Aphids on houseplants – than dangerous and how to fight it?

To many housewives indoor plants - is not only a favorite hobby, but also a matter of pride. Flowers ways to bring warmth and beauty of almost any decor, give it harmony and integrity. But sometimes there is a serious problem: It appears aphids on houseplants, resulting in frustration any owner.

Aphids - it is unpleasant intruder, which not only changes for the worse shape of flowers, but it can also lead to irreversible consequences, that is, to their death. Another unpleasant feature of aphids, as a pest - is a lightning-fast pace of its distribution. Therefore, when the first sign of an insect must necessarily start fighting aphids for saving favorite houseplants.

Тля может привести комнатные растения к гибели
Aphids can lead to the death of houseplants

What is the aphid and how it is dangerous?

As before any opposition should first find out information about the enemy, learn it trumps and weaknesses. As known, aphid - a plant parasitic small insect of the order Coleoptera. Science knows about 4 thousands of varieties of these pests, There are approximately the same in the European region around 1 thousands. It is worth noting, that all of these types differ in size and coloring.

Most of these insects has dimensions of no more than 2-3 mm, but you can also see animals of some species reach sizes of up to 7 mm. Aphids have a large enough variety of colors: this insect is yellow, green, pink, white and even black color. It looks like aphids, you can see in the photo, below.

In any colony can be found as a cruise, and wingless aphids. It spreads through the colony winged individuals, in turn wingless responsible for reproduction and increase in the population. Interesting fact, related reproduction of aphids is, that if there is enough food, at only wingless insects colors will appear. This leads to, that the colony begins to rapidly increase their population. For a month the female aphid can produce offspring thrice, that is approximately 100 thousands of new individuals.

Proboscis, which is armed with aphids, allows easy enough to pierce the surface of plants and simply suck all the nutrients. Absorbing the juices of plants, pest in food extracts sweetish liquid. This substance, released by aphids, called "honey-Pad", it is a pleasant eye-catching treat for many other insects, especially with respect to ants.

It is not uncommon, when the ants create their own colony of aphids for their own sustenance. They are engaged in their protection, as well as transportation to other plants, and during the cold winter, if necessary, even take them with him to his home.

Тлю можно часто обнаружить на молодых листьях растения
Aphids can often be found on the leaves of young plants

note! Aphids usually located on the underside of leaves, and young stems. Affected leaves begin to deform and twist, buds, that never opened, fall.

Due honeydew honeydew on plants occurs appearance of sooty fungus. The disease slows respiration processes, which leads eventually to the death of colors.

How aphids may appear on indoor plants?

Notice the appearance of aphids simply even to the naked eye, since this insect is usually settles on the plants literally whole colonies. For, to prevent the arrival of this highly undesirable guest, should review possible ways of its penetration into your home.

  1. Open doors and windows. This method is one of the simplest and most common. When injected into the space aphids immediately placed on local plants. For, to your house plants are safe, be sure to use the mosquito net on doors and windows. Also of note, that the ventilation of the room during the activity of these pests is undesirable and increases in times the probability of their penetration.
  2. New Plants. frequent cases, when the cause of the pests are newly acquired plants. So be sure to be careful before buying them, and conduct a thorough examination of the possible presence of parasites.
  3. new land. If you take the land from the street, you should know, that it may be the larvae of pests. But in this case you can easily protect their floral favorites usual disinfection land.

note! Be prepared to, that pests, probably, oblyubuyut house plants with soft leaves, which are much easier to pierce, than plants with hard surface. Therefore aphids - a frequent guest on violet, gortyenzii, chrysanthemum, ʙegonii, geranium, cyclamen and primrose. You can be sure, that only the palm will not be a victim of this malicious insect.

How to find aphids on flowers?

Тля в увеличенном виде
Aphids enlarged

Recognize aphids can to these simple attributes:

  • The appearance on the stems and leaves of plants honeydew honeydew in the form of an adhesive layer;
  • The stems and buds have a characteristic appearance "shaggy". This sign says, that the whole colony is present on the plant;
  • The appearance on the colors of black mold in the form of dark spots;
  • If the buds were impressed by the parasite, the flowers, It will be not quite an attractive appearance, when will reveal;
  • The color of new shoots yellow, they wither and curl.

How to display aphids at home?

Today there are many different ways to combat aphids, parasitizing on house plants. Of course, the easiest way to bring aphids is to use chemical weapons. But the big disadvantage of this method is that, that the toxic effect has a detrimental effect not only on the parasites, but also to domestic animals or even humans. If you do not want to use chemicals for one reason or another, you can easily take advantage of folk remedy, which can easily prepare their own.

  • Widely used in people infusion of tobacco or tobacco. AT 1 liter of water sprinkle 40 of tobacco, then stir and leave for a day. The next day, the tincture can be used, sprinkling her diseased plants.
  • Also it has a high efficacy tomato infusion, to be more precise infusion on tomato leaves. tomato leaves in the volume 400 g chopped, fill 1 liter of water, and stir the resulting mixture was boiled for 30 minutes. Before using the tools you need to add soap in a proportion 4 d of 1 liter. This infusion is used not only to treat already infected with flowers, but also as a preventive measure.
  • Gardeners for plants Care is advised to use hydrogen peroxide. This solution will not only help to cope with parasites, but it also stimulates the growth of plants. Hydrogen peroxide is used for spraying in the ratio (25 g of 3% peroxide to half a liter of water).
Перекись водорода можно использовать для ухода за растениями и борьбы с паразитами
Hydrogen peroxide can be used for plant care and fight against parasites
  • It can also be used for the treatment of infected plants tincture of red pepper. To do this, 50-70 grams of red hot peppers pour 0.5 liters of water, then boiled at low heat for 1 hour. The resulting solution was left to 24 o'clock, then drain. This liquid can be used in proportions 10 d insisted on 1 litere of water. Just to be added before use about 5 g soap, as is the case with the infusion of the leaves of tomato.
  • No less popular method - it is the infusion of onions. About 6 g peel onions or 15 g chopped pulp pour 1 liter of water, leave to infuse for at least 6 hours, then filter.

Council! It is worth remembering, that folk remedies, albeit more secure because of the natural ingredients for humans and their pets, but they are not always sufficiently effective. In this case, to combat aphids on houseplants are advised to use a ready-to-use oil-based preparations.

What are the methods of prevention of occurrence of aphids?

means, preventing occurrence of aphids are not very effective, because the infection process itself is undistinguished. But there are still some tips, who applied for, to be exactly sure, that domestic plants safe.

  • It is important to periodically conduct an audit of all the indoor plants for, to insure, There are no insects, no fungus. Should carefully examine unhealthy plants, because they are the most frequent target for aphids.
  • Prevent the appearance of ants, because they are often closely associated with aphids.
  • Periodically, you need to cut the affected shoots and arrange a shower for house plants.
  • Flowers should not be purchased just recently put to other potted plants not less than a week. This rule is used, to the risk of home colors was minimal. If during quarantine in new colors have been found parasites, it can be put to rest.
  • After airing plants, be sure to conduct their inspection before, how to get them back into the room.
  • bouquets, that you gave, it is desirable to wash with water and do not place near the house flowers.
Тля может перебраться из подаренных цветов на комнатные растения
Aphids can move from the donated flowers on houseplants
  • Excellent tool for the prevention - shampoo against fleas. The solution was prepared according to the proportions 1 means for half a liter of water cap.
  • Avoid high temperature in the room, as this excellent conditions for aphids.
  • If it is impossible to withdraw aphids houseplants, We have to get rid of the contaminated, to keep the rest of the flowers.
  • Pelargonium scented help repel unwanted insects.

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