Risk of HPV – it's every woman should know

Papillomavirus in women. Sometimes a woman's body there are small outgrowths, which appear in a few months and do not cause pain or other unpleasant sensations. Usually women go to the doctor in two cases:

  • if the papilloma is located in a prominent location and is a cosmetic disadvantage;
  • if prevents papilloma.

Such an approach is extremely incorrect, since papillomavirus in women is not a regular cosmetic defect, she says, that a woman infected with human papillomavirus (VPC). The disease is often asymptomatic, but it is not so innocent, What it seems at first glance. This atypical cells, that can lead to precancers, cell dysplasia of the internal reproductive organs and cervical cancer.

Human Papilloma Virus, that more than half of all men and women are infected with the Statistics, It causes small benign tumors on the skin, mucous membranes, occasionally - on internal organs, on the internet you can find many photos of this disease.

Features of human papillomavirus

Infection with HPV is solely contact (through broken skin and mucous). It can be both sexual contact, and infection through cuts and abrasions. Completely cure this virus can not be. papilloma removed specialist, and then the patient is taking drugs to enhance immunity. Many people do not even know, they are infected, so any immunity does not allow the disease to "raise the head". But as soon as the immune system is weakened or fails, neoplasms immediately appear.

Human papillomavirus is more common in women in women under the age of 30 years old, which had a 5 partners. In this case, if the post-infection did not have tumors in one and a half years, they can no longer wait. Usually 8 women from 10 cured of the virus without any medication. If healing does not occur, the first papilloma appear after 3 months after infection. This refers to the type of 11 and 6 (genital warts) and tipam 35, 31, 16, 18, 11, 8 (genital warts). Particularly dangerous papilloma 16 type and 18 type. It can cause a paradise cervix and vagina, and dysplasia. Virus 18 and 16 the type of women do not always lead to cancer, but its presence in the body 300 time increases the risk of cancer. In this case, from the moment of infection until the dreaded disease washes take a very long time, up to 20 years old. The virus takes a wait, not withstanding combat immunity. But as soon as the immune system is reduced, disease started.

Often papilloma appear during pregnancy, although before that the woman had no idea, infected with a virus that. It is important to get treatment before giving birth, so as not to infect the baby during its passage through the birth canal. The fetus in the womb of papillomavirus does not adversely affect.

Вирус папилломы человека у женщин чаще встречается у дам в возрасте до 30 лет, которые имели более 5 партнеров
Human papillomavirus is more common in women in women under the age of 30 years old, which had a 5 partners

types of warts

HPV is not only genital papillomavirus in women, but other benign tumors, such as:

  • flat warts. They have a round shape and height of 2 mm, commonly found on the hands and feet, there are on the face. Sometimes they go away, and sometimes you have to go to a dermatologist;
  • common warts. Also they have a rounded shape and height of 3 mm above the skin surface. Do not disappear, remove them can only dermatologist. If mechanical removal of warts (cutting the, combing), it is more likely to rise again, since HPV is deep in the tissues;
  • genital warts. It is these tumors deliver a lot of problems. They can grow in any place, frequent papillomas on intimate places, inside of the ureter, on all mucous, even on the cervix;
  • akrohordy or filamentous warts. Most people are called papillomas. They arise after 35 years old, but there are earlier. Commonly found in armpits, under the breast, on the neck, than cause discomfort, because it touches the clothes. Represent a bead on a thin stem, quickly removed by a dermatologist;
  • papilloma of bladder, sometimes affecting the urethra. They are more common in men, but there are also women. Usually, they said a nagging pain in the abdomen and difficulty (not always) urination.
  • oral papillomavirus, larynx and trachea. It grows in the oral cavity, throat and trachea, breaking it (if you are on the vocal cords) and reducing the airflow.

What you need to know about the kinds of warts? The presence of harmless warts on the hands of an adult shows, his immune system is unable to cope with the virus. If the body has a different virus, more dangerous type, it has the potential to develop into oncology. That is why you need to carefully monitor your body, and if there are any tumors, immediately contact your doctor.

Папилломавирус вызывает не только генитальные папилломы у женщин, но и другие доброкачественные новообразования
HPV is not only genital papillomavirus in women, but other benign tumors

Important! Doctors are advised to contact with warts are not a beautician, and a dermatologist. The doctor will suggest to do Analysis on the human papilloma virus, to learn, How safe is the buildup. Beautician just remove warts, which can turn into a malignant neoplasm.

How does papillomavirus in women

As I mentioned above, The incubation period of the virus is at least 3 of the month, but it could be much longer period of. For this reason it is difficult to establish, virus occurred when getting into the organism, and that was the reason.

The first symptoms manifest themselves in the form of a slight itching, the appearance of small warts near the genitals, some discomfort during sex. But sometimes the disease has no symptoms, and these. Often hidden manifestations of HPV symptoms of other diseases of the genitourinary system, therefore distinguish them almost impossible. This is a common situation, since during disease reduced immunity, which can cause the development of HPV.

papilloma, which may be formed on the outside, and inside, usually quickly detected by a gynecologist, so, if a woman goes every six months a scheduled scan, the advanced disease it is not threatened.

