Why dream of fleas - the trouble or success?

Fleas themselves very pernicious insects, so their appearance in a dream to associate with adversity. But some dreams with these insects may portend, and joyful events - wealth, wedding, revelry, success in business. Only based on the details of sleep, you can know with precision, what dreams fleas and what to expect from such dreams.

К чему снятся блохи? Толкование сна по самым популярным сонникам
Dream of fleas says, that the dreamer should be alert. Why?

interpretation of dream books

Dream books interpret dreams with fleas, Based on years of observing people, confirmed the facts.

Ukrainian Dream Book

If you dream to catch fleas - is in trouble, If an insect bite - be trouble.

See fleas in large numbers away from himself - to obtain money.

Dream Miller

Fleas dream suggests, that the loved one will soon bring to strong irritation or anger.

woman, that dream was bitten by fleas, It is afraid of gossip and slander from others.

If fleas are sitting at a close or loved one, it may indicate his insecurity and impermanence, as well as about, that he did not keep his promise of.

Блохи во сне на близком человеке говорят о его непостоянстве
Fleas in at a close person sleep talking about his inconstancy

Dream interpretation of Aesop

See flea vinegars on the body during sleep - to inherited, but paired with relatives lawsuits. maybe, a sleeping asked to borrow a large amount of debt.

Seeing a huge flea - a surprising event in a life or a meeting with an extraordinary man.

Women's Dream Book

Fleas in women's dreams mean trouble more often: possibly, surrounded by people appeared, wishing greatly annoy or someone, who dismisses rumors.

See fleas on a lover - to deception and infidelity of men.

book of dream interpretations 21 century

Jumping and galloping flea in his sleep guarantees unexpected profit.

See flea frolicking in a dream - it means in real life to show the talents and realize the opportunities and abilities.

Если вы во сне увидели прыгающую блоху, то стоит ожидать денежное вознаграждение
If you are in a dream saw a jumping flea, then we can expect a cash consideration

People dream interpretation seasons

If you fall dreamed hordes of fleas, be a good harvest.

If a flea bite in a dream, and he had a dream in the summer, it shows infidelity friends and their loss.

flea dreamed spring - to the minor troubles, "Bites" from others.

How to remove the fleas

on, How to remove the fleas - what they do, in what form appear, It depends largely on the importance of sleep. Before, how to learn the interpretation of sleep, we should recall the circumstances of the dream, to determine which field applies more dream - to personal, financial, professional, etc..

Fleas and cats

Sleep value depends on whether, whose cat had a dream - a stranger or own. Sleep with your own pet will mean personal problems, household chores. Alien cat with fleas - always in trouble.

Увиденные во сне блохи на чужой кошке могут принести неприятности
Seen in a dream a flea in the opponent cats can bring trouble

Why dream of fleas on the cat:

  • Fleas on your own cat with young kittens - problems with children, trouble in their personal lives, learning, finances. It is necessary to pay attention to the children - they might hide some problems.
  • If a flea in his sleep seize your cat - maybe similar problems with health.
  • If fleas are jumping on the cat, but the pet shows no concern and fins to the host - waiting for a large sum of money (premium, heritage, gain etc.).
  • Alien cat with fleas - trouble, often associated with finances.

Fleas and dogs

Dog in a dream means other, but, if the animal shows aggression, it is the appearance of enemies.

Why dream of fleas on a dog:

  • Fleas bite groomed, purebred dog - trouble at senior official (head). Sleep will participate in these events indirectly.
  • dog, which threatens sleeper, flea bite - trouble from enemies, who receive their wages without sleeping.
  • If flea bites a pet (dog sleeping) - troubles in the family, possibly, financial nature.
  • Fleas have a black dog, that attacks in a dream - big trouble.
  • White dog with fleas symbolizes doctors. maybe, have to pay for medical services - paying for surgery, bribe, et al.
  • Playful puppy with fleas - for expensive gifts, the emergence of a new acquaintance (the groom) with money.
Если во сне блохи покусали домашнего пса - возможны финансовые проблемы
If you dream of home flea bitten dog - possible financial problems

Fleas and people

Before, how to interpret dreams with fleas on humans must remember feeling, which has caused such a dream - a surprise, dislike, fear, disgust, et al.

