Why dream of a rat? Interpretation of the popular dream books

The appearance of rodents for the majority of people in real life is quite unpleasant event, except in the case, if this rodent - pet. The situation is somewhat different, if it comes to dreams. Why dream of a rat in a dream? What is the interpretation of the appearance of such a rodent?

Most often in matters of, what dreams rat and mouse, people are turning to the famous dream books, å Nostradamus, Miller, Loffa, Freud, Wang and several other. Part interpretations intersect in them, and sometimes, in front of, explanations are contradictory. Much depends on the appearance of the animal's dream, on, that it did, and what to do with it.

Мало кто любит крыс, так что их появление во сне также не приносит никакой радости
Few people love rats, so that their appearance in a dream and brings no joy

Key interpretation

Interpreting the appearance of these animals sleep, People use a variety of treatments. but, among them are the key essence, which is the same for almost all dream book options.

Why dream of a rat:

  • Most often, it is a sign of betrayal, possibly, someone's insincerity and deceit.
  • Betrayal can be directed to the dreamer, but coming from him. Bad conscience, recent ignoble act capable of causing such dreams.
  • Presence in the Middle surrounded by enemies or detractors - a key reason, because of which a rat can dream.

Other variants of interpretations are directly dependent on a variety of parts. for example, sometimes it has a value, where the rodent, or what he looked like. Another option - his actions. for example, dream books in rat, bite someone, take out in a separate paragraph.

Why dream of a rat, that bites:

  • As a similar situation in life, rat bite in the dream does not bode well.
  • This may indicate that, that soon there will be a serious situation in life, which will have to deal.
  • Often they are of a legal character.

Why dream of a white rat, bites the dreamer? This once again indicates the presence in the immediate vicinity of enemies.

note. If you dreamed of a rat, ukusivshaya thumb, this indicates a small diseases, which should take care to avoid complications.

It is believed, that if such dreams appear too often, the problem is not in the surrounding, and in the man. Remember one's own behavior is necessary and in the case, if in a dream rat he tried to bite the hand. This indicates, that while we can not take anybody in debt, as it will lead to quarrels with the man, who gave the money. In the case of, If biting rodents got their, This once again speaks of treachery. Usually, like a dream reflects the desire of someone to inflict losses.

Укус крысы во сне - это плохой знак, который сулит заболевания
The bite of a rat in a dream - a bad sign, which promises disease


Separately treated animals, came in a dream, in terms of their appearance, in particular - the colors. Often people dream about the black rat. One color enough, to understand, that the dream can hardly contain something positive.

Definitions can be so:

  • First loss of power.
  • The decrease in profits.
  • Deterioration of society.

If the black rat is biting the hand, it speaks of the need to take urgent measures to resolve some issues, otherwise possible serious loss of profit. For women, the black rat in a dream is an omen of quarrels with neighbors. Separately consider the situation with a rodent, Climb on the shoulder, but the interpretation in this case is a classic - the presence of detractors in their environment.

note. Opinions commentators agree, that a large black rat is a harbinger of very bad news, like an accident, diseases or even someone's death.

A positive interpretation of dreams is found in the case, if the dreamer was trying to catch the animal. Upon successful completion of the case, possible success in life. Personally kill a rat in a dream, if it is black, also refers to the favorable signs. Sometimes people see, if they became friends with rodent. This may indicate that, that soon will be the new companion in life, or to establish relations with the old.

В разных сонник появление белой крысы во сне трактуют по разному. Это или проблемы с деловыми партнерами или же легкое достижение определенных целей
Different sonnik appearance of white rats in a dream is interpreted in different ways. It is either a problem with business partners or easy to achieve certain goals

other colors

Quite often people are interested, what dreams of a white rat. In life, these creatures are often the pets. From the point of view of dreams, values ​​are varied. Firstly, white rat is more likely talking about the problems with business partners, but there is also the opposite interpretation - easy to achieve certain goals.

If the dream of a rodent eats food, She had given him a dreamer, it speaks about the imminent resolution of some sticky situations, with the result that the person will get the desired. but, according to some dream books, white rat can have the same meaning, like any other - the presence surrounded by the enemy, in this case the impersonation.

note. We need to focus on a variety of other details, to accurately determine the value of the sleep.

