Tlya Rosa – how to fight drugs and folk remedies?

Aphids - one of the major pests of roses. During the season, it is able to repeatedly attack plot. How to combat aphids on roses is important to know every gardener, to preserve the health and beauty of plants. For this purpose can be used biologics, chemicals or folk remedies. Useful for the prevention of plant beside the plant roses, having a deterrent effect. These include garlic, calendula, dill, bow, parsley and mint.

In order to combat aphids, to preserve the health and beauty of plants, can be used biologics, chemicals or folk remedies

The fight against aphids mechanically

Get rid of aphids on roses can be mechanically. Is applicable only if the first appearance of pests. Should wear disposable rubber gloves, then gently pinch the rosebud between her fingers and remove the insects. It is easy to wash off aphids can be water from a hose stream. Perform the procedure you need to carefully, not to break plants.

При первых появлениях вредителей избавиться от тли на розах можно механическим способом
The first appearance of pests to get rid of aphids on roses can be mechanically

Washed away aphids is food for other garden insects - spiders, ladybirds and wasps. Rinse off pests should 3-5 consecutive days, to eliminate the eggs of aphids reappear.

How to get rid of aphids on roses biologics and chemicals?

The most effective means in the fight against aphids experienced growers call the following:

  1. Kinmiks.

    Кинмикс – один из современных высокоэффективных препаратов и успешно применяется против тли на розах
    Kinmiks - one of the modern high-performance products, and successfully applied against aphids on roses

  2. spark.
  3. Decis.
  4. fitoverm.
  5. able to.
  6. Inta-Vir.

By processing plants shortcomings chemicals are:

  1. The ban on the use of rose petals in the culinary or cosmetic purposes after spraying.
  2. Damage to vegetables and fruits, growing near.
  3. insects addiction to drugs.

note! It is recommended to change the means for processing, alternating between chemicals and biological.

If there aphids on roses, you can remove it using the drug Akhtar. It is produced in the form of powder. The tool has an enteric contact action and to quickly destroy pests. To prepare the solution to be dissolved 1 powder packaging in 5 liters of water. Handle it only should plant leaves.

Has worked well in the defeat rose aphid drug Malathion. It can be used only in dry and calm weather. Just connect 75 g means and 10 liters of water. The shrub is required 1 l preparation.

In order to combat aphids on roses effectively use means Spark Bio. This natural product, having increased security. He has paraziriuyuschee effect on pests and does not cause them addictive. Its effectiveness increases with higher air temperature +28 °C. Flow means for 1 l water - 5 ml.

If the rose bushes in the garden a little, it can be treated with their usual dichlorvos, and on top put on a plastic bag. Leave for half an hour it should be. Adult aphids are killed after such procedure. Insect larvae can be on the inner side of sheet. They need to rinse with water or clean hands.

During the growing season and flowering it is useful to use the drug Fitoverm. For the treatment of roses just add 5 ml means in 1 liters of water.

note! Using drugs is strictly forbidden to drink, smoking and eating.

When the positive temperature effective means against aphids on garden roses is Intal formulation Vir. He enters the body of the pest through its shell and affects the central nervous system. enough to dissolve 1 tablet in 250 ml of water, bring to volume of the mixture 10 l and spray bushes in dry weather, before flowering.

If aphids on roses appeared, You can use the latest generation insecticide Lightning. It destroys the pests for 30 minutes. The protective effect of the drug is maintained for a 3 weeks, moreover, the preparation is not washed off by rain. It is recommended to handle the bushes at the beginning of the growing season. Particular attention should be given to processing the bottom portion of the sheet.

To protect roses from many pests useful to apply complex fertilizer Etisso Combi-Sticks. It has a prolonged action and releases in the form of sticks. They should be incorporated into the soil. The structure consists of phosphorus fertilizer, nitrogen and potassium, which penetrate into the roots of the plants every watering. The positive effect of the fertilizer is achieved at 5 day. means an advantage - it is safe for human.

Important! In addition to pesticides, You can protect the roses using glue traps. They can be used both in open field, and on the balcony or in greenhouses. They do not contain toxic substances, therefore not dangerous to humans or animals.

How to destroy aphids folk remedies?

Get rid of aphids on roses can be the following folk remedies:

