Aphids in fruit trees - how to get rid of the scourge?

Symptoms of aphids

How to recognize the malicious attack of insects and how to deal with aphids in fruit trees - this issue sooner or later, is given every gardener.

Из-за маленького размера насекомого и его зеленой расцветки тлю садоводы часто замечают уже тогда, когда колония успела разрастись достаточно сильно
Due to the small size of the insect and its green color aphids gardeners often notice already, when the colony managed to grow quite strongly

There are certain symptoms, to help site owners to recognize the invasion of these pests:

  1. The main feature - is the presence on the leaves (mostly below) or young shoots visible to the eye insect swarms;
  2. The colonies are observed inclusion particles of old insect shell (white);
  3. buds, shoots, leaves are covered with so-called honeydew - sticky secretions of aphids;
  4. Aphids damaged leaves twisted down, underdeveloped and prone to drying up;
  5. buds, damaged by insects, can not open, i.e, formation of ovaries fruits, too, occurs.
Главный признак присутствия вредителей – это наличие на листьях (в основном снизу) или молодых побегах видимых глазом скоплений насекомых
The main sign of the presence of pests - is the presence on the leaves (mostly below) or young shoots visible to the eye insect swarms

It is interesting! Aphid is able to allocate a so-called Pad - special substance, having a sweet taste. This substance insects produce of sap, which is very attracted ants, guarding the colony of aphids from the attacks of other insects. Therefore, the fight against aphids in fruit trees, and involves the removal of its brave defenders. Get rid of anthills in the area a must, even if these industrious insects you are cute.

Тля выделяет падь – особое вещество, которое насекомые производят из сока растений, которое очень привлекает муравьёв
Aphids allocates Pad - a special substance, that insects produce from the juice plant, which is very attracted ants

Aphids on trees often found in plum orchards, rising from the young shoots of annually formed further along the branches. therefore, to defend against aphids, those thin twigs, that grow close to the roots, each year in the fall or spring cut. Also, using a knife or spatula is removed and exfoliated pieces of tree bark. The barrel, after these manipulations should be treated with a solution of lime. Most often mentioned preventive measures can provide protection against a tree, but, if aphids still reach your green pet, require additional measures.

How to get rid of aphids traditional methods?

so, how to get rid of aphids on trees? - The safest way to get rid rightly considered folk remedies for aphids in fruit trees.

  • Means of struggle against aphids in fruit trees, containing ash and soap.

sap is the basis of the diet of malicious bugs. They pierce the tender shoots and leaves, and because of this damage plants become vulnerable to attack infections and fungi. But you can protect your site from aphids and ants, If the chemical composition of the soil changes.

Important! As means for processing toxic can cause severe poisoning, if they are made after the appearance of the foliage, and even more so - during flowering, then the lesion trees and shrubs aphids in the growing season is recommended to process them by folk recipes.

As at the time of flowering, and the formation of ovaries experienced gardeners prefer garden treatments with soap and water and wood ashes.

Обработка сада с мылом и древесной золой весьма полезна как во время цветения, так и при образовании завязей
Garden Treatment with soap and wood ash is very useful both during flowering, and the formation of ovaries
  • Dry ash can carefully sprinkle the ground around the plants. After such treatments the sheet becomes resistant to bite, in addition, ash discourage ants from your site.
  • It is also possible to prepare a sol-soap solution. take 300 g ash and dissolve it in a bucket of water. The composition of the boil, cooled and applied to him 40 g grated tar or soap (You can also take and liquid tar). When the soap is dissolved, strain and the composition should be from the spray process flowering trees and shrubs.
  • Pests copes well and simple solution from soap. A bucket of water take 1,5 bar tools, grated on a fine grater. Heated and stirred until dissolution is complete. Trees and bushes were sprayed with a soap composition, and leave for a day, and then arrange for the affected plants shower. The water will wash away the remnants of soap and aphids.
С тлёй хорошо справляется и простой раствор из хозяйственного мыла
With aphids copes well and simple solution from soap

note! Before processing, be sure to wrap the foil belts the trunks of trees to a height of not less than 20 cm. The soil under the shrubs should be sprinkled with ashes. So we can prevent the evacuation of aphids, which can provide the ants.

