The remedy for ticks processing portion – and a list of precautions

Faced with these rather unpleasant creatures - mites - can, Unfortunately, not only in the park or in the woods, but also in their own country sites. But there is not so easy to get rid of them, because the control of mites on a country site, without specific knowledge can be time-consuming and at least as many of your forces. Therefore, by means of pliers site should be chosen very carefully and responsibly, given the extent of infection and other factors. After all harmful unwanted visitors to your garden plot can carry hazardous to health and even life-human and animal diseases - encephalitis, several kinds of fever and borellioz.

Обработку необходимо проводить в весенне-летний период активности клещей, желательно за 3 дня до приезда на данную территорию людей. Применяемые средства сохраняются на траве и почве 1-1,5 месяца
Treatment should be carried out in the spring and summer tick activity, desirable for 3 days prior to the arrival of people in a given territory. The means stored on grass and soil 1-1,5 of the month

Destruction of mites on site can be carried out in several ways. For example, There are special companies, to help cottagers handle section from ticks and mosquitoes, experts for this plot are sprayed against ticks special chemicals, and so uncomplicated way fight with dangerous uninvited guests. but, the price for this service is "biting", so in some cases it will be better to buy drugs themselves against ticks for the treatment site and sprinkle your own territory. Or, as an option, try to use the most popular folk remedies for treatment of plot against mosquitoes and ticks - the price of such treatments would be minimal, but to fight the "invaders" you, possibly, have much longer.

Why do they appear?

If ever in your territory mites are not met, they can still settle on it later. This happens in several ways:

  1. Migration animal body. Rats, as well as cats and dogs can bring their walking unpleasant "guests", which, but, have too many. Most often, this population does not increase in the future and to get rid of it in special ways you do not have.
Cамыми опасными для человека являются паразитирующие иксодовые клещи, нападающие на животных и человека, и способные переносить возбудителей ряда смертельных заболеваний, например, клещевого энцефалита, туляремии, геморрагической лихорадки
Camymi dangerous to humans are parasitic ticks, attacking animals and humans, and capable of withstanding a number of pathogens fatal diseases, eg, tick-borne encephalitis, tularemia, hemorrhagic fever
  1. Separate entry. In one day, sluggish creature, movable hunger, It can travel up to several meters in search of a victim - a warm-blooded animal, which includes you and me.
  2. Moving from a nearby neighbor or timber portion. The probability of such a method of distribution - above all.

note! If you purchased a suburban area relatively recently, and in the first half or two years, did not notice it ticks, it does not mean, that they were not there. The fact, that from the moment of oviposition to the development of adult mite takes place 1,5-2 of the year. And if you find a lot of parasites in your yard in the spring - it means, that they were already present in the territory.

How to get rid of ticks in the area effectively

Processing section of the ticks on their own - it is a serious and responsible. To choose for themselves, than the process section of the ticks on their own, We must take into account a number of factors, and the first question, you have to ask yourself - is this you are ready to make your site chemicals.

Council! Choose the method of treatment against ticks, based primarily on the extent of infection. When widespread parasites, fight the scourge of ticks means of factory production - you can buy them in stores for truckers, hypermarkets and hardware stores.

  1. Traditional methods. If you are looking for a way, how to deal with pests without harming fruit plants, animals and humans - the destruction of ticks on the dacha folk methods - is, what you need. Mm, not less, with massive "attack" parasites - this method is unlikely to work.
  • Treat the suburban area against ticks using citrus juice, diluting it with water and spraying in areas of mites living.
  • Scatter in areas of high concentrations of boric acid powder or parasites in the usual soda.
  • Plant tincture is sprayed using an atomizer. As components often come from chamomile grass, garlic, geranium and sage.
  • Add to the usual water peppermint and rosemary essential oil and sprayed on a site of territory.
  • Tie a large piece of white cloth to a stick and slowly walked up and down in the early morning with a "scraper" on the grass.
Определите, где наиболее всего встречаются клещи, на какой части участка. После того как снег сошел особенно обращайте внимание в процессе обработки на залежи прошлогодних листьев, кустарников, бордюры, по периметру участка
Determine, where the most often encountered ticks, on what part of the site. After the snow melted especially pay attention to the processing of deposits on last year's leaves, shrubs, curbs, around the perimeter

Ticks cling to fabric, then destroyed mechanically. "White Flag Method" will have to be used within a couple of weeks on a daily basis in order, to effectively treat the suburban area of ​​ticks

Когда клещ нападает на человека, вирус, накопленный в слюнных железах или яичниках, проникает в его кровь. Сам клещ никаких неудобств от присутствия вируса не испытывает и хранит его в своем теле долгое врем
When the mite attacks man, virus, accumulated in the salivary glands or ovaries, He gets into his blood. Sam tick any inconvenience from the presence of the virus does not test and stores it in your body for a long time

2. Chemical pesticides are toxic, Alas, not only for ticks, They also cause the death of bees and other beneficial insects and can harm human and animal health.

note! there are drugs, which can be used only by specialists - care workers stations.

