Strawberry Processing spring from pests and diseases – when to hold and what to spray?

Strawberry Processing spring from disease and pests - without doubt the most important stage, providing with further care and proper cultivation of different crops and marketable berries.

Обработка клубники весной обеспечивает отличный урожай и товарный вид ягод
Strawberry Processing spring provides excellent yield and marketability of berries

For this reason, every gardener, who are not indifferent to the fate of his green wards, already in early spring attend to the question of their health and will be rewarded in the end with fragrant ripe berries, strewn with strawberry patch. Of course, to care for the plants and feed them - must also be, but the processing of pests is that base, which greatly simplify the further care for strawberry (and in everyday life - just strawberries).

Sanitary cleaning and basic problems

so, over the winter, and in the garden it is time to wake up a variety of pathogens and pests.

Therefore, the first clearing strawberry ridges - sanitary. It is held conscientious gardeners, who cherish their fruitful garden, in early spring. It is necessary not just to get rid of last year's litter, but also to remove from electrical outlets old dried leaves. Treat each socket, as it can be a place of wintering pests and pathogens - viruses, fungi and bacteria. And if you do not handle at least one bush - the infectious agent may spread to all the plants. Spring processing strawberries - a necessary measure to protect against unforeseen circumstances in the future of its cultivation.

It is important to know! at establishing rainy weathers excessive shading strawberry gryad inevitably leads to the appearance of rottingher. Therefore, the higher the ridge will be preferable when growing this culture. White rot infects plants subject to the establishment of the cool wet weather, gray - with warm, and black rot damage strawberries in the heat (also subject to waterlogging). For a short time decay (especially, gray) can destroy the entire crop of berries.

Весенняя обработка клубники – это необходимая мера для защиты от возникновения непредвиденных обстоятельств при дальнейшем её выращивании
Spring processing strawberries - a necessary measure to protect against unforeseen circumstances in the future of its cultivation

At the final stage of formation of planting strawberry bushes thinned out - so, that the distance therebetween is not less than 25 cm. And for growing strawberries in one place for three years, it must necessarily be transplanted.

Frequent mistakes gardeners

  1. Failure to observe the preparation of the drug formulations. At too high concentrations of active ingredient may be applied to burns and destroy plant, with insufficient same amount of drug in solution - the procedure becomes ineffective.
  2. Refusal of prevention. Most of the crop may be lost for this reason,. After notice and quickly correct the problem is not so easy.
  3. Fertilizing strawberries in the spring - as an important condition for a good harvest.
  4. Failure to comply with the required processing time and ignoring the temperature and other weather conditions.
  5. Too small distance between the bushes when disembarking. Planted too densely strawberries just a few days can kill rapidly spreading disease.
  6. Refusal of protection in the processing of funds. For preparation and application of many drugs the closure of all parts of the body, protective gloves, mask and goggles - absolutely necessary.
При приготовлении и применении многих препаратов закрытие всех участков тела, защитные перчатки, маска и очки – совершенно необходимы
For preparation and application of many drugs the closure of all parts of the body, protective gloves, mask and goggles - absolutely necessary

optimal timing

To force processing have not gone in vain, you need to carefully monitor compliance with the timing of treatments, the first of which must be carried out immediately after cleaning of sanitary.

  1. After completing the process of saturation of the soil with fertilizers, Grower receives the first preventive measures - handle the bushes insecticidal and fungicidal agents.
  2. The second spraying is done just before flowering - usually it is the end of April or beginning of May in the more southern regions, and to the north - for example,, in Siberia and the Urals - the period comes closer to June.

Council! Spraying should be carried out in calm weather with minimal humidity. treating hives, Use personal protective equipment.

Второе опрыскивание производится непосредственно перед цветением – обычно это конец апреля или начало мая в более южных регионах
The second spraying is done just before flowering - usually it is the end of April or beginning of May in the more southern regions

Before you start processing, should find out, some of the drugs are best suitable for your site.

drugs group

chemical agents

Most often used when a massive defeat and strictly up to the formation of ovaries. Deciding to treat your plants, eg, "Good old" Malathion or ammonium nitrate, remember that, they are quite suitable for preventive measures, but spraying should be done as early as possible, before flowering.

Important! Do not forget the safety equipment during treatments. For the period of treatment and for some time after it is necessary to exclude the presence of people in the area and animals to prevent them from poisoning.

for example, Fitoverm drug used twice with an interval of ten-concentration 1 ampoule per liter of water. The second treatment is carried out immediately after flowering.

And strawberries flowering period can be treated aktellik, diluted 2 ml substance in water - in 2 liters.

Клубнику можно обработать Актелликом, разбавив 2 мл вещества в воде – в 2 литрах
Strawberries can be treated aktellik, diluted 2 ml substance in water - in 2 liters

If the plants were subjected to massive contamination, concentration increased twice aktellik.

Each solution of known bushes treated with boric acid in a concentration: per gram of material is necessary 10 liters of water. Strawberry Treatment with boric acid is recommended before flowering.

For prophylaxis of affected plants with powdery mildew and to treat them using a fungicidal agent for pre-existing conditions

Sulfarid - every 10 l water take 2 Article. l. drug.