  1. potato infusion. For the preparation should be mixed 500 g tops and 5 l of boiling water. Insist 48 hours, then filter and add 60 g soap. Spray means rose obtained 3 times a week.
  2. garlic tincture. Need to clean and chop 100 g garlic cloves, then pour 3 L of cold water and left to 4 o'clock. After a time drain and add 3 liters of water, stir and hold processing. Suffice it to repeat the procedure 1 once a week for 2 months, with a break in 7 days.
  3. A decoction of tobacco on the basis of. take 500 g of tobacco and pour 10 liters of water. Place a container on low heat on 30 minutes and leave for 2 day. Followed by filter means, dissolve in 1 liters of water 50 g of green soap and connect with the tobacco decoction. A sprinkling of plants in such activities are permitted as necessary.
  4. Lukovaâ Husk. To prepare pour enough boiling water and leave the husk on 1 day.
  5. Tomato-bulbous infusion. Grind with a mincer 450 g tomato leaves and 350 d onion. pour part 3 l of water and infuse 7 hours, then drain and refill 7 liters of water, adding a 50 g soap. Re-processing can be performed when a new colony of the pests.
  6. suds. Grate 1 bar of soap and place it in 10 l vody.Obrabatyvat solution should entire plant surface.
  7. If the bushes are covered with a dense layer of insects, then it is possible to dip each one into a bucket of soapy water.
  8. Decoction of wormwood. It has a deterrent effect. For the preparation should be mixed 1 kg of dry plants 10 liters of water, boil 20 minutes, then push 5 hours. Strain the funds received and processed by the plant roots, leaves and buds. Re-perform the procedure through 1 week. Pest disappear completely after the second or third spraying.
  9. Ash. Scare away the green aphids on roses, you can use wood ash. To do this, mix 350 g ash with 1,5 l of warm water. leave on 4-5 hours. After settling of ash per, the water must be drained, and add a new volume in 5 l. Wipe such means leaves and buds handle.
  10. Coke. Add 40 ml beverage in the dishwashing liquid and with a spray gun to spray the affected plant aphids.
  11. Milk and iodine. Add to 100 ml milk few drops of iodine and dilute to 1 liters of water. Processing plant is allowed no more 1 times a 7 days.
  12. Kerosene. To get rid of the pests should be connected 2,5 ml substance 10 liters of water, then rub with a mixture soap. The tool should get a little sticky. roses treatment should be carried out before flowering, and later 24 hours abundantly pour water scrubs, to wash kerosene.
  13. Vodka. Enough to put the spray on the bottle with vodka and spray only the inside of the leaves.
  14. Infusion of celandine. For the preparation should take 400 g fresh or dry raw materials, fill 1 liters of water, leave on 1 day, then boil 30 minutes. Cooled down means to filter and spray it on the leaves of the bushes.
  15. A nicotinic acid. Get rid of aphids on roses caterpillars help nicotinic acid. should be mixed 2,5 tablets 5 liters of water. After treatment the insects disappear after 1 week.
  16. Soda. Suffice it to mix 35 and g powder 1 liters of water. Use the spray only the young shoots. They should be dipped in the received funds to 15 minutes.

Curing of plant diseases by using vinegar. To do this, mix 40 ml means and 10 liters of water, then spray the leaves.

To repel ants and garden pest control is often florists tar soap used.

Цветоводы успешно используют дегтярное мыло для отпугивания садовых муравьев и уничтожения вредителей
Growers successfully using tar soap to repel ants and garden pest control

The solution should be prepared by this scheme:

  1. mix 1 kg ash, and 5 l of boiling water.
  2. Bring the solution to a boil.
  3. Remove from heat and cool.
  4. Add to the mix 50 g tar soap.

Availability of sufficient funds to handle the stems and leaves of roses.

Get rid of aphids on roses buds will Serum. It should be used undiluted. To improve the efficiency can be mixed with serum iodine.

Save bushes from aphids copper sulphate in combination with urea. To prepare sufficient to take 400 g urea, 30 g of copper sulfate and 6 liters of water. This tool can spray the plants in the early spring, at a temperature above +5 °C.

Very affordable means to eliminate harmful insects is a decoction of nettles. To prepare it, should be crushed 30 Mr. plants, put in a bucket and add water. Insist 1 week, and then hold onto the processing.

When appearing on the bushes aphids useful chamomile infusion. To do this, mix 100 g herb with 1 liters of water and leave for 12 hours. Add water in the amount of broth 1:3 and rub 50 g soap.

You can sprinkle the bushes pests broth based on sorrel. Just connect 450 g sorrel roots with hot water and infuse 4 o'clock.

Effective in infection rose aphids use capsicum. To do this, mix 1 kg fresh feed or 300 g dry with 10 liters of water and leave for 1 day. Apply the solution was diluted with water in proportions 1:10.

An effective tool in the fight against insects considered common infusion needles. must be connected 1 kg of needles and 4 liters of water. Leave the mixture on 1 week, stirring regularly. Spray the plants at a concentration 1:1.


To reduce the risk rose aphids should observe a few simple rules:

  1. Timely clean under bushes, weeds and other dirt.
  2. Spring crop dry and broken branches.
  3. Do not water the plants with cold water.
  4. Watering at the roots only exercise, so that water falling on the leaves.
  5. Treat the ground around the roses dry ash.
  6. Make fertilizer to increase the immunity of roses.

Since the beginning of the vegetation period gardeners recommend to feed the plants with organic fertilizers or ash. every 14 days should be watered rose herbal decoction or infusion of mullein. Shops are effective fertilizers and Humisol Vermisol.

С началом вегетационного периода садоводы рекомендуют подкармливать растения органическими удобрениями или золой
Since the beginning of the vegetation period gardeners recommend to feed the plants with organic fertilizers or ash

Performed well vermicompost. enough to dissolve 1 bag in 10 liters of water, insist 3 day, and then diluted with water in an amount 1:3 and process the bushes.

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