Tlya of Jablonne – how to deal with pest?

One of the most common pests of gardens is aphids on apple. When the invasion of insects shoots expire, leaves on the trees are twisted and dries quickly. Most suffer from aphids saplings. To save an apple tree, gardeners use biologics, chemical insecticides and folk remedies.


Green aphid has a body length is not more than 7 mm. She lays eggs in the leaves, weeds and basal shoots. In March of them appearing larvae, actively begin to suck sap from the buds and young leaves. after 14 days, the larvae turn into adults. Each of them plays to light about 80 larvae. They spread to other trees and continue reproduction. For the season aphid generation can replace up 17-19 time.

Чтобы спасти яблоню, садоводы используют биопрепараты, химические инсектициды и народные средства
To save an apple tree, gardeners use biologics, chemical insecticides and folk remedies

Apple also can affect gray aphids. The length of her body - 2-3 mm. In winter, the eggs are on the tree bark, and in the spring of them are born female. Among other pests, they are characterized by high fecundity. the breeding season of gray aphids begins in September.

note! Aphids attack only the apple, whose leaves contain high amounts of amino acids.

The high content of amino acids due to a deficiency of phosphorus, potassium or nitrogen at an excess.

Find aphids on a tree is not difficult. Affected leaves first twisted down, then blackens and dries. After that the leaves you can see the red blisters, that signals about their withering away. Due to the attack by pests leaves soaked sticky liquid. It begins to slide ants, which is also considered one of the hallmarks of apple aphid infestation.

How to protect apple aphid?

If a garden plot is not revealed a large concentration of pests, eating aphids, then the best option to combat it is the use of modern chemical means. Processing of trees against aphids is recommended in early spring, early bud break. It was during this period, the risk of burn leaves minimized.

One of the most effective drugs experienced gardeners called nitrofen. should be diluted 200 g means in 10 liters of water and to spray apple trees infested. For disinfection of the soil must be connected 300 g nitrofen and 10 liters of water. On 1 adult apple tree and the soil beneath it takes an average of 20 l. In addition to combat aphids, the drug has a stimulating effect on the growth and development of plants.

To destroy the eggs of aphids, you can use an effective means Oleokuprit. It represents insectofungicides, which includes a miner, petroleum oil, 15% naftenaga copper and emulsifiers.

note! When working with Oleokupritom should carefully protect your eyes.

You can cook yourself a similar solution. It's enough to mix 1 l water 250 g copper sulphate, after which 200 ml of the means add 500 ml diesel. This concentrate is added to 10 liters of water.

Обработку деревьев против тли рекомендуется проводить ранней весной, в начале распускания почек
Processing of trees against aphids is recommended in early spring, early bud break

One of the modern insecticides wide spectrum of action is Kinmiks. It protects the leaves from aphids on pear and apple, It has a high speed of action, so the death of the pests occurs later 30 minutes after using. The drug is effective as in the defeat of the larvae, and against adult insects. The protective effect lasts for Kinmiksa 14-20 days. The tool is not to be stored. Consumption of the solution to 1 apple of 2-5 l.

An effective drug against pests in the garden and the garden is considered Karate. The active ingredient in it acts lyambdatsigalotrin. To prepare the working solution, should be mixed 50 ml and Karate 10 liters of water. It is necessary to evenly moisten the leaves freshly means. Protection period Karate - 10-14 days. He begins to act within 4 hours after spraying.

Destroy aphids on apple, you can use an insecticide Inta-Vir. This preparation is enteric-contact action is effective against 52 pest species. Active component in it is cypermethrin. Release means in the form of tablets and powder. The protective effect lasts for 15 days. Inta-Vir allowed to combine with other pesticides. To prepare a solution against aphids for apple, should be dissolved 1 tablet in 10 liters of water.

Important! A single treatment of apple trees is not enough for the complete destruction of aphids, therefore, to re-spraying is recommended sparing agents, which do not burn leaves.

These drugs include Decis, Iskra and Cypermethrin.


It is a universal means, destroying a lot of sucking and chewing insects. Unlike many drugs, Detsis safe, virtually harmless to humans and animals, It does not accumulate in the soil, but decomposes rapidly by reacting with it. Release means in the form of an emulsion and water-soluble granules.

Децис - универсальное средство, уничтожающее множество сосущих и грызущих насекомых
Decis - panacea, destroying a lot of sucking and chewing insects

The mechanism of action of the drug is directed to disruption of the nervous system of the pest. Besides, Decis has a strong repellent effect, so that insects do not lay their eggs on the treated plants. To prepare the solution should be mixed 50 g means and 10 liters of water. On 1 apple takes an average of 2 to 5 l.

spark of Gold

Insecticide Iskra not only helps to get rid of aphids, but also considered a good potash plant food. Use of the drug leads to rapid paralysis of the insect and ambulance their death. In this case, it is safe for people, so they can handle the garden until the harvest.

