What are the mouse in a dream? interpretation of dreams

Most people refer to mice with a mixture of fear and disgust. That's why dreams, in which there are mouse, often cause anxiety and confidence in the future troubles. The interpretation of such dreams are different - to determine what dreams mouse, you need to know more detail, in what form had a rodent, and about his actions in a dream.

Многим снятся мыши, что вызывает опасение. Но что на самом деле означают такие сны?
Many people dream of a mouse, causing concern. But what really mean these dreams?

dream mouse - interpretation of dream-books

Other downers differently interpret the appearance of the mouse in a dream - some of them are more trustworthy, It tells only own intuition.

Dream Miller

Dream interpretation of the mice by Miller warns of possible troubles in business and life, as well as fraud on the part of friends.

Girl, which he dreamed of a mouse, It should be wary of enemies or detractors, that secretly it will intrigue.

If the mouse is on clothing, then soon a scandal, but, if the mouse is sitting on a body - beware of gossip.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

If you dream of a mouse in a large amount - is for the invasion of rodents, and therefore - to a rise in food prices.

I had a dream on Tuesday night mouse shows, that sleep is hiding something from others.

Peacefully sleeping mouse - a positive dream, signifying, that the children are healthy and have no problems with peers.

Если снятся мыши, то это чаще всего к проблемам
If you remove the mouse, it is most often the problems

Freud's dream book

dream mouse - a reflection of reality, and mean, that sleep is dissatisfied with their marriage and looking for a way out of this situation,.

Snyaschiesya mouse can mean interference in the personal lives or slanderers, detractors and enemies.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

dream mouse - in real life he finds sleeping, who dismisses the gossip and rumors about him.

Dream interpretation by Meneghetti

Snyaschiesya mouse - a warning appears in the life of unpleasant situations, which may affect the social status and reputation.

Dream Interpretation Yuri Longo

If you dreamed of a mouse, should look to others - perhaps in an environment appeared foe. From anyone, causing fear, should break the connection immediately.

Most dream-books dreamed mouse means the appearance of enemies and detractors, and about possible problems in business and personal life. So should assess the appearance of rodents in dreams, as a warning, and be more cautious in business and communicating with others.

Также появление мыши во сне может говорить о недоброжелателе в близком окружении
in a dream as the appearance of a mouse can talk about the ill-wishers in the close surroundings

Interpretation of Dreams in size, and color of the mouse

A more accurate interpretation of the dreams of mice can be obtained, if you specify the color, the size of a mouse and its condition:

Why dream of a black mouse? pinprick, that will not make much difference, but bring with them the trouble.

Why dream of a gray mouse? Probably, a dream - Display inner self - it feels gray, inconspicuous mouse, uninteresting to others. Changes in the life of a dream foretells.

Why dream of a white mouse? Some dream books interpret dreamed of white mice, as an indication, that someone is spreading slander and gossip about sleeping. Other downers find white mice bodes well, meaning success in business and happiness in marriage.

What dreams red mouse? The emergence of a particularly cunning and insidious detractors in the close surroundings (friend, relative), which should be wary.

Why dream of a big mouse? Latent reflection sleep to a competitor and rival. The greater mouse, the greater the danger and the fear he inspires sleeper in real life.

Why dream of a little mouse? The tiny creature, the security and confidence feels like sleeping in a real life.

Why dream of a lot of mice? The interpretation of ambiguous: a lot of problems and worries, that will face either good luck in business (competitors and rivals flee, the mouse).

Много мышей - много забот и проблем
Many mice - a lot of worries and concerns

Why dream of a dead mouse? Dead rodents in a dream - to trouble: difficulties in finance, problems in the family and with children, quarrels and scandals with family. If you remove the dead mouse young woman, then she should be wary of rivals and gossip about themselves.

Why dream of a bat? Dream Nostradamusa interprets appearance bats dream, as a sign of the onset of dangerous events. If you dream haunts attack a flock of these creatures, it will be faced with anger and aggression. If the mouse is flying close, it means that the failure overtaken by enemies and detractors.

The appearance of a dream of mice with mice - enhances sleep negativity. It means, foe that will attract others, and troubles will be increased.

Interaction with mice

dreamed mouse, usually commit any act, It also depends on the interpretation of the dream and its interpretation more accurate.

Mouse in the house, They move freely through it, eat food. Health problems, perhaps - a serious disease.

Mouse caught in a trap. In real life, you need to be on guard sleeping - perhaps enemies have placed their nets for him.

If a person is caught in a dream mouse. auspicious dream, signifying, that sleep can easily cope with the difficulties in life and realize their plans. For an unmarried woman this dream can mean a quick courtship. If a person holds in hands of small animal caught in a dream, perhaps he would have to get into the real world in an awkward position, become a target for bullying others.

Receding in mouse dream. If the mouse run away in his sleep by sleeping, then he will be able to cope with all the troubles. If the mouse has been caught and eaten asleep, It means rivals and enemies he easily kill in real life.

To treat a mouse in her sleep. You can not lose touch with loved ones and relatives, You may soon need their help.

Если вы угостили мышь во сне, то в скорее возможно вам понадобится помощь близких
If you are treated to a mouse in her sleep, they soon, possibly, you will need to help close

Mouse bites in a dream. Disorders and quarrels in the family life, for unmarried - a quarrel with her fiance.

click the murder in a dream. Other downers interpret a dream ambiguous: Some warn the sad news and foes, the other - for the speedy resolution of problems. Anyway, if you kill a mouse in her sleep, it speaks about the appearance of any important events in the life.

Cat and mouse. If you dream cat safely fight or chase the rodent - is an auspicious dream. It can talk about getting a big profit, Punishment detractors and enemies without your participation.

Why dream of mice and rats? If the mouse in a dream most commonly associated with turmoil in his life, the appearance of their larger relatives means larger and more global problems.

Do interpretations believe it or not - to solve each individually. But keep in mind, if you like on the eve of an experienced mice in real life (rodents recalled in a conversation, seen the movie with them, etc.), trusted interpreter of dreams should not be - such a dream but a reflection of the daily thoughts.

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