Remedy for ticks to humans – choose safe and effective

Remedy for ticks to people especially needed in April and before the summer, when these insects are very active. While at other times, going on nature, also need to take all measures, not to meet with these bloodsuckers. insect bite itself is not dangerous, but ticks - carriers of dangerous diseases is very, among them - encephalitis, ʙorrelioz, ehrlichiosis and other. Therefore, it is important to consider protection from a meeting with the tongs.

Средства от клещей могут быть самыми разнообразными: одни подходят только для взрослых и опасны для детей, другие не обеспечивают полноценную защиту, третьи позволяют защитить прилегающую к частному дому территорию
Funds from the mites can be very diverse: Some are only suitable for adults and dangerous for children, others do not provide complete protection, others help to protect adjacent to private home territory

Types of drugs to protect against ticks

Preparations for protection against ticks are distinguished on the basis of impact:

  1. repellents. The main goal - to repel insects. They include substances (eg, diethyl toluamide), who do not like mites, and they try to avoid contact with him. These tools can be applied to clothing and human skin. An important advantage of repellents - they are not only effective against ticks, but also against other blood-sucking - mosquitoes, horseflies, mošek.
  2. acaricides. They affect the nervous system of the tick and have a paralyzing effect. As a result, bloodsucker deprived of the opportunity to perform basic actions to sustain, including breathing, and dies. But such funds are not safe for people. Therefore, they are applied only to clothing. If acaricides are applied in spray form, after handling clothes should dry completely. Only then it can be put on.
  3. combined tools. They combine repellent and toxic effect, and therefore considered the most reliable. In the same time, do not forget about the toxicity of these funds for the people. They need to be applied with great caution, and applied only to clothing. Combined are effective against most types of blood-sucking insects.


Repellents are available in the form of sprays, aerosols. They are applied to the skin and clothes. Most of them have active substance - diethyl toluamide, the duration of validity up to five days. The most effective means of: Gardex Extreme, Maximum Reftamid, DEFI-Taiga, Moskitol, Off! Extreme sports.


It is produced in the form of aerosols, sprays, pencils. Acaricides contain in their composition or substance alphamethrin alphacipermetrin, which has a paralyzing effect on insects. It begins to act in contact with the mite on the treated clothing. The disadvantage of these funds - their impact begins in five minutes, and this is enough, insect managed to cling to.

Important! Alphacipermetrin in contact with plastic or synthetic materials they can spoil. Therefore, use only clothes made of natural fabrics, and do not forget to protect the plastic buttons, buckles and other elements.

The best means of ticks such action - Gardex anti-mite, Reftamid Taiga, Breeze-anticlea. Pretiks produced in stick form. It put on clothes, drawing encircling bands. But this method has several drawbacks protection: First of all, band should be regularly updated, as they crumble over time; Secondly, not treated the entire surface of clothes, and therefore, ticks is the chance to get to the skin.

Обеспечиваются надёжная защита и продолжительный эффект, он может достигать 14 дней, в течение которых компонент продолжает работать. Механизм воздействия основан на нервнопаралитическом эффекте. Клещ попадает на поверхность, заражается и вскоре погибает из-за паралича
Provides reliable protection and long-lasting effect, it can reach the 14 days, during which the component continues. the impact mechanism is based on the effects of nerve agents. Mite reaches the surface, infected and soon die because of paralysis

Another substance with the same principle impact - Permethrin. preparations based on it are considered more reliable, as it quickly affects the nervous system of insects.

Combination products

Combination products combine the advantages of acaricides and repellents. They treated clothing. Wear it only after the complete drying agent.

note! Never treat the clothes on the man, must first be removed, and only then apply the cleanser.

Repellers properties combined preparations are stored for five days, and toxic to two weeks, provided clothes storage in a plastic bag. By the combined action of drugs are: Moskitol spray (composed - DEET and alphacipermetrin), Medilis Comfort, Mite-kaput.

Preparations for children

Children - special category. One side, they need to be protected from an attack of mites, due to serious illness and complications. On the other - the means to protect against the bloodsuckers must be safe. The most effective and at the same time are safe drugs:

  • Moskitol-anticlea;
  • Gardex has a great range of facilities for children;
  • Off! Kids;
  • Medylysyk;
  • Defi-Taiga.

Prior to use, it is important to read the instructions and strictly abide by its. This will reduce the risk of adverse reactions.

Репелленты – это химические вещества, которые при подобающем применении способны защитить ребенка от членистоногих. Использовать их на детях младше 3 лет нельзя, поскольку они содержат опасные для детского организма токсины
Repellents - chemical substances, which, when befitting the application are able to protect the child from arthropods. Use them in children younger 3 s impossible, because they contain harmful to the child's body toxins

How to choose the appropriate means?

