How to protect yourself from mosquitoes and midges – the best chemicals and homemade recipes

In urban living conditions, people increasingly appreciate a quiet holiday in the nature. However, forests and bodies of water are inextricably linked with insects, can ruin a man pastime. That is why many people try to find the best mosquito repellent at home, so that they could use at any time.

It would be desirable to create a secure part of the midges for children, sometimes make it very difficult. Not everyone will dare to use folk remedies, although some of them are proven. Luckily protection against mosquitoes can be both self-made, and purchased in the store.

Комар прокалывает кожу хоботком и пьет кровь, а мелкое насекомое скусывает небольшой кусок, пуская при этом слюну для обезболивания, затем слизывает выступившие капли крови
Mosquito pierces the skin of the proboscis and drinks the blood, a small insect skusyvaet small piece, blowing with the saliva for pain, then licks the drops of blood came

Famous brand tools for mosquito control

For, to find a remedy for mosquitoes in the country or in the city, people bypass the shops, which exhibits repellent, which managed to win its popularity. Although the products are constantly developing and changing, the list of leaders is already established. It is believed, below that manufacturers provide effective means by mosquitoes and other insects:

  • Gardex
  • Raid
  • Mosquitall
  • Mosquito

Gardex favorably with a broad line of goods. Those interested can find a universal version, and means, created specifically for children. Children and adult series includes various types of products, like gels, sprays or creams. The company collaborates with the Institute disinfectology.

Means from bites of mosquitoes and blackflies Raid popular mainly due to the high reliability fumigators. According to the manufacturer, gnats and other insects are killed after 10 minutes after the activation device.

Among the best known domestic brand products received Mosquitall, which should not be confused with the American Mosquito line. If the first is represented by individual mosquito repellent outdoors, the second offers solutions for large spaces, about 45 ares.

Репелленты – вещества, которые отпугивают насекомых от человека. Они могут изготавливаться в виде спреев, кремов, лосьонов. Наносятся на открытые участки кожи или на одежду
Repellents - substances, that repel insects from human. They can be made in the form of sprays, creams, lotions. Applied to exposed skin or clothing

products Gardex

Line of products under the brand Gardex provides an opportunity to choose different solutions depending on the situation. for example, there is a universal spray, which gets rid of is not only on the nature of the midges. Means able to cope with various kinds of insects. More 50% composition occur in diethyl toluamide, which is very effective against midges.

Other advantages of the universal spray:

  • This mosquito and tick protection about 4 o'clock.
  • Its simple and easy to use.
  • It can be applied over clothing or treat the skin.
  • In the case of application to clothing efficacy persists for a long time.

The main disadvantage of universal aerosol can be regarded as the inability of its use against mosquito bites for children. Repellent is suitable for adults only, not prone to allergies. Moreover, it is one of the most expensive sprays of a kind. Although Gardex line no funds for children 1 year from mosquitoes, manufacturers have created Gardex Baby, which is suitable for kids older than two years.

Despite the safe formula, children repellent still can not use unchecked. First of all, such means unacceptable apply to pregnant women, and it is better not to spray on synthetic fabrics. The substance must not fall into the nose or eyes, while its price is far lower.

Химические средства в составе содержат этиловый эфир, толуоловую кислоту и диэтилтолуамид. Эти вещества призваны лишить мошек способности нюхать, ведь благодаря этому рецептору они ищут себе питание – в данном случае человеческую кровь
Chemicals composed contain ethyl, toluic acid and diethyltoluamide. These substances are designed to deprive the midges ability to smell, because thanks to this receptor, they are looking for their own food - in this case human blood

products Mosquitall

Mosquitall stamped 2 at 1 suitable for older children 1 of the year. Such is achieved due to lack of alcohol base and a small percentage of DEET. In these preparations soft texture, which leaves no unpleasant greasy residue. The key drawbacks is considered that the activity period (at least two hours), as well as restrictions to use - no more than twice a day.

note. Mosquitall You need to wash off after returning to the house.

Many mothers are interested in mosquito repellent to children under one year. However, doctors do not recommend basically treat the skin of infants whatever was formulations. special repellent stickers purchased for kids, which are attached to the wheelchair or other items.

Widespread fumigators Mosquitall. The liquid in the bottle has no odor concentrated, and the device can operate at almost any embodiment, socket. The sealed bottle contents evenly evaporate, which covers the area to 50 q / m. One container is usually enough for about forty days. However, it is recommended to disable fumigator not later than six hours after the start of his work.

Средство разработано специально для защиты детей от 1 года от укусов насекомых как во время прогулок на открытом воздухе, так и во время дневного и ночного сна
Tool specifically designed to protect children from 1 year from insect bites both during walking outdoors, and during the day and night sleep

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the home?

Everyone wants to find ways to, which would destroy the mosquitoes around the perimeter, but it would not have harmed a child or even an adult. Usually in such a situation, people pay attention to folk remedies against mosquitoes and midges. for example, the aid can come essential oils.

