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Fitosporin M - preparation of a new generation of microbiological type, having a high level of efficiency in relation to bacterial agents and mildew in all crops - potted plants, and rooting shoots of grafted, fruit garden trees and shrubs, as well as vegetable plants. Active substance: bacterial organisms such as Bacillus subtilis 26 D.

note! One teaspoon of powder fitosporin M corresponds 3-3,5 grams of the drug.

It produces fitosporin M Company "BashInkom", located in the UVA g. Agent refers to the chemical class of substances, united in a group "Bacterial biological fungicides and pesticides". The active substance is already after treatment.

ФИТОСПОРИН М – препарат микробиологического типа нового поколения, обладающий высоким уровнем эффективности относительно бактериальных агентов и грибка
Fitosporin M - preparation of a new generation of microbiological type, having a high level of efficiency with respect to bacterial and fungal agents

It is interesting! indubitable advantage of this facilities is an ability to savedth bacterial culture with a range of temperatures within -50+40WITH. fitosporin M even then viceorazhivaniya It remains effective, because Bacillus subtilis a transition time in spore form.

M has fitosporin 4 the level of danger to human, that is, only in some cases can cause Just noticeable irritation by direct contact. In relation to the preparation referred to bees 3 toxicity class. For other beneficial insects is harmless, in relation to plants, too, is not toxic.

What it is

Fitosporin-M acts systemically, distributed throughout vascular system of infected plants. It is based spore bacterial culture, which, producing oligopeptides with bactericidal and fungicidal properties, inhibits these pathogens of plant diseases:

  1. fomoz,
  2. alternaria,
  3. bacteriosis,
  4. Blight (black rot),
  5. Phytophthora,
  6. root rot,
  7. brown rust,
  8. bacterial canker,
  9. American powdery mildew,
  10. scab,
  11. peronosporoz (Downy mildew),
  12. mold,
  13. monolialny burn,
  14. white spot (septoriosis),
  15. dry and wet rot tubers,
  16. muchnistaya dew,
  17. peronosporoz (Downy mildew),
  18. penitseleznaya rot,
  19. rizoktonioz,
  20. traxeomikoz (Fusarium wilt),
  21. Fusarium rot,
  22. cercospora blight, etc..
Фитоспорин-М действует системно, распределяясь по системе сосудов пораженного растения
Fitosporin-M acts systemically, distributed throughout vascular system of infected plants

And they rot, that hit the fabric during storage of tubers, roots, fruits and bulbs: Fusarium dry rot; gray, black dry, white rot; fruit rot, etc.. fitosporin M, of course, It should not be considered a panacea for all existing flora diseases, but its effectiveness, beyond all doubt, very high and, depending on the disease and the type of plant is in the range 65-95%. And this despite the fact, so that means low toxicity, that can easily be applied to housing conditions.

Release form and features of the drug

Fitosporin M is produced in the form of:

  1. Fluid suspension (aqueous, titer from 1 billion. cl. and spores per ml).
  2. Fitosporin paste (in the form of pellets, packed in a bag and having as part of 100 million. cl. and spores per gram).
  3. powder (prepacking packages 10 or 30 city, titre - from 2 billion cells. and spores per gram).

note! In addition to the universal form, can be found on sale, and specialized "Fitosporin M cucumber", and "Fitosporin M Tomatoes", enriched with micronutrients, providing feeding each of these cultures. Do not be in such a case to make additional feeding, as you can, unwittingly, oversaturate plant any minerals. Fitosporin for tomatoes and cucumbers already contains everything necessary for the development of these plants.

In addition to the usual forms of release, biofungitsidnoe means fitosporin M presented on the shelves and in the enriched form - with the addition of humic fertilizer Gumi (This information shall be indicated on the packaging).

Council! When you purchase a product enriched remember that, that Mr.uminovye acid will be useful only roothowling plant system, not should be spraying with them, including post-harvest prior to storage.

The main advantage of fitosporin M is rightly considered the possibility of using it in any time and absolutely in any phase of plant development - even on the fruiting stage. The fruits can be eaten food on the day of treatment.

Фитоспорина М можно использовать в любые сроки и абсолютно в любой фазе развития растения
Fitosporin M can be used any time and absolutely in any development phase of the plant

Important! Perform drug treatment, when the street was dark or in cloudy weather, because bacteria, its constituent, die in the sunlight, and the treated plants remain unprotected.

Features of the application for tomatoes and cucumbers

The most popular among gardeners won fitosporin, growers of cucumbers and tomatoes. Unfortunately, these cultures infected with the disease often enough. But if the chemicals get on a flower, they can be stored in the fruit and. Therefore, it is fitosporin optimal means for treating these cultures.

Control measures are carried out at different stages: soaking seed , when planting seedlings in the greenhouse, and even when flowering and fruiting.

Council! For the preparation of greenhouse or greenhousess, and soil before close landing plants should 5 grams dissolve in 10 liters of water, then spray on the inside the surface of greenhouses, and the remaining solution pour soil. Producing such treatment is recommended a week before youSADC plants.