If a woman has warts on the genitals, it can not infect your partner during sexual intercourse, even if the analysis showed the virus. Until, while cytological tests are normal and not identified during the inspection papilloma, it makes no sense to begin to treat the disease. the main thing, on the need to focus - is to increase the immune system and a healthy lifestyle.

Если у женщины нет кондилом на половых органах, то она не может заразить своего партнера при половом контакте
If a woman has warts on the genitals, it can not infect your partner during sexual intercourse

Often a sign of a virus becomes a cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, which is better known as precancer. Time enough to diagnose the disease is easily treatable, degeneration of cervical cells and stops their growth. The more the disease started, the more likely, she turned into oncology.

The presence of papillomas at hand, chest on the eyelids and neck also indicate infection, therefore such symptoms in women - is an occasion to be examined by a gynecologist and get tested.


To see a doctor outside the scheduled scans and tests, do not expect all symptoms and those entities, which can be seen in the photo on the Internet. Just one symptom.

The first is the identification of the pathogen by PCR and cytological study. They detect disease, that progresses and requires urgent intervention. If the tests are positive data, or have sex on private parts papillomavirus in women, the need analysis, revealing the type of virus and its level of cancer risk.

If there papilloma, their material is also taken for analysis Digene-test virus. It is also equally important for the doctor to collect information, namely: age, the number of sexual partners, cases of similar diseases in the family, catarrhal diseases frequency character and so on.

If you suspect a HPV woman must apply in gynecology. The doctor will be able to quickly diagnose the disease, reveal the extent of the hazards and prescribe the appropriate treatment. After treatment, the diagnostic again need to spend, to understand, how the virus suppressed immunity, and whether there is a health threat.

При подозрении на ВПЧ женщине необходимо обратиться в гинекологию, врач сможет быстро диагностировать заболевание
If you suspect a HPV woman must apply in gynecology, the doctor can quickly diagnose disease

The causes of the disease

Women are more manifestations of HPV, than men. This is due to their fragile immune systems and its periodic oscillations. Besides, papillomavirus in women can be fatal, if you run it to the cancer.

As mentioned, infected with a virus, you can contact, This occurs most often during sexual intercourse. If a pregnant woman has a papilloma, then her child was infected during childbirth. Important to remember, that the condom does not protect against the human papillomavirus, because they do not preclude full contact genitals.

Indirect causes include factors, which in the case of infection may prevent the body to suppress the virus on their own. These include:

  • a large number of sexual partners;
  • early sexual activity;
  • injured cervix (as a result of a failed abortion or birth complications);
  • smoking and other bad habits;
  • disease, Sexually Transmitted;
  • frequent inflammation of the cervix;
  • any chronic inflammatory diseases in the body.

Also, the female body is often weakened during pregnancy, many diseases, including HPV aggravated during this period.

Important! Numerous antiparasitic agents advertising claims, that papilloma caused by parasites. doctors say, that this is not the case, and the fight against parasites (even if they are) does not affect the inhibition of human papillomavirus.


Papillomavirus in women treated with the complex, but the treatment is aimed at suppression virus, since you can not get rid of it. First of all, deletes existing papillomas, and then increases immunity as soon as possible, that the disease has been stopped. Also, the doctor prescribes receiving antiviral drugs, when it is necessary.

Removed papilloma following ways::

  • laser removal. After the procedure, there will be no trace of papillomavirus in a few days, each papilloma doctor spends more 30 seconds. It is done under local anesthesia;
  • radio wave removal. It is similar to the laser and has the same effect, but not so dangerous to the eyes like a laser;
  • the use of liquid nitrogen. This method is used for removing warts and warts in places, where the skin is not too thin. It is not used on the genitals, except that the skin around them. the procedure is simple, painless, but after that there is a small area of ​​skin around the burn papilloma, which takes a long time;
  • in rare cases used electrocoagulation and mechanical excision of papillomas. But such methods are now considered obsolete.

Doctors do not recommend the use of folk remedies for removing warts, especially in intimate places. First of all, delicate skin can be severely burn, Secondly, tumors are not diagnosed, so they can return to a more dangerous form. If tumors increase in size, red and / or bleeding, remove them by yourself in no case be, since such action could lead to skin cancer.

Small papillomas on neck, the sides and under the arms, you can try to bring the fresh juice of celandine. It must be applied on a thin leg, to dry up her.

Strengthen the immune system and help prevent the recurrence of a healthy lifestyle, sport, enough sleep, periodic vitamins, nutrition and recreation. Strong relationship and one sexual partner - increase the likelihood never be faced with HPV. Every healthy woman can protect themselves, Get vaccinated, which must be repeated every six months. Ideally, vaccination should be done a girl before sexual debut, because if the infection has been, the vaccination will not help.

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