As insecticidal agents for combating slugs and snails recommended Metaldehyde is based on each q. meter of 5 g means (applied according to the instructions), as well as means Thunder and Meta D (for each of the drug consumption per square kilometer. m. planting is only 3 g).

30 dry urea granules (urea) will also help to deal with uninvited guests spineless - pest of strawberries.

In the battle with strawberry mites will help you win Agrovertin (in breeding at 1 litere of water 1 ml means), and Intavir tablets (1 thing on 10 l).

It is interesting! usual manganese It is also able to protect the landing from pests and diseases. Solution saturated pink moderate concentration successfully used by gardeners spray strawberry bushes of powdery mildew and spittlebugs-slyunyavki. Moreover, the drug can be applied even when flowering. It is important to observe the temperature regime - the solution is effective at 65-70, and for the young bushes - 45 degrees Celsius. But do not exceed the concentration, since manganese can cause burns the leaves and roots of plants.

Обычная Марганцовка успешно применяется садоводами для опрыскивания кустов клубники от мучнистой росы и пенницы-слюнявки
Usual Permanganic successfully used by gardeners to spray the bushes of strawberries from mildew and spittlebugs-slyunyavki

Copper sulphate - not just to protect plants from many diseases and parasites, but also enhances the yield of the bushes, saturating the soil beds copper.

Typically, the drug is used in early spring so: 30 g is dissolved in 10 l of water and added to a solution of 40 g soap chips, to increase the impact of the drug. Sprinkle strawberries copper sulphate held before flowering.

Iodine is also a means of protecting a wide range of action and is used for spraying so: 5 drops a bucket of water - from botrytis three times a month (for the first time in the spring before flowering for prevention), and with late blight - 40 droplets on a pail of water with the addition of 1 Article. spoons hydrogen peroxide.

In fact,, strawberry processing can be carried out with hydrogen peroxide and pure (1-1,5 Article. spoon 10 liters of water). After peroxide - enough powerful antibacterial and antifungal agents.

Often this method is practiced for the transplant to a new location and the seating bushes (Method as prophylactic treatment of strawberry ammonia, and simply, naşatıryom). by the way, soil in such treatments, saturated with ammonia, thanks to the launch of certain natural mechanisms indirectly becomes more fertile.

Important! Before treatments ridges of boric acid and iodine to water the plants it is recommended to avoid burns the root system. The iodide component can be sufficiently aggressive, and especially the young plants. Sprinkle strawberries iodine unless absolutely necessary is not recommended to carry out after the appearance of the ovaries.

Bordeaux mixture in 1% gardeners concentration used primarily to prevent spotting on strawberry bushes and for treatment of it.

Also for prophylaxis botrytis dissemination early in the growing season strawberries are sprayed with the same Bordeaux mixture, but the solution 2-4% concentration.

biological agents

Their popularity with the passage of time has been steadily increasing, since these drugs have a low or even zero levels of toxicity and are almost natural constituents of local biogeocoenose on your site.

It is interesting! Etciyatnym bonus to such treatments will enrich the soil with nutrients and trace elements.

Fitosporin includes live bacteria, destroying viral agents and in contact with pathogenic fungi on plants. It means you must apply directly after dilution. Fitosporin has the broadest spectrum of activity and greatly increases productivity.

Aktofit - it includes natural toxins, safe for warm-blooded creatures. It copes with spider mites when diluted to a bucket of water 10 g means.

Trichoderma - saprophytic fungi, the ability to kill viruses and fungi, as well as processed products of insects and plants of decay. Concentration - of 10 liters of water 50 g means.

note! Effective drugs in this group may be a at a temperature environment from +18 WITH. If you spend handling in cold weather - a drug, probably, practically podeystvuet.

Folk remedies

In some cases, products based on plant components will not be less effective, than chemicals, thus they do not adversely affect the condition of the soil and can be used throughout the period of plant life.

Council! that solution longer aboutheldcamping in the bushes, add the 40 g grated soap in a bucket of water and wait for complete dissolution.

A decoction of the tomato foliage. Kilogram infused topper 4 hours 10 liters of water, then refluxed for infusion 2 hours, cooled and filtered, and. The resulting agent was diluted 1:2 and sprayed plant.

From the raids of the ants help a mixture of vinegar and vegetable oil (respectively, 1 l + 2 glass on 20 liters of water). After watering the beds a mixture of unwanted vizitory leave your possession for a long time.

Processing spring ash to help cope with fungal infection, in particular, to rot. Per sq. meter portion need order 70 g wood ash powder.

For the prevention of weevil attacks, nematodes and development of rots can be planted along the beds such plants, as calendula, garlic and onions. strawberry weevil processing of other drugs in this case,, possibly, does not need.

A conventional infusion dandelion help defeat strawberry mite. To cook 800 g of leaves to grind and pour 10 liters of hot water. After a four-hour infusion of the mixture should be stirred, filter and after cooling spray strawberry bushes.

It is interesting! Scientists have developed a special method of "quenching" strawberries. Plants, grown on innovative technologies "Princess Tatiana" in some sources erroneously called "strawberry cultivar". This form of culture has a high resistance to virtually all existing diseases, and almost no infestation by pests.

In the present video describes the highlights of the spring strawberries care and preventive measures, which will form the basis for a rich harvest of fragrant sweet berries.

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