How to treat scabies at home – folk recipes

Scabies - an extremely unpleasant and equally contagious human disease. Become infected or not - does not depend on your cleanliness and care of hygiene rules. How would you not carefully washed in the shower, it does not protect you from this disease. Consider, how to treat scabies.

Cure scabies at home alone can be. In this article we will look at several ways, with which you can get rid of scabies on their own.

Important! scabies home treatment is not, generally, special difficulty, but only if it is a uncomplicated and timely diagnosis process.

During the working day, conducted by a team, in the shops, in public places and transport - everywhere there is contact with other people, some of which may well be the bearers of scabies. In kindergartens and schools also often have cases of infection with this disease place. How can diagnose and to cure later this unpleasant illness? This is what we will talk today.

As infected persons

absolutely elementary. when handshakes, sexual contact, when using common household items, and the children - through toys. After infection for seven to twenty days in humans the first symptoms. This indicates, that got into your body itch mite good care of their offspring. And you have to skin it is now more than one parasite, and in the company of about twenty "companions".

Чесотка – крайне неприятное и столь же заразное заболевание человека. На фото: чесоточный клещ
Scabies - an extremely unpleasant and equally contagious human disease. on photo: itch-mite

For, to therapy, directed against scabies, It was quite effective, process using antiparasitic drugs should not only diseased, but also all the people, living with him in the same room.

How does the disease

Compulsive exhausting itching and steam room are located on the body rash areas are the main symptoms of scabies. Located rash mainly on the areas of, which are marked in red in the figure below. If the patient Look to these areas, he will see a kind of grayish thin strips. it moves, in which the female mite travels in the skin.

Навязчивый изматывающий зуд и парно расположенные на теле участки сыпи являются основными симптомами чесотки
Compulsive exhausting itching and steam room are located on the body rash areas are the main symptoms of scabies

Itching during the day wanes, and is virtually imperceptible, and the night becomes so unbearable, that patients often suffer from insomnia.

Зуд от чесотки приводит к бессоннице
Itching of scabies leads to insomnia

so, if you recognize in yourself or your child have symptoms of scabies, opt for treatment immediately. If for any reason you can not see a doctor as soon as, try folk remedies.

How to treat scabies: recipes

so, What is scabies treated our grandmothers? There are many recipes, and in order, to describe them all, take to one article, and a book. So we'll analyze the most effective and simple.

We will start with the ointment homemade.

Ointment, you are going to cook at home, It is using any of the recipes consist of two parts:

  1. basis, the role of which can act unsalted bacon (pork) or butter;
  2. curative component - chosen in the desired proportions of therapeutic agents.
  • Ointment with celandine grass and laurel.

it is prepared, mixing equal proportions of the two constituents of the drug. First you need to chop the leaves and stems celandine herbs together with the bay leaf (the easiest way to do this in a blender, but you can finely chop with a knife), and then mix thoroughly with an ointment base. In that case, as if you decide to take thereof butter, it should be preheated, placing in a warm place. Not only should have a consistency, to it were mixed with plant parts easily.

Мазь с травой чистотела и лавровым листом
Ointment with celandine grass and laurel

When used as the basis of the fat, it is ground in a meat grinder or blender, then mixed with herbs in equal proportions.

Prepared on the basis of fats and oils from scabies medications recommended to use at night. You need to apply and rub all over the body means, avoiding only the scalp. Symptoms should disappear after five or six days of using the ointment, then treatment should be stopped.

Important! If the treatment was not effective, be sure to consult a doctor! This is true for all of the following techniques, described below,.

  • Smetana's "talker" of gunpowder.

Yes, yes, do not be surprised, in this recipe actually used an ordinary hunting gunpowder. Select the store cream very thick consistency and 200 grams of sour cream, add approximately 50 g. gunpowder, to be pre-crush or grind. Stir until homogeneous composition, put it in a warm place for about 2 o'clock. After that treat the skin in the same way, as described in the previous recipe. Treatment typically is carried out over 7 days.

Сметанная «болтушка» с порохом - отличное средство от чесотки
Smetana's "talker" with gunpowder - an excellent remedy for scabies
В этом рецепте действительно используется обыкновенный охотничий порох
This recipe is really used an ordinary hunting gunpowder
  • Birch tar.

Very well-proven method of treatment for scabies using birch tar. It is heated and smear swab into sections, where there is a rash. Rinse with birch tar can be through 3 hours after application with a wet swab. Wash in heart during treatment, as mentioned above, must not.

Despite the fact, that the pitch has a specific smell, it is worth to suffer, because he quickly erode, and the treatment result is not long to wait.

Березовый деготь (Берестин). Очень хорошо себя зарекомендовала методика лечения чесотки при помощи березового дегтя
Birch tar (Berestyn). Very well-proven method of treatment for scabies using birch tar
  • Rubbing soap and onion mass.

For the preparation of the drug you need the following items:

  • a piece of conventional soap (Do not take more, since it is alkaline medium soap promotes elimination of the pathogen from the body);
  • large onion onions;
  • and medium-sized head of garlic.

The soap is melted in a water bath (to do it faster, Rub soap on a coarse grater or cut into small pieces with a knife). Onions chop with garlic - it is better to do it in a blender - or too grate, but on a small. You can also skip the garlic through a special press. Then the components are mixed and cooled at room temperature.

Мыльно-луковая масса - эффективное средство от чесотки
Soap-onion weight - effective remedy for scabies

Elements of the rash is recommended to lubricate using garlic-onion soap twice a day - morning and evening. This means, judging from the reviews, quite effective. but, this is true only in mild forms of the disease. The same applies to all popular ways, aimed at the patient's healing from scabies.

  • fragrant recipe.

In folk medicine in the fight against this disease successfully applied not only to "mash" and ointments. Pretty simple method - is the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Mix equal proportions of oil of lavender oil and any citrus twice daily apply and rub the mixture in portions rashes. This mixture has a pleasant smell, which the, by the way, really like children, can not be said about the scabies mite. The parasite is so poorly tolerate the smell, that under its influence dies, freeing the owner from his unpleasant company.

Эфирное масло
Essential oil
  • Juices, fruit and herbs.

Antiparasitic properties have cranberry juice, juice of the milkweed leaf and fig tree, that is widely used by the people.

Противопаразитарными свойствами обладают брусничный сок
Antiparasitic properties have cranberry juice

Not in the whole territory of our country grows figs, but if you are there, where it still grows, tolkushkoy the mash or finely crumble the leaves, squeeze the juice and lubricate the skin with rashes 1-2 times a day until symptoms disappear. In order to prevent the treatment can be extended for another couple of days.


Cranberry juice and apply similar Euphorbiaceae. but, it should be remembered, that the second plant is poisonous. Therefore, prior to use, test yourself on individual sensitivity, dropping a drop of juice in the wrist area and waiting 60 minutes. If you did not have the inflammatory reaction after on-site application of juice you, it is possible to start treatment. If it is,, you should use another method.



However there was no effective use of national resources in the treatment of scabies, for each of them subject to the general rules for immutable:

  1. Take a shower before treatment, because during it is necessary to refrain from water treatment.
  2. Before starting the treatment and on its completion is necessary to disinfect the bedding and personal hygiene items sick by boiling and ironed. It is also recommended to iron seams and joints to Upholstered furniture with the help of a hot iron.
  3. Even if you feel completely healthy, visit a dermatologist as soon as possible for the final confirmation of the fact, that scabies you finally parted.
Обязательно посетите дерматолога
Be sure to visit a dermatologist

Do not forget! Can not be postponed, and to delay the treatment of scabies!

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