But these drugs have a distinct advantage - they are almost 100% efficiency. If you are looking for a way, how to get rid of ticks and probably for a long time and want to use a new modern facility for the destruction of the parasite in large areas - you should buy is a special chemical drug-insecticide.

Прежде всего, обработка участка должна производиться в специальной одежде – перчатки, респиратор, плотный халат, головной убор и очки с уплотнителем из резины. Борьба с клещами возможна только в сухую, безветренную погоду
First of all, portion processing should be performed in the special clothing - gloves, respirator, thick coat, hat and sunglasses with a seal made of rubber. The fight against mites can only be dry, windless weather

Such preparations are divided into:

  • Piretrinsoderzhaschie - considered the most safe and include the active ingredient, secreted from special varieties of plants daisy. but, despite the almost complete absence of toxicity, its efficiency is slightly lower, Substances other than the groups.
  • Organophosphorus - ensure the destruction of large areas on, characterized by a comparatively short period of decay in the soil.

Council! Can have a toxic effect on the skin and mucous, when using extreme caution should be.

  • DDT - means increased efficiency, during the collapse of which are quite lengthy, and the toxicity of the soil is very high. They should be used only in very severe cases.

The most popular among gardeners chemical agents can be attributed:

  • Taran. effective drug, It is consumed at the rate of 100ml per hectare preparation. breeding - 1 ml "ram" solution for 1 litere of water.
Таран является одним из самых действенных химических средств борьбы с клещами. При его применении обработка от клещей проводится один раз в течение сезона, сразу после схода снега
Tara is one of the most effective chemical means of combating mites. When it is applied by pincers treatment is performed once during the season, right after the snow melts
  • Sipaz-super. A very effective solution, inodorous. Costed 50-100 ml of 1 quarter. meter. It does not leave stains on surfaces.
  • Cifoks. Emulsion Concentrate, It is consumed in an amount per hectare - for 500 ml. It provides protection for the 1.5-month period.

Rules for working with protivokleschevye facilities in the area

If you do decide to self-treatment of their possessions, Do not forget about the important rules, under which you can avoid harming yourself and others to their four-legged friends:

  • Be sure to use the suit-defense: respirator, bathrobe, protective cap or rubber gloves and bandages. Exclude hit preparations on the skin and mucous membranes.

Council! After contact with the drug on the body - immediately (it is important!) rinse agent with soap and water, and on the skin if irritation - contact your dermatologist.

  • Carry out the procedure in the absence of wind and the weather is dry. Try to exclude the possibility of precipitation in the next three days after the treatment by monitoring forecasts reliable sources.
  • Use drugs within, than 1,5 months until harvest.

Council! If you are the owner of a small area, you can do a manual spray for treatment area. Motor automatic spray gun is better suited for large landholdings.

Распыление раствора лучше производить ручным опрыскивателем, для рационального и равномерного расхода. Однако на большой площади актуально использовать агрегат с мотором. Не стоит забывать о домашних питомцах, некоторые препараты безопасны и через полчаса кошку или собаку можно выпустить погулять. Другие средства опасны даже по истечении нескольких дней
Spraying the solution to produce better hand sprayer, for rational and uniform flow. However, a large area actually use the machine with the motor. Do not forget about pets, some drugs are safe, and half an hour later a cat or dog can be let out for a walk. Other tools are dangerous even after a few days
  • Handle with care the place of frequent travel and leisure - path, shrubs near the benches and the like, as well as the dense thickets of grass.
  • Do not ignore the recommendations on the package regarding the effect of the drug on animals, pay attention to this point, to your pet or someone else accidentally hurt.
  • Ideally, you should carry out a two-step process - in the spring at the time of activation of parasites and in late summer - early autumn.
  • Avoid getting money into the pond with fish or other aquatic life, because they can simply perish.

Important! Study the instructions for use of any means with special care and follow its requirements unquestioningly. Then your pest control is not only effective, but also safe.

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