Triad of parasites - the salvation of the body!

Many of us are not even aware of being in our body "intruders". However, the live and multiply in our body, often bringing a lot of trouble. Though we sometimes do not associate the problem with the skin and digestion with the presence of parasites in our. Meanwhile, these parasites safely poison our bodies with toxins. They are divided into protozoa and helminths, that, in turn, also there are different types of (Giardia, Fluke cat, worms, roundworm and other stuff). Now it is gaining increasing popularity folk remedy for parasites in the human body - Triad.

Where it came from?

Dr. Hulda Clark is known as a specialist, studied the effect of the parasite on the human body. American has conducted research and found, that the body is suffering from all sorts of environmental toxins, viruses and bacteria. With most chronic diseases arise due to the fact, we never spent cleaning the body from parasites and toxins.

X. Clark with the help of experiments revealed, that three substances can help to get rid of enemies. It is proposed to use in the fight wormwood, Seeds, carnation and green peel of black walnut. Many of today's anthelmintic drugs can not be deduced from our organism eggs of worms, however Triad is able even to this.

Тройчатка от паразитов
Triad of parasites

It is recommended to take all 3 plant species at the same time. But not scary, if any constituent did not have at hand. Start treatment Triad of parasites can be, and without him. The main thing - to pass his whole family. Well, apart from receiving herbs should conduct general cleaning, preferably with a bleach. boil clothes, in order to avoid re-infection.

We do yourself Triad

All components of this tool can be prepared manually. Composition Triad from parasites such:

  • Seeds of clove crushed. After starting to drink powder 1/5 no. spoons 3 times a day before meals, drinking water. WITH 3 by 10 day of treatment needs to be used for 1/3 no. spoon just by 3 times a day. In the following days 1 no. spoons a week will be enough. Seeds, carnation can cause a slight burning sensation in the stomach. But do not worry - it will soon pass.
  • Peel walnuts. For tinctures enough 15 nuts. Their rind cut into small pieces and pour 0,5 liters of alcohol. Hold the light 30 days, after clean in a dark place. Drink from the calculation 10 drops to 100 g water. Attention: most useful green shell, which contains a lot of iodine. Because of this, for the use of tincture of freshly ripened nuts.

On the first day of treatment, start with 1 drops on 100 ml of water. Each day, increase the dose to 1 drop. So on 5 day you should have 5 drops to 100 ml of water. WITH 6 by 10 day can take 2 h spoon 50 ml of water 2 times a day. you can drink during the year for the prevention of infusion 2 tsp 1 once a day.

Тройчатку от паразитов можно сделать самостоятельно
Triad of parasites can make yourself
  • Sagebrush. Mature leaves and fruit to dry and grind. This powder is necessary to drink water. Thus wormwood pass through the digestive system.

You can start taking and with a small dose (eg, take a pinch) and gradually increase it for 2 weeks, until you reach ½ st. spoons. subsequent 6 days drinking absinthe in this dose. After that use half the article. spoon once a week.

Attention! Triad of parasites during pregnancy should be used with extreme caution. The dosage should be reduced at least 3 fold. In the last trimester generally not desirable to experiment with an. Mandatory consultation with a doctor!

Some more options Triad recipes

Dr. Valeriy Ivanchenko best known among physicians as a bioenergotherapist. In addition, he is a doctor of medical sciences, a big fan of alternative medicine. In one room, he told the Bulletin HLS, that created 2 embodiment so-called Russian Triad. Indeed, in our area to find the black walnut is problematic. The following recipes can be easily prepared by Triad parasites with their hands.

recipe №1. It consists of wormwood (not more 300 d reception), carnations (dose 0,5 g) and tansy (1 g of times). In addition to anthelmintic and anti-microbial effect, this composition has antipyretic properties.

All components should be crushed, pour into a spoon and drink water. Do not mix liquid! Or the pharmacy may ask for the sale of empty capsules. This is much more convenient for oral administration. If you are lucky enough to find them, the first day take 1 capsule before meals. in 2 day - 1 capsule 2 times a day. Next week - 1 capsule 3 times a day before meals. If there is a desire, Triad can use worms for several months 1 once a week.

Attention! The composition is contraindicated in pregnant women, ulcer and erosive gastritis. Hypertensive patients should remember, that this recipe can raise the pressure due to the presence therein of cloves. During menstruation should also refrain from taking, tk. tansy and wormwood contribute to increased bleeding.

recipe №2. Suitable for receiving all, who do not have allergies to components. It includes the root of sweet flag (0,5 g of times), PIP (0,5 g single dose) and calendula flowers (1 g).

The dosage regimen for the same, as in the first case - all washed down with water. Only the daily intake should be increased to 2 weeks.

And if you do not have time to prepare themselves powders?

Тройчатка от паразитов продается в аптеках
Triad of parasites sold in pharmacies

In this case, you can buy ready-made tablet Triad from parasites. for example, BAA Evalar company produces with the same name. Capsules in their composition containing an extract of the flowers and tansy, cloves, as well as the essence of the bark of aspen dry. Dosing instructions detailed in. Tablets are contraindicated in women position, nursing mothers, and if you are hypersensitive.

Prevention of intestinal worms in children

Children suffer from helminth not less, than adults. Especially at an early age, when they learn about the world around us, communicate with other children outside the home, contact with animals.

While infecting worms children are excitable, may appear diathesis, develop intestinal infections. Therefore, prevention of this disease is very important.

But many parents are afraid to give their child the grass. However Triad Evalar can be used for the treatment of children against parasites, beginning with 3 years old. Learn more about, how to drink tea bags, written instructions.

The result of "face"

Having a course of treatment, you will notice a remarkable change in his status: will become less acne, improve skin, boost immunity.

Council! Remember, parasites during treatment emit a large amount of harmful substances. toxins elimination from the body, too, has not the least importance. Therefore, the slide body purification. Sometimes it is useful even starve. But do not forget before, both decided to drink Triad from parasites, consult a doctor.

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