  • Onion and garlic, and also tobacco kerosene.

Important! Despite, that many further listed Mr.arodnye means most are safe for humans at wrestlingit is pests, Spraying should be done only above-ground parts of plants, so as not to harm plant roots, and in some cases, prevent toxic substances in fruit (eg, in the case of tobacco treatments). Spray the plants should be repeatedly, because almost always aphids have time retain eggs. Usually, It is enough 2-4 procedures.

  • Very effectively holding garlic sprays. Take half a bucket of water, cleanse and purify 200 c garlic heads and placed them in water. after 2 day. filter and prepared solution ratio 500 ml insisted 1 a bucket of water. The means will be effective not only against aphids, but also in dealing with fungal infection on the leaves.
  • After spraying garlic or alternatively they can hold the onion processing. For this purpose, selected 2-3 large bulbs, finely cut, add an equal volume of the number of onion skin and soaked in a bucket of water at night. On the morning of the infusion is poured, squeeze it hard part, and treated as already affected, and yet healthy plants. If the spraying was not effective enough, procedure can be repeated later 5-7 days.
  • As described recipe amplified version exists and a method of preparing a solution makhorka. In lesions trees and shrubs in black aphids infusion as described above are added to tobacco or shag amount 200 g and as much wood ash. Infuse means you need to during the day. Immediately before the processing solution is filtered through cheesecloth added soap shavings or liquid soap (300 g) and kerosene (80 ml).

Council! Since the means has a high concentration, such treatment should be carried out or after harvest, or at least before the formation of ovaries.

solutions, above, It should be supplemented by so-called "trapping zones". The basis of gauze or a bandage impregnated with tar and wrapped around a tree trunk to a height of 20 see above. You can apply on aphids and ants on the trees and the usual double-sided tape. Such wrapping save from falling return aphids on trees and on its evacuation ants.
If we are talking about the bush, on the ground around the branches can also be put rags, impregnated with tar.
Unfortunately, of winged aphids form, which in a large number of attacks in the middle of summer gardens, belts do not save, but, processing will still be quite effective.

It is interesting! Surprisingly, but quite popular in ornamental horticulture are spraying "Coca-Cola" with addition 2Article -3. l. tar liquid soap. Dissolve it should be carefully and then sprayed with the lower part of the sheet.

  • Peel of lemon and orange.

Colonies malicious parasites can be destroyed using citrus peels. Orange peels and (or) pour lemon 1 l of hot water and the spraying is carried out after 3 day, preliminarily pressing out therein "cake" and infusion Strain. Concentration crusts per liter of water is metered on the eye, depending on the degree of plant injury.

  • We get rid of aphids soda with herbs.

Many people believe, it is the best folk remedy, because it has no restrictions on the treatment of maturity, and thus has a relatively high efficiency not only with respect to the aphid.

Important! Spraying trees this tool can be produced and during the formation of the fruit! Means detrimental also to powdery mildew!

Aphids afraid of alkaline solutions. Soda from aphids - old proven method for decades. But do not use baking soda - this will not be enough. We will need the soda ash. take 60 g dry matter, poured into a bucket of water, added 30 mL of liquid soap or shampoo (also, if you find a potassium soap or gel, you can add it to the amount of solution 40 g).,so soda treatment against aphids will provide more long-term protection.

The solution was mixed well and treated trees and shrubs of the spray.

  • Dandelion and garlic.

Is sufficiently effective and infusion dandelions with garlic, which can be used both during bud, and after flowering.
In a bucket of water is added 500 g chopped parts of the plant (They come from all parts of, including roots (you can grind them in a meat grinder with cloves of garlic - 200 g). then added 1 a tablespoon of mustard powder and as much red pepper. After that means pushing 2 o'clock, squeezed in the infusion cake, filtered and sprayed plant.