Quite often there is the question, what dreams red rat. As an option, such a manifestation can talk about the opponent or an opponent in a relationship. Often such a person intends to take any active actions in order to separate an existing pair.

Generally, value from such classic colors - it talks about the proximity crafty people, preparing something unkind. some believe, that kind of ginger rodent, biting the heel, a portent of profit.

Много крыс - много неприятностей
Lots of rats - a lot of trouble

The size and number

Very often people are interested, Why dream of a big rat. Often it is not only size, but its combination with the color, but more often the animal is directly proportional to trouble, that will soon appear in your life. Most often this can be said, if there was a large gray or black individual in a dream. White is the color, even if there is a huge, It may be a positive sign.

Favorably and finding a large rodent in the cage. This can be compared with the capture of luck. After such a dream it is possible improvement of the financial situation. for example, a person can receive a bonus at work, or wins a certain sum of the lottery.

If you dream of a gray rat, sometimes this advice to heed the opinion of management. Such helps to avoid a very serious situation,, caused by someone from the environment, another employee or a friend.

Sleep gets new values, if it appears a lot of rats. This refers to the number of negative signs:

  • If a flock was attacking, this council to reconsider their preferences and responsibilities.
  • When, When walking around the house a lot of rats, We need to think about their relationship with loved ones.
  • maybe, feeling uncomfortable with them leads to similar dreams.

The most serious treatment at the hordes of rats, that swarm right under your feet dreamer. According to some dream books, like that can talk about the disaster, and a global.

Если снится серая крыса, то самое время прислушаться к мнению руководства
If you dream of gray rat, then it's time to heed the opinion of management

Popular downers

Most of the popular dream books use similar treatments, but they also have their special moments. for example, Wang separately considering the situation, If a rat in the house behave like owners. This indicates, that someone from the environment tends to take the place of sleep, and ready for this for a lot.

Other interpretations of Dream Interpretation Vanga:

  • Feeding rodent with it says a gamble.
  • The attack on the rat - a victory over the enemy.
  • If an animal eats someone, tearing their prey, it is a prediction of bad weather, crop failure and, as an option, diseases in cattle.
  • Parturient rat says locusts.
  • Drowning rat - an auspicious sign, as the detractors emotions overwhelm, which is why he will not be able to achieve the desired.

according to Freud, rodent may indicate, that man is curious, so much so, it borders on permissiveness. He felt bad signal rats, Receding in hand. This may be a clue to temporarily leave the city. Strangulation rodent - a sign of violent tendencies.

according to Miller, some sleeping rats - an opportunity soon to expose the hypocritical friends. Animal, edyaschee of plates, with spread tail, confirm the presence of such other. The birth of the cubs - a signal the intensification of the conflict at work. Rat Race on the floor talking about being in an unpleasant society.

Если вы во сне напали на крысу, то в реальной жизни победите своего врага
If you are in a dream attacked by rat, in real life, defeat your enemy

The killing of rats and other treatments

Very often, people dream of a dead rat. Usually, such embodiments have a positive treatment. for example, dead black rat says, that the dreamer avoid the possibility of serious problems. Gray unfavorable, it is possible betrayal, but if in a dream to kill such rodents, the trouble can be overcome.

The positive interpretation disappear if, if the animal carcass is covered in blood. In this case, the murder charge of indecent predict. On the whole,, if the dream of a dead rat, it is an auspicious sign.

kill a rat, if before it is actively attacked, It means to show their ability to survive tough times. Such a vision can talk about that, that these times will come soon. If the animal does not attack, and then in the life of likely aggression on innocent man.

It remains to consider a few more on common values:

  • Dreamed Pasyuk talks about career opportunities and profits.
  • Why dream of a rat and a cat? Such is rare, but he speaks of success and wealth.
  • What a dream to catch a rat, but did not catch it and? This prediction was soon cheating someone close.

We should also consider dreams, the woman came. This may be a board to study his chosen, before you go for it. Kill a rat for a woman - a prediction of victory over rival. Rodent in a dream married ladies - the likelihood of a Cheating Spouse.

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