Medvedka – how to get rid of a dangerous pest

Medvedka - a malicious and dangerous pests. The owners of summer cottages are looking for any methods to combat this pest, to protect their crops. Not all the ways to deal with Medvedkov equally good and are effective, therefore it is necessary to explore all means of insect destruction, are available in the arsenal of traditional methods and chemical industry.


How to identify the mole crickets at their summer cottage

The name of cricket received for bear clumsy movements and a dark brown color.

What is cricket? Appearance mole crickets very awesome and resembles a cross between a grasshopper and cancer:

  • Body length is 5 cm;
  • On the head there are tentacles (around the mouth) and mustache;
  • The trunk is made up of the abdomen and cephalothorax;
  • On the hind legs are a few spikes;
  • Forelegs turned inward;
  • Chest and head are protected by hard shells;
  • Wings are located along the trunk (they are longer than the body);
  • Color dark brown, limb somewhat lighter.

Larva mole crickets in appearance is not very different from the adult - somewhat smaller and has no wings.

The presence of mole crickets in the summer cottage can be found, if the number of wilted plants increases every day, despite a good watering, and in the garden all you can often find the missing seedlings, moth potatoes and other vegetables are damaged.

note! Medvedka often likes to "spoil" potatoes, but the pest can damage any other crop (tomatoes, cabbage, pepper, bow) and even prevent the breeding of flowers at their summer cottage.

Cricket Beetle is put in fertilized soil, often - in humus and manure heaps. The presence of pests can be seen by the appearance of small mounds of loose earth and holes in the beds. If such bumps a little dig deep into, you can see the pending insect larvae, that after a couple of weeks will turn into an adult.

In the afternoon generally mole crickets hide in underground burrows, and at dusk beginning to dig tunnels in the ground, looking for a comfortable habitat, and incidentally destroying the root system of plants.

Норы медведок
Nora medvedok

In the autumn of mole cricket burrows deep into the ground, and in the spring, with the onset of heat, crawls out and, to feast on fresh vegetation.

Medvedkov can move pretty quickly on the ground, swim and fly, so catch them quite difficult. Omnivorous insects and a wide range of their distribution force the owners of summer cottages and gardens to try different methods of getting rid of malicious insects.

note! Each region has its own climatic features and a variety of soil conditions, so universal remedy for mole crickets impossible to find.

To get rid of mole crickets will help only a comprehensive approach using multiple methods of pest control at the same time.

Folk remedies for medvedok

Traditional methods, how to deal with Medvedkov, in the garden, there are a few - all of them are effective in one way or another, but you need to use them in combination, to relieve certain section from pests.

poisoning medvedok

  • suds. In a bucket of water dissolve 15 g little soap or detergent powder. Such a solution is poured insect moves - cricket or creeps outwardly, where it can kill, or dies inside.
  • Kerosene. Kerosene mixed with sand and sprinkled along the track beds of plants, or a mixture of kerosene and water is poured mink, dug Medvedkov.
  • Ammonia. In a bucket of water is added 50 ml of ammonia, and planting of seedlings in each well is poured on 500 g means.
Медведку можно отравить керосином
Medvedka can poison kerosene

Limitations: washing with soap can harm rhizomes of plants and soil wash.


  • manure traps - it uses "passion" medvedok to fresh manure. In autumn dig the pit, which is filled with manure. Insects are held there for the winter, and upon occurrence of cold dung pit excavated muck and scatter over the surface. Medvedkov very quickly perish from the cold.
  • beer traps. Smell of beer attracts incredibly medvedok. glass jar (or bottle) digged in the ground sloped, pour into it a little beer, and the neck are wrapped with gauze. Pest gnaws through the gauze and into the jar, how to get can not.
  • Honey trap. Made on the basis of beer, but closes the hole in the pot with a cardboard, wherein the aperture is of a size, that cricket could penetrate it, but I could not climb back.
Пивная ловушка
beer trap

Limitations: insects do not die, they have to catch from the traps and destroy yourself, and it is not always pleasant, given the nasty form of these pests.

scaring the scents

  • The stems of chrysanthemums, alder branches needles dry and grind. Enclose the wells with the seedling planting.
  • Garlic or mint leaves, peel onions. It laid directly onto the ridges around the perimeter portion Horticultural.
  • seedlings of marigold, marigold, flax, beans. Are seated in different places suburban area.
  • Small deters fish slightly tainted by medvedok crops. At the time of planting seedlings fish buried in the 3-4 cm deep into the earth.

