What is pink deprive a person? Symptoms and treatment of disease

pink zoster, also known as the disease rosea Gibert and, It is a relatively common dermatologic disease, which affects people with weakened immune systems. Most often, the disease is diagnosed on children and women to 40 years old, who have suffered long-term illness or stress. Men pink zoster rarely worries. Since pink deprive a person is considered to be the result of a weakened immune system, to treat it is not necessary.

Usually, it passes through a half or two months without any intervention. Only in those cases, when the disease does not deviate more than three months, or lichen covers a large surface of the skin, necessary to help the body cope with an illness. For this purpose, and folk remedies, and pharmaceutical ointments, facilitating features pink lichen.

Розовый лишай, также известный как болезнь Жибера и питириаз, является относительно частым дерматологическим заболеванием
pink zoster, also known as the disease rosea Gibert and, It is a relatively common dermatologic disease

Person, already ill with this kind of depriving once, acquires lifelong immunity. true, occasionally there are cases of recurrent disease.

Causes of pink lichen

Currently there is no single version of the pathogen relative, which causes pink zoster Gibert. Some medical studies have shown affinity pathogen pink depriving the herpes virus 6 and 7. The similarity is so, versicolor that is usually diagnosed in autumn and spring, a person feels hoarse before the appearance of the characteristic rash, at the beginning of SARS.

It is considered, that zoster - a contagious disease, but it is impossible to say for sure about the pink deprive a person. The disease is transmitted as, as SARS - airborne droplets. In this case, those people are at risk of, who recently had the disease or have lowered immunity due to other reasons. For a healthy person contact with a patient pink lichen is perfectly safe.

There is a controversial version of, that this type of lichen is infectious and allergic disease, allergic origin but is not yet proven. However, This does not prevent some dermatologists prescribe to patients with antihistamines pink lichen, that improve the health of patients.

Shingles often occurs after prolonged stress, severe emotional distress, experiences. At such moments, the skin of some people may be covered with redness or acne. Sometimes a picture is complemented and pink lichen.

Розовый лишай передается так же, как о ОРВИ – воздушно-капельным путем
Pink Ringworm is transmitted as, as SARS - airborne droplets

Symptoms of pink lichen

Onset of the disease is characterized by a general weakening of the, sleepiness, even against the background of recent myocardial viral or colds, Stress is a state may be invisible to the human.

On the human body (most often on the chest, abdomen or back) there rose, slightly convex spot, which begins to grow rapidly and can reach a diameter 10 cm. This spot is called the parent. formed, it can have color from pale pink to intense red. Struck by depriving the skin is dry, sometimes scaly. In half of the patients experience tingling and discomfort, the rest of the shingles do not bring any inconvenience, other than cosmetic.

After a week and a half after the onset of maternal spots begin to appear around the small (to 1 cm in diameter)pink spots, having a clear edge. It's subsidiary Spot. They grow rapidly and spread, sometimes hitting a very large surface. Most often, they are slightly scratched and shelled, touch Bole seem rough and dense, than healthy skin.

На теле человека (чаще на груди, животе или спине) возникает розовое, немного выпуклое пятно, которое начинает быстро разрастаться и может достигать в диаметре 10 см
On the human body (most often on the chest, abdomen or back) there rose, slightly convex spot, which begins to grow rapidly and can reach a diameter 10 cm

Important! At this stage, the pink lichen is similar to other types of lichen (red flat, pityriasis), the appearance of which also begins with the formation of the reddish spots. But these diseases need to be treated, so do not put a diagnosis on their own, better to see a dermatologist.

Why it is important to immediately consult a doctor? Pink zoster has symptoms, similar to the early stages of many diseases, such as:

  • poriaz;
  • eczema;
  • dermatitis, caused by fungal spores;
  • signs of secondary syphilis;
  • allergic dermatitis;
  • HIV.

