasites, and at the same time strengthen the immunity of the child.

Рецепт с морковным соком отлично подойдет для детей
Recipe with carrot juice is perfect for children

Recipe cocoa

Consider another nice way to treat with pumpkin seeds. Worms will go away after eating cakes. To prepare take:

  • 100 g seeds;
  • 50 g cocoa;
  • a teaspoon of sugar;
  • water.

Mix the crushed grains with sugar and cocoa, add a few drops of water to form a tough test. The mass is divided into 20 parts. Of them make tortillas, sprinkling sugar.

But this sweet way to have one day to go hungry, and drink plenty of fluids. The following day, eat one lozenge every 10 minutes. What effect will this recipe with pumpkin seeds to worms? Soon they will come out all at stool. Such a method should be repeated after a month.

Tea with fennel seeds

Dill is a cure for many diseases. Its seeds are used as a natural antispasmodic and diuretic. He stops the formation of gas and relaxes the bowels. Therefore, it is often mistaken for constipation. You can also use corn and fennel seeds from pumpkins from worms. They are mixed in equal proportions, take one tablespoon of the mixture, pour boiling water and infuse for five minutes. Then strain the broth and take into. However, such the means is contraindicated, who have chronic intestinal diseases.

A decoction of the seeds

This recipe is prepared with crude pumpkin seeds from worms. Its use is calculated from the body weight (6 grains per g 1 kg weight).

  1. The seeds are ground.
  2. Pour into a saucepan and pour in 2 times more hot water.
  3. Capacity is covered and heated in a water bath for 2 hours.
  4. Thereafter the broth to cool down naturally.
  5. it is filtered.

Decoction is divided into 4 — 5 servings and drink in the morning on an empty stomach, taking breaks in 30 minutes. Then take a laxative.

Полезные рецепты из тыквенных семечек от глистов
Useful recipes from pumpkin seeds from worms

Pumpkin seed oil from worms

oils feature is, that it is able to deal not only with those parasites, who settled in the intestine. The action applies to parasites, migrated to other organs.

They are treated as follows:. Three times daily for half an hour before meals take a teaspoon of pumpkin oil from parasites. The course depends on the degree of infection. For an adult, it lasts a minimum 10 days.

Prevention of worms

To your health and must be treated carefully to avoid the appearance of worms. After all, they do a lot of harm to the body.

To prevent their occurrence, must be:

  • hygiene;
  • only well washed products;
  • meat and fish - only after the heat treatment;
  • water drinking filtered or after boiling.

Pumpkin seeds are an excellent preventive tool. And in addition to the elimination of worms, they have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, containers in general, improve brain function and successfully compete with atherosclerosis.

Eat pumpkin seeds and be healthy! Of course, as with any other product, abusing them is not necessary. Please use reasonable doses. Then the body will be healthy, a strong immune system.

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