The optimum temperature for treatment - 20-25 ° C. How to breed fitosporin? The solution is prepared, according to the instructions depending on the shape of the drug release, "By eye" at a dilution of the solution should be the color of medium strength tea infuser. Maximum protection you provide when spraying again, namely through 5-7 days. processing should be carried out not in a cold room or in the open field at a temperature below 20 degrees.

Council! When a series of treatments plants from late blight interval between treatments should be 5 days (no more).

Оптимальная температура для проведения обработки – 20-25°С
The optimum temperature for treatment - 20-25 ° C

drug consumption rates

At the beginning of the disease the drug is diluted according to the instructions, carefully sprayed plants. Treatment is repeated across 5-10 days. In severe cases the plant can double the dosage.

Flow final solution is about 1 per liter 10 quarter. m. Fitosporin M can be allowed to use on any crops directly during flowering and fruiting. strawberries, raspberries, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, currants and absolutely all other fruits can be eaten even on the day of treatment.

Фитоспорин М допускается к применению на любых культурах непосредственно в периоды цветения и плодоношения
Fitosporin M is allowed to be used on any crops directly during flowering and fruiting

Scientists have long been proven, that all strains of microorganisms of the species Bacillus subtilis do not harm human and animal health. For doubters can refer to the fact of assigning them to the Office for the quality control of the US GRAS status for food and medicines (generally regarded as safe) - safe organisms. Besides, some strains of this bacterium are directly applicable even number of drugs substances, For example such a preparation, how Biosporin. A medicine intended for the treatment of intestinal disorders, infectious nature, including it is used for small children. While the strains of the bacterial species, included in the composition of medicines for people and in preparation for treatment of plants - different, You can judge the fitosporin M, as an absolutely safe preparation.


The drug can be combined with a lot of money from a number of chemical pesticides:

  1. With insecticide - Fitoverm, Decis, able to;
  2. Fungitsidnыmi preparatami - Fundazol, strobe, tilt premium, Kvadris, tilt premium, Vitivaks 200;
  3. Since materials for the enrichment of soil and plant growth regulators (Epin, Charm, zircon, Riba-Extra, Plantafol);
  4. Antibacterial drugs - such, how Fitolavin.

note! Can not be combined fitosporin M with alkaline solutions! If fitosporin-M (for example, in the form of paste) It contains Gumi, the stimulants of growth it is inappropriate to combine.

Security measures

Despite the security of the diluted product, processing is traditionally recommended to wear gloves, during work do not eat, do not drink and do not smoke. If substance on the mucous membranes or skin - to wash off the running water, and when it is swallowed - you should drink 4 glasses of water, then induce vomiting and take enterosorbent - eg, 5-10 Activated carbon pellets.

Невзирая на безопасность разведенного препарата, обработки традиционно рекомендуется производить в перчатках, во время работы не принимать пищу, не пить и не курить
Despite the security of the diluted product, processing is traditionally recommended to wear gloves, during work do not eat, do not drink and do not smoke

Keep fitosporin M needed in dry conditions, is recommended that the temperature regime from -20 to + 30 ° C. Storage should be away from food and medicines, in a dark, dry place. Avoid getting product into the hands of children and contact with pets. Under such circumstances, the drug is stored without loss of properties during 4 years old.


Natalia. Fitosporin apply for several years, I soak the tubers of dahlias and potatoes. Need to say, that scourge of our and neighboring areas - late blight. But with the treatments I generally forgot, what it is! According to the sheet also sprinkle everything straight. and inexpensively, and effectively, and is perfectly safe! by the way, and for indoor plants it once applied, and also helped! Fitosporin I used for my orchids, read reviews, I understood, that there is a defeat rot and decided to buy my surest way to treat decayed nodules. Did not expect because, and helped, so all I recommend!

Stepan. I have a berry garden. Processing fitosporin spend with planting material and the formation of ovaries annually. Not complaining. And most importantly, it harmless! Now all my friends buy it for my advice, and very pleased with all! Neighbor for cucumber seedlings uses. The benefit of this tool you can buy at a low price in almost any store for gardeners. As used solution sometimes remains, and I simply pour on the beds of strawberries. There can be from the garden even in the same day.

Marina Vasilievon. Abandoned chemicals in favor of this tool - because I have grandchildren grow, I do not want to harm their health chemistry, because they have me constantly with beds grab strawberries and blueberries! Previously bushes rooting periodically, Now nothing like this happens! classroom means, do not say anything. Fitosporin for seedlings using the same every year - Handle seedlings and greenhouse before planting them. Processing greenhouse fitosporin - just salvation, in the same warm and humid, fungi multiply, if not treated. And with him - no problem! Even if your garden looks healthy, still I advise to buy fitosporin - it is stored for a long time, and you never know what can happen. That's how fast strawberries affected - a bush sick and all, end! So it makes sense before planting bushes produce soil treatment, very good fitosporin for strawberries! No you will not be gray rot. I think, that needs watering and land, and spraying on leaf. Risk - a noble cause, but for gardeners. So I recommend and soaking, and the processing of the soil before planting. I do like the double dilution use, but that's because we breed, it's my amateur, we think, that it is better - perebdet)))

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