Pink Ringworm in humans - advice on treatment

Many people wonder, How to cure pink lichen, but it should be done only in cases, when the disease persists for a long time or very extensively. In all other cases it is enough to observe the following rules:

  • Do not lubricate the skin with iodine, salicylic acid or sulfuric drying mash and other substances. They can cause irritation and exacerbate the problem.
  • Spots better not to steam out and try as little as possible of their wet. Baths are also prohibited, since disputes depriving can be transferred to healthy skin. For the same reason, do not need to rub the stains wool. Besides, steamed horny layer is easily torn off, leaving visible damage to the skin. After showering spots must be easily wet with a dry towel.
  • Ultraviolet rays can dry up even healthy skin, not to mention the spots lishaynyh. Solar baths worsen the patient's condition, so you need to hide the affected areas from the direct rays. If the action of the sun brightened spots, it is not pink lichen, and colorful (pityriasis).
  • It is necessary to wear only natural things, so that the skin can breathe and not rotten.
  • Sweat can cause irritation and itching on the sick areas. Therefore, try to avoid strenuous exercise or sports activities, or carry wet and dry wipes, time to clean the skin with sweat.
  • Since some doctors reckon pink shingles to allergic reactions, must abandon products, that may cause allergies, as well as alcohol. The diet should consist of a simple, natural products.

Treatment of pink depriving a person

In those cases,, when treatment is still necessary, in particular with a strong skin itching and discomfort, You can start receiving antihistamines: Loratadin, suprastin, Claritin, Citrine, etc.. Important to remember, that these drugs do not cure and does not speed up recovery but only to help fight the symptoms.

To lishaynyh spots delivered the least possible inconvenience and does not peel off, they can be lubricated with oil. Well suited, such as a soothing oil thistle oil, Dog rose, sea ​​buckthorn, peach, sealer. In no case can not use essential oils in pure or diluted form, since they are very dry skin, and the damaged section can cause burns. Lubricated with oil stains is necessary after each wash.

If a large body surface is covered by depriving, you need to use antibacterial agents. The most efficient and considerate of them:

  • natural apple cider vinegar, that hurt the skin must be lubricated by 5 to 7 once a day. Vinegar does not dry the skin, producing antibacterial effect, although it can be confusing specific odor;
  • Juice of celandine, which is diluted with water and applied to dry skin. This is an effective and affordable in the warm season means, reviews of which only good.
Сок из чистотела помогает при лечении розового лишая
Juice of celandine helps in the treatment of the pink lichen

Many people, to quickly cure the pink lichen, use hormonal ointment, treatment that quickly reduce symptoms of the disease. But there is a downside - hormones can harm the body, then shingles or other skin diseases can return or "go underground", to remind myself from time to time. Steroid ointment for pink lichen can be used only on prescription.

Treatment of pink depriving children

Pink zoster in children 10 years are often, but there are cases, When the disease occurs in young children. Baby can get sick this kind of depriving, overheated or overcooled, and after disease or nervous overstrain. Deprive a child may arise during the period of complementary feeding, or breast-translation of artificial feeding. The smaller the child, the sharper it reacts to allergens, so when a lishaynyh spots you need to carefully review the baby's diet. In this situation, the disease has an allergic nature and should be treated accordingly (strictly consistent with the pediatrician).

To avoid infecting other children, the sick child should be reduced contacts. If he has any brothers or sisters, the required daily wet cleaning of the house, and a separate ironing of all things. Adult healthy people pink deprive the child is not dangerous.

Pink zoster in children often causes anxiety and irritability, besides child, particularly active, difficult to comply with all measures of caution. Therefore, pediatricians often prescribe antihistamines to children, to reduce disease symptoms. Accelerate healing vitamin complex, containing a large amount of vitamin C.. With this task well handle Ascorutin, which in the cold season, strengthen the immune system.

Home Treatment

If you are pretty sure that, that you have the pink lichen, you can try to speed up the recovery by using folk remedies.

  • Dairy products, especially sour, eat well and moisturize damaged skin, as well as reduce inflammation. Sour cream or yogurt is applied to some time on the spot lishaynyh, and then remove the excess with a napkin.
  • On damaged skin to make compresses from broth of hop cones and thistles.
  • Cool chamomile tea can be used to compress a short, after which the skin is oiled.
  • Tea made from licorice (or tincture) you need to take into. This will help improve the immune system and speed up recovery.
  • If the hand is not oil, suitable glycerin, a thin layer which is applied to the skin.

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