Инсектицид Искра не только помогает избавиться от тли, но и считается хорошей калийной подкормкой для растений
Insecticide Iskra not only helps to get rid of aphids, but also considered a good potash plant food

The active ingredient in Golden Spark - it imidakoprid. The protective effect of the drug from the spark lasts for 30 days. Its effectiveness does not depend on the weather conditions, so the tool is particularly popular in cities with warm climates. The drug costs are very economical. 1 ampule is sufficient to treat 100 m2 portion.

Dual Spark Effect

Active components in the formulation are the permethrin and cypermethrin. Gardeners this tool is used not only for apple, but also flowers, vegetables and ornamental plants. Thanks to the active substances Spark Double Effect is not addictive in pests.

To prepare the working solution, should be dissolved 1 tablet in a small amount of water. When the mixture turned into a sticky slurry, volume should be brought to 10 l.

note! Since the tablets used as a filler potash fertilizer additives and anti-stress, Dual Spark insecticide effect quickly restores damaged plants and strengthens its immunity.

trees drug treatment is allowed to conduct during the whole growing period. Repeated spraying can be done later, 15 days.


It is a versatile drug, used to kill most species of insects. Cypermethrin discharged in liquid form. It retains the efficiency when exposed to direct sunlight and is relatively safe, since the active substance has a mean grade of toxicity.

Циперметрин пПредставляет собой универсальный препарат, используемый для уничтожения большинства разновидностей насекомых
Cypermethrin is a versatile drug, used to kill most species of insects

The death of the pests occurs when it enters the body of the drug through the digestive system, or direct contact with cypermethrin. First, a malfunction occurs in the insect central nervous system, then there is paralysis and death. The solution needs to be done according to the instructions. Strongly smoking exceed the concentration.

How to combat aphids folk remedies?

Well in the fight against aphids green ammonia. To prepare enough solution to connect 50 ml of ammonia with 10 liters of water, then add 50 g of liquid soap means.

note! Sprinkle with ammonia is more suitable for young apple trees, Since the procedure is recommended from a watering can. The small spray of liquid ammonia quickly broken down and does not fall on the leaves.

Many gardeners positive about tobacco, as a means to protect the trees by aphids. Its strong smell deters pests, and they disappear during 24 hours. To prepare a solution, must be connected 200 g of tobacco powder and 10 liters of water, boil 2 hours on low heat. Before you can use to enter the soap base. Spraying should be done 2 times with a break in 5 days.

Nuance! To reduce the risk of apple aphid, it is recommended to plant tobacco in the trees. It does not require special care, and take root in any soil.

Quite often, growers are struggling with aphids on apple leaves with the help of soap. The dosage of soap 10 l of water is 200 g. Such means creates a protective film on leaves, which does not give an insect parasite, also binds their movement and stick together.

Important! Replace soap can tar soap. It has a disinfecting effect, restores lamina and prevents the development of diseases.

In order to combat aphids can use spices. The most effective pepper, mustard and cinnamon. They must be diluted in water with soap. tree treatment is carried out several times with a break of at least 5 days.

Довольно часто садоводы борются с тлей на листьях яблони с помощью чеснока
Quite often, growers are struggling with aphids on apple leaves with the help of garlic

Save apple aphid help ash baking soda. It is not just fighting with insects, but also has a disinfecting effect, restores and nourishes the leaves with calcium tree. On 1 liters of water is sufficient to take 100 g soda and 50 g soap. For prophylaxis against aphids for use every month.

To the common folk remedies against aphids on apples are:

  • ash;
  • vodka;
  • iodine;
  • milk;
  • purity;
  • garlic;
  • vinegar;
  • boric acid.

Sprinkle apple trees from pests can be on the basis of the ash solution. It is prepared as follows::

  1. join 2 cups sifted ashes and 10 liters of water.
  2. The mixture Grate 40 g soap.
  3. Stir the mass and insist 1 time.
  4. Process all the leaves on the reverse side.

Protect plants from pests will help grass celandine. Prepare broth for processing is possible by this scheme:

  1. pour 3 l of boiling water 1 kg celandine.
  2. Add to the mix 7 liters of water.
  3. Insist 2 day, and then used for other purposes.

Save the crop, you can use garlic solution:

  1. Chop a few cloves of garlic.
  2. Leave them on the 24 hours 100 ml of water.
  3. When the time to add 10 ml liquid soap and 20 ml of vegetable oil.
  4. Mix and dilute the resulting product with water in a three-liter jar.
  5. Spray the affected apple.


To minimize the risk of aphid trees, should perform a few rules:

  1. Carefully inspect planting, as it can be pests.
  2. Regularly water the plants and make timely dressing.
  3. Do not overload the trees with nitrogen fertilizers.
  4. In the autumn of clean apple bark of dead or infected aphids pieces.

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