Why dream of fleas on humans:

  • Fleas on a familiar person, not to harm him - an unexpected profit from this man.
  • Fleas seize another man - he has serious problems with the environment, or finances.
  • Fleas seize familiar to the blood - to health problems with the man.
  • Insects on the child - a dream warns of problems, problems children.
  • Fleas bite sleeping in a dream, but do not cause disgust - a cash payment.
  • Flea bite is very painful in a dream, visible bite marks - prolonged illness.
  • Catch fleas on your body and push them - sleeping in a real life it easy to deal with problems.
  • fleas bite, causing irritation - carping from others (heads, mother in law, Tiffany, relatives).
  • Fleas on his own body disgust and fear - it's time to repay debts.

Fleas and lice

Lice are usually in a dream dream of money, and fleas - to the problems in the financial sector.

What a dream to see the fleas and lice:

Lice epic proportions, among which there are large flea - relatively favorable financial sphere dream. maybe, Receiving a profit, related chores, which quickly solved.

Блохи снятся к проблемам, а вши к деньгам
Fleas dream to problems, lice and money
  • Look for lice on the head, but to see the fleas - possible financial difficulties. A person needs money urgently, but he found them not.
  • A large number of lice and fleas, from which it is difficult to get rid of - debt.
  • If fleas and lice bite the whole body at the same time - sudden, prolonged illness.
  • Destroy fleas and lice - Quickly overcoming financial difficulties.

What a dream to push fleas

Destruction of noxious insects means to overcome troubles.

press, hound, kill fleas - in the financial sector will improve business, the sick person get well, in your personal life will be able to get rid of win gossip, Foes, false friends and fans.

What to do, if the dream of fleas

After that, both dreamed of fleas, should evaluate their feelings. If the dream evoked anxiety, the, probably, in real life, trouble can not be avoided. If sleep does not bring much excitement and fear, therefore it is able to overcome all the problems with a favorable outcome.

How to proceed, If you remove the fleas:

  • many flea, crawling on the body - pay attention to health.
  • Fleas are bred on the head - Be careful with relatives, possible conflicts.
  • Fleas on clothes - do not put your nose into other people's business. Dreamed flea can mean the vain anxiety and unexplainable experiences.
  • Flea bite is clearly felt in the dream - wait for trouble small scale. For a woman - a rough libel and slander, for a young girl - temptation and seduction, man - should look for business partners.
  • Strongly biting one flea - look at the environment, possibly, you are under someone's bad influence.
  • Search flea in his sleep - a thirst for adventure and adventurism. Probably, life awaits an interesting lesson, activities change.
  • If fleas are jumping in sleep on the bed - note the "second half". There are conflicts between the spouses or incorrectness of a spouse.
  • If fleas are jumping fun at home - coming soon revelry event, but be prepared, that it will be present not only friends, but detractors.
  • Fleas dreamed before an exam or important meeting - many questions, attacks by opponents or teachers. It is necessary to carefully prepare for the meeting.
Увидели во сне блох перед экзаменом? Лучше потратьте лишний час на подготовку к нему
Seen in flea sleep before the exam? Spend an extra hour to prepare for it
  • Fleas before the wedding - at the ceremony will be attended by gossip, who want to discuss the bride. It should be ready to attack others.

Dream interpretation of fleas in many respects it depends on the scope of human activity:

  • For public people, candidates for public office - to speak at the public, in the audience will be people, clearly opposed.
  • For doctors - Patients with serious illnesses, which will have to tinker.
  • For teachers - students, to whom should speak.
  • For people, whose activity is connected with finances - the emergence of, Auditors, inspection.
  • For people, trade-related - buyers, which will bring profit.
  • Students - fleas removed before entering the university.
  • Farmers and landowners - fleas, skaschuschie the fields, to the cash costs for the future harvest proizvodtsva.

In real life, the fleas disgust and hostility, tk. these insects bring a lot of damage and trouble man. But in the dream the appearance of fleas can mean not only the poor, but good - looking in what the dream, and under what circumstances they will dream.

Immediately it is worth noting, if fleas before bedtime to catch the eye in real life - they were seen in cats and dogs, on television or on the street, it is not necessary to seek the interpretation of dreams about fleas.

If life is expected to some event (in the financial, personal, professional field), snyaschiysya the dream may be a warning. Such dream come true usually 3-5 day - if, After this period,, nothing has happened, then fate turned differently, and sleep was a party.

Basically, dreams with fleas do not mean large, intermediate events in life, which will take place over time,, regardless - whether they are good or bad.

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