The disadvantage: odors can scare Medvedkov briefly, Yes, and it will run away from them only to the adjacent flower bed.

Effective and proven folk remedy for mole crickets - eggshell. It is ground and mixed with vegetable oil, then "treat" is poured into the burrows to Medvedkov. Eating a bait, insect dies immediately. Eggshells can also pound and mix with the soil, which it is planned to plant the landing.

Industrial anti-mole crickets

chemical, biological and other industrial facilities from medvedok apply if, when people's means of struggle did not yield any results and pests continue to spoil the harvest.

For effective chemical agents are:

  • Medvetoks - Granular, is attractive to medvedok taste and murderous effect. Insects eat enough whole 1 pill, to perish.
  • safecracker - means used in the form of a solution, which has a devastating effect on pests, but do not harm the environment.
  • cuts - a preparation in the form of granules with bright coloring, which are arranged in the passages, dug Medvedkov.
Рубит - одно из лучших средств по устранению медведки
Cuts - one of the best means to address the mole crickets
  • Thunder - an effective preparation of medvedok, with a strong carcinogenic, that could be dangerous to humans.
  • grizzly - strong chemical agent, who need to use with caution.
  • Bankol - insecticide, which the, once in the gut of the pest, immobilizes it, leading to certain death for 2-3 day.
  • phenoxymethyl plus - granules for neutralization medvedok, expanded in earthen burrows pests.

Granules chemicals are put into the holes (by 3-4 PC.) in places, where cricket is found, and the top is slightly covered with earth, so before the poison could not get pets. vermin, eating the bait, die within a few days.

note! Formulations pure, despite, that are impregnated with special substances, attractive taste for medvedok, not always eaten by insects. Reviews of experienced gardeners show, that the poison is best mixed with boiled porridge (perlovoy, barley, millet), and forming pellets therefrom, and which should be expanded in the hole the insect.

Most of the drugs against mole crickets are carcinogenic and can cause harm not only insects, but also the environment. Therefore, gardeners prefer to use biological agents by medvedok, which are safe for human, animals and birds, but deadly to pests:

  • Bover - a drug, causing fatal disease in mole crickets. As part of the means of fungal spores Beauveria bassiana, that, entering the body of the insect, grow inside the body, causing the death of mole crickets.
  • Nemabakt - means, based on the action of nematodes and bacteria: nematode larva infect bacteria medvedok, which affect all organs of the pest.

The safest and most modern way, how to get rid of mole crickets are a deterrent, that, acting on insects ultrasonic beams, forced to leave the land of pests. Among the known preparations: Thunder-Profi, Tornado, hawk, Ekosnayper etc.. Repeller medvedok completely harmless to humans and the environment.

Медведку также отпугивает запах сырой рыбы
Medvedkov also discourages the smell of raw fish


From the appearance of mole crickets are not insured by any one land plot and garden. insidious pests in, they can travel long distances, moving, by land, and through the air, and quickly adapt to different conditions of existence. Therefore, great attention should be paid to preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of pests in the area.

How to prevent the occurrence of mole crickets:

  • Medvedok We have a lot of enemies - they are happy to destroy the lizard, hedgehogs and moles. So before, what drive these creatures from the garden, worth considering, Whether they will do more damage or benefit.
  • Tillage should be performed at least three times a year. The fight against Medvedkov, the spring should start to loosen the soil - this allows you to destroy the tunnels and nests of insects, which prevents movement and nutrition medvedok underground. Without digging the earth to bring Medvedkov forever in the garden can not be by any method.
  • Try not to use imported manure as fertilizer. It is with cricket manure often falls into building lots. Manure can replace chicken litter, which is not only well-fertilize the ground, but repels pests portion.
  • To seat on the perimeter of the plant, repellent medvedok. near pepper, tomatoes or cabbage can be planted cilantro or garlic, and the beds are periodically watered infusion onion skin.

Medvedka capable of causing immense damage to crops, and get rid of it quite difficult. But, if you use all of these approaches and methods, and act regularly and comprehensively, withdraw from the area of ​​the pest still possible.

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