Which mosquito repellent can be used at home:

  • lavender,
  • Thyme,
  • cloves,
  • Geranium,
  • Eucalyptus,
  • Tea tree.

These essential oils are the most effective against insects. If you want to create a mixture for application to the skin, it is best to mix the drops with 25-30 g of base oil. Typically, preference is given to wheat germ or grape seed. At an amount of from above enough twenty drops of essential oil.

note. Oil can be added to a simple cream or even vaseline.

Folk remedies against mosquitoes often include a variety of recipes with spicy cloves. It is believed, that the insects can not tolerate its flavor. Armed with such a component, You can make mosquito repellent with their hands.

The recipe:

  • One tablespoon of spices with cold water, only one cup.
  • The liquid is brought to boiling to simmer.
  • Then turn off the heat and leave to cool infusion.
  • Cool the liquid is filtered.

The resulting composition can be applied to the skin with a cotton swab, so it will be a good folk remedy against mosquitoes in nature. If we want to protect from insects apartment, it is possible to produce a kind of clove fumigator. Enough to stick clove buds in half a lemon.

Из народных средств от мошек и комаров, можно посоветовать эфирные масла кедра, эвкалипта, аниса, гвоздики
From folk remedies by midges and mosquitoes, can advise the essential oils of cedar, eucalyptus, Anne, carnations

Vanillin against mosquito bites

Whatever positive effects did not have cloves, many of her scent just seems too harsh. In this case, you can seek the assistance of vanillin, often associated with sweet pastries. This spice is also suitable for, to protect against insects.

Make your own insect repellent is very simple - you just have to dissolve in a glass of water a teaspoon of vanilla. Thereafter, a cotton swab wetted with liquid, which is treated with skin. There is another option - vanilla water suitable for spraying clothing or household items.

Best of all is the tool shows itself in the fight against midges, and sometimes difficult to cope with it, than with the same mosquitoes. As is the case with essential oils, Vanillin may be mixed with cream without additives. It is best suited for children.

Ваниль – очень эффективное средство, запах этой пряности не переносят почти все виды насекомых. Для приготовления необходимо взять одну столовую ложку ванилина или ванильного сахара и растворить его в стакане с теплой водой. Полученной жидкостью нужно мазаться перед выходом на улицу
Vanilla - a very effective tool, the smell of the spices do not transfer almost all kinds of insects. For the preparation you need to take one tablespoon of vanilla or vanilla sugar and dissolve it in a glass of warm water. The resulting liquid must be smeared before going out

Traditional methods of protection of premises

For, not to suffer in the night from insect bites, you can buy a mosquito repellent, like fumigator. However, to protect the premises and really using folk methods. In nature, there are many herbs, that repel bloodsucking.

Folk remedies against mosquitoes for children and adults:

  • pyrethrum powder. It is poured into a variety of places, through which the house can get insects. for example, processed by the air vents, slit, angles, doors and windows. It should also sprinkle the powder on the surface of the enclosure.
  • eucalyptus leaves. With the help of this kind of plants can be carried inhalation procedure, which will not only save you from mosquitoes, but also benefit people. It is necessary to put dried or fresh eucalyptus leaves in a metal bowl with water, and then put it on the fire. Rising vapors chase insects.
  • Elder. In this case you do not even need to prepare broths or to do with the plant something else. Tale enough to house a bunch of elderberries, it will protect the room from mosquitoes for about a week.

For additional protection, the vents can be prepared from a mixture of pyrethrum and tansy. Dried flowers of the plant, and then pulverized into powder. It is necessary to take a sheet of paper, put him starch paste and sprinkle with cooked powder. Finished sheets are hung in the air vents.

Комары стараются держаться подальше от листьев грецкого ореха, не терпят запаха базилика обыкновенного так же отпугивает насекомых полынь.
Mosquitoes are trying to keep away from walnut leaves, can not stand the smell of basil ordinary as mugwort repels insects.

Assistance bites

It is important to know not only the methods of dealing with blood-sucking insects, but also what to do in cases, when they still made it to the skin. Bitten areas itch and itch, but there are effective ways to get rid of unpleasant sensations.

What to do if a mosquito bites:

  • Exposure to cold. Does not necessarily refer to the help of ice, quite simple and chilled coins.
  • Essential oils. However, tea tree and lavender, that repel insects, can help with itching and swelling from the bites.
  • Baking soda. The skin may be treated with a solution of, which is made from a glass of water and half a teaspoon of baking soda.
  • herbal compresses. The combination of a variety of herbs saves from itching after mosquito bites. Compresses made from the leaves of aloe vera, mint, calendula, parsley, wild cherry and plantain.

Before deciding, how to make mosquito repellent, We need to make, that the components used do not bring harm. In humans, there is an individual intolerance to various substances, allergic reactions to house means.

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