Before, you go to the store, important to think, which tool is right for you. On what criteria should be guided?

  1. Age. For children produced special, the most secure means. For adults the choice is wider.
  2. Activity insects. The peak activity of ticks begins in May and ends in June and July. At this time, we need a reliable protection, you can use the combined means.
  3. individual sensitivity. If you have previously observed an allergic reaction to any protective agent, Do not use them more. Select another drug, which included another active substance.
  4. duration of exposure. It is important to reflect on a question, How long will you be in the area, where it is likely to meet with the bloodsucker. If this is the trip for one day, you can stay at the repellents: They not only protect against ticks, but also from mosquitoes and other insects. If the duration of the trip, then use the acaricide: they advocate a longer time.
  5. Recommendations and reviews. Choose a well-established manufacturers, do not save. After all, any tick bite could end up very sad.
Приобретать защитные средства лучше всего в аптеке, а не в магазинах и тем более не в ларьках. Дело в том, что все репелленты должны храниться при температуре не выше 25 градусов. Если температурный режим не соблюдается, то препарат в лучшем случае потеряет эффективность
Acquire protective equipment is best in the pharmacy, and not in the shops, and especially not in the stalls. The fact, that all insect repellents must be kept at a temperature no higher than 25 degrees. If the temperature conditions are not complied with, the drug is in the best case will lose effectiveness

Folk remedies

There are many popular ways to protect yourself from ticks. Their drawback - they are not always efficacious as, as chemical agents. And the benefits - to security and natural. If you are not able to buy a remedy for ticks, use household methods.

  • Essential oils. Good repel ticks rosemary oil, geranium, mint, eucalyptus, carnations. They are applied on a drop on the skin and clothes - to the places, are particularly vulnerable. You can use oil separately, or to mix them. Every hour or two to repeat the procedure.
  • Vinegar. It can be used in pure apple cider vinegar: enough to put it on the open areas of the body to repel insects. And you can use vinegar in the various recipes. Here are some of them: to 100 ml of vinegar added 400 ml of water, 20 ml liquid soap and a few drops of any suitable essential oil. Another recipe similar to this one, but it contains liter of vinegar, 250 ml of water and 15 drops of essential oil. This mixture can be sprayed on clothing.
  • Another effective recipe consists of a mixture of water and an alcohol, as well as the essential oil of cloves. This mixture can also be sprayed on clothing.
  • Olive oil a few tablespoons can be mixed with a tablespoon of aloe and add on 20 drops geranium extract and lavender. The mixture is sprayed on clothing and skin.

Important! Before using essential oils need to ensure there are no allergic reactions to them.

Folk remedies against ticks for men too, need to be used carefully: essential oils, and even more so in large quantities. Can cause severe allergic reactions. Therefore, these methods are not always suitable for children. Or choose the most gentle and safe recipe.

Борьба с клещами также возможна и с помощью масла розмарина, эвкалипта, гвоздики и мяты. Их сильные запахи отпугивают клещей. Данные масла можно наносить как по одному, так и используя различные комбинации, смешивая по несколько капель разных ингредиентов
The fight against ticks is also possible with the help of rosemary oil, eucalyptus, carnation and mint. Their strong odors repel ticks. These oils can be applied as a one, and using various combinations of, mixing a few drops of different ingredients

What more can be done?

Even the best and most effective means can not give an absolute guarantee of protection against ticks. Therefore, before going to the nature of the need to take care of all precautions.

  1. Wear long-sleeved shirt and pants, it's desirable, to the sleeves and pant legs were on the gum or narrowed: it is difficult or impossible to penetrate into the parasite.
  2. Shirts must be tucked in pants, leg - boots. You can wear shoes and socks.
  3. The collar should fit snugly.
  4. At the head can be put on a cap, hat.
  5. Wear light colored clothing: her easy to spot mite.
  6. Regularly check yourself for ticks, to spot bloodsucker.

Especially do not forget about these precautions, If for some reason you are not protected by a special tool.

After returning home to conduct a complete examination of the body. clothing vytrusite (preferably on the street, or on balconies), and postirayte. If the tick is still bitten, please contact as soon as possible medical advice and receiving high quality treatment. Be careful when you try to pull the insect: sloppy actions can cause, bloodsucker that the head remains in the body, and it will be harder to get.

To avoid the tick bite and the consequences in the form of serious diseases, always follow the guidelines before going on nature. Wear the right to pick up clothes, Wear protective drugs, that are proven. And if for some reason you could not use a reliable means, then resort to folk recipes. They also give good protection. All these measures will help to enjoy the outdoor life without risk to health.

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