  • mustard.

How to use against aphids mustard powder? Very simple. 40 g dry substance is dissolved in 1 l of hot water, stirred, cooled, and then spraying carried trunk and branches with leaves. Spraying must be repeated several times at intervals of 5-6 days.

  • tobacco spraying.

Scare away vermin and tobacco. You can even use a normal cigarette. Per liter of water should be taken 40 of tobacco, boil, cool for 2 hours, drain and add a small amount of potash or soap and after its dissolution spray trees. tobacco is toxic, so prior to treatment you should close polyethylene basal part, to the soil solution was not absorbed by the plant and not penetrate into the fruit.

  • Infusion needles.

Needles of spruce or pine in the amount of 500 g Pour boiling water - 2 liters. After a seven-day infusion solution was prepared and filtered at the rate of 100 ml insisted 1 liters of water. Spraying should be carried out with a seven-day intervals until complete destruction of the parasites.

Biological methods to combat aphids


there are plants, which are the most attractive to aphids. It should be placed in 10-15 meters from the garden for, that they lured the harmful bugs. These plants are:

  • petunia;
  • Mallow;
  • Nasturtium;
  • begonia;
  • Cleomenes.

Aphid, After moving to the flower culture, "Grazing" on them until late autumn. In late autumn the bushes bait should dig up and burn. Aphid, postponed to winter eggs, can not thus again to attack the garden in spring.

There is in nature, and other plants, Conversely which repel aphids from fruit trees and bushes. They should be planted in the vicinity of fruit and berry crops - right around the trees. These include:

  • Koriandr;
  • Chamomile;
  • Marigold;
  • Fennel;
  • Onion;
  • Garlic;
  • Mint.

Aphids can not tolerate harsh "ether" the smell of these cultures and tries to leave as soon as possible close to their landing area.

Our feathered friends insectivores are also able to protect the aphids from the garden: sparrows and titmouse, blood oranges, linnet and urticaria - these birds are not averse to eat lunch juicy bugs. A further attraction for them will be the feeder with seeds.

Council! Leave full of feeders and winter, birds get used to your site, and will go and see you more often.

Insect Predators

Destroy aphids insects are capable of, wasps, bugs, zlatoglazki, ground beetles and ladybugs, bugs, and jwjelïcı. And you can draw them in using such plants, like carrots, dill, nettle, cloves and parsley.

chemical insecticides

If all the methods listed were ineffective, will have to apply the most effective insecticides, that the insects will not be able to resist.

Important! Carefully study the instructions to drugs and follow them strictly, paying particular attention to the recommended processing time!!!

Chemicals - performance-enhancing drugs from aphids, help for the shortest time to win the pest. Among these resources are found as contact - destroying insect in contact with its covers, and system - penetrating into the plant itself, and then in the organs of digestion of aphids.

Usually, these drugs are diluted in water and applied by spray. Spray produced during dry weather, in the absence of wind. Exposed areas should be protected. It is strongly recommended the use of a respirator. The process trees of aphids in each case you decide, read the instructions, descriptions of products.

Опрыскивания производятся в сухую погоду при отсутствии ветра и рекомендуется использование респиратора
Spray produced during dry weather, in the absence of wind, It recommended the use of a respirator

The most effective proven tools such, as:

  1. "Inta-Vir". The active ingredient cypermethrin affects the nervous system of insects, causing paralysis, and then - death.
  2. "Aktellik". Dvuhmillilitrova ampoule is dissolved in 2 liters of water at a moderate lesion in one liter - with a massive defeat plants.
  3. 'Done'. It has a broad spectrum of action, insects later 4 hours after treatment was stopped eating, and a day later - killed. Efficiency is retained after spraying for 60 days.
  4. "Kinimiks". ampoule 2,5 ml diluted in a bucket of water. Agent refers to the contact-intestinal group.

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