How to get rid of moles in the apartment? List of the best means of

Ordinary household mol refers to the number of pests, causing quite a lot of damage to property, clothing and products. Despite, that mankind knows many tools, how to get rid of moles in the apartment, the appearance of the harmful insect often becomes a global problem. Not all agents are equally good and are effective, and "intelligent and tenacious" pest continues to spoil things, despite all the tricks housewives.

Бытовая моль приносит много неприятностей - портит продукты и ест вещи
Home mole brings a lot of trouble - spoiled food and eat things

How to get rid of moles and make sure the pest to leave the house forever?

Whence mol

There are several species of moth, but those insects, who settle in our apartments, It can be divided into two groups: kitchen and bedroom. roomed (or Hanging) mole lives in a residential area, where there are things and clothes, that she could eat.

It looks clothes moth, as a small butterfly gray-yellow color, which often settles in wardrobes, where with pleasure "eats" all clothes indiscriminately. The main food moths - keratin, which is part of the carpet pile, wool, hair fur. But in search of clothes moth food may begin to gnaw any material: silk, synthetic fabrics, books, felt, cotton and even polyethylene.

Important! Moth adults are not able to cause damage. They do not "eat" things, but lay their voracious larvae, who are the main pests in the apartment.

One of the errors housewives, mol wishing to withdraw from the apartment, It is the fact, they chase by adults, destroying them, whereas the main danger - the larvae, laid by the females in the things. The day moth larvae can make in wool or fur products through-hole, but for a few days and did "eat" the whole thing.

Последствия моли - дырка в свитре
Consequences of moth - hole in svitr

Whence mol apartment:

  • through the window, doors or ventilation passages from neighbors;
  • With already contaminated food (typical food moles);
  • On fur pets;
  • The clothes, wherein the folds can be postponed eggs;
  • With books, taken from the library.

It is important to find out the source of the moths in the apartment, to eliminate the appearance of new "hordes" of larvae, which can cause damage to a hefty things.

Личинка моли
Larva praying

Most folk remedies for moles

Folk remedies for moles in the apartment more preferably, than industrial insecticides, which are highly toxic and can be harmful to others.

How to deal with moths in the apartment folk remedies:

  • Garlic. Malicious butterflies can not stand the smell of garlic. cloves of garlic need to expand the perimeter of the room, in cabinets and lockers, near upholstered furniture - it will cause the pests get these party places.
  • orange crust. The ethereal citrus scent repels moths adults.
  • Vinegar. Pungent smell of vinegar unbearable moth. Vinegar solution to wash the surface of the furniture and, it's desirable, process and floors in the room.
  • Tansy. If the bunches of herbs hang in wardrobes and beside them, mol never appear in an apartment.
  • Geranium. Leaves of plants produce essential oils, that repel many pests.
  • Lavender. A strong smell of dry grass lavender unpleasant moth, has long been our grandmothers shifted things in the closet this plant, to prevent the emergence of insects.
Сильный запах лаванды отпугивает моль
Strong smell of lavender deters mol
  • Spice (sweet bell pepper, carnation). To get rid of moths in wardrobes pouches sewn spices, and the bags are laid out around the perimeter of the apartment.
  • Laundry soap. Pieces of soap are laid out inside the furniture, where clothing is stored. Alkaline soaps smell strongly absorbed by the clothes, therefore it is necessary to ventilate after.
  • Sun and frost. Mole is very bad moves, how high, and low temperatures. Winter clothing can be "promorazhivat" on the balcony in the cold weather, summer things to dry in the sun in hot weather.
  • Naphthalene and kamfara. Blank vesicles of these means can be arranged on the enclosures for repelling moles. But we should be careful: naphthalene - a strong carcinogen, and in large quantities can be dangerous to others.
  • newspapers. Mole can not stand the smell of printer's ink - if the fur boots shove crumpled newspaper, it will protect shoes from pests.

Folk ways from moths do not harm others, but if things have settled a large number of larvae, the fight should be eaten by chemical means.

Effective means of moth

Fighting moth in the apartment with the help of industrial assets gives different results - it all depends on the correct application of the right method, and regularity of procedures.

Для борьбы с молью в магазинах можно отыскать множество препаратов, которые защитят любимую шубу от вредителей
To combat the moth in the shops you can find a lot of drugs, that will protect your favorite fur coat from pests

As in the flat display mol via store means:

Briquettes and pellets with naphthalene and camphor. Such tools are laid out on the shelves wardrobes - secreted heavy vapors do not give the butterflies lay their eggs on clothes. The method provides a very effective result, but it should be remembered, that a large concentration of naphthalene or camphor can be dangerous to human.

  • fumigators: Raptor, Dik-3, Mosquitall, raid. The drugs included in the socket and start to distribute the fragrance, which is damaging to the moth, but relatively safe for humans.
  • aerosols: Armol, dezmol, Suprozol, Trap, Moskitol, Reid et al antimol. act quickly, than fumigators, but can be toxic to humans. Modern facilities have an unpleasant smell or no smell - whether it is necessary to ventilate the room after they instructed a means. Spray handle the shelves of cabinets and drawers, where things are stored.
  • traps: Aeroxon, Swissino, Argus. It is a flat box, inside which there is a catching substance viscous consistency. Insect enters the box through the slot and back to get can not. Traps set inside the furniture, which can propagate mol.
Ловушка для моли - Aeroxon
Traps for moths - Aeroxon

All of these drugs along with traditional methods of combating moths give a very good result, but to get rid of moles without the use of preventive measures fail.

How to get rid of moths: prevention

To get rid of moles in the apartment, not enough just to kill all flying insects. Need to find a habitat harmful insects, treat it with improvised means, and then make the necessary preventive measures, to exclude the possibility of moles forever.

8 steps to get rid of moths:

  1. Before, how to get rid of any means moth, should carry out a thorough cleaning of the apartment - wash and wipe all lockers, bedside tables and chests of drawers.
  2. If stored in the closet things ruined by moths, should go through all the clothes and carefully examine the wardrobe, where it is stored. If the cabinet is detected mol, it can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. All clothing is desirable perestirat, shelves and handle vinegar or aerosol.
  3. Before, how to clean up things in the closet, should wash them thoroughly and ironed, tk. moth larvae are killed at high temperature.
  4. Fur and wool products before, how to put in the closet should be aired - preferably in the cold or in the heat.
  5. All upholstered furniture must be checked for the presence of larvae and thoroughly vacuumed.
  6. Carpets, blankets, pillows and blankets should be aired, and knock on the street (better in cold weather).
  7. Winter is better to give things to the cleaners, outdoor clothing store in special covers.
  8. shelf cabinets to be processed for preventing termite special means, shift dress with herbs lavender and orange peel, bags with spices etc.

Appearance of moles can be avoided, if properly store clothing, and keep in order and clean their own homes. But, If ubiquitous insect still managed to sneak into the apartment, it is possible to win, using a variety of folk and chemical methods.

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