The suspension Pyrantel – how to give medicine to children?

Helminthiasis - a disease, that little patients exposed more than others, as yet can not be on their own to follow the rules of hygiene. Children's suspension Pyrantel - is a highly efficient means of a number of anthelmintic, characterized by a wide range of effects on different types of parasites. Worms - insidious infection, because they can live in the body, causing him harm, a very long time - in this case does not prove itself. Sometimes nausea and vomiting may be signs of helminthic invasion.

Гельминтозам больше всего подвержены маленькие дети, познающие мир через пробу на вкус. Глисты живут почти в каждом ребёнке, подолгу не вызывая выраженных симптомов
Helminthes most susceptible young children, perceive the world through the sample taste. The worms live in almost every child, a long time without causing symptoms persist

Since laboratory data confirmed the, that worms can not always be detected if available, kiddies and adults is recommended every six months to carry out routine reception anthelmintics, to which, in particular, It applies Pyrantel.

Pyrantel works as a syrup

Pyrantel - a drug against various species of helminths, having a particularly high efficacy against pathogens and ascariasis Enterobiasis.

Pyrantel suspension - contains the active substance "pyrantel" a concentration 50 mg / ml, as well as additional components:

  • Metilparben and propyl paraben;
  • sorbic acid;
  • sucrose;
  • sorbitol;
  • xanthan;
  • polysorbate;
  • distilled water;
  • water, Kohler sugar and flavorings composed flavors "Ice Cream" and "Chocolate".

After receiving the slurry child Pyrantel, toxic damage occurs muscular and nervous systems of parasites, and immobilized worms are ejected during bowel movement.

Пирантел поражает нервно-мышечную систему гельминтов, лишая их возможности двигаться. Парализованные черви не погибают, но выводятся из организма при опорожнении кишечника. Препарат действует на глистов, обитающих только в ЖКТ
Pyrantel affects the neuromuscular system of helminths, depriving them of the ability to move. Paralyzed worms do not die, but removed from the body during bowel movement. The drug acts on the worms, found only in the digestive tract

Since the preparation has a low degree of absorbability, it only affects those worms, which are directly in the intestine.

after 60-180 min. and during the days after reception in the body is supported by the high concentration of Pyrantel, whereupon the substance excreted.

Release forms, and how to give their children

Pyrantel can be found in the pharmacy chains in two forms:

  • tablets of 250 mg, packed in a box made of cardboard, in blisters containing an amount of one or 2, each of which is 3 tablet Pyrantel; Instruction for use with recommendations for calculating dosages for children and older patients are also embedded in each box.
Детский сироп Пирантел почти не всасывается в желудочно-кишечном тракте (не абсорбируется в кишечнике). После перорального приема в рекомендованной дозировке 10 мг на 1 кг веса максимальная концентрация достигается через 1-3 ч и составляет 0,005-0,14 мкг/мл. Поэтому препарат не оказывает сильного токсического действия
Children syrup almost Pyrantel is not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract (It is not absorbed in the intestine). Following oral administration, the recommended dosage 10 mg 1 kg maximum concentration achieved after 1-3 h and is 0,005-0,14 mg / ml. Therefore, the drug does not have a strong toxic effect

Reception is performed Pyrantel 1 times in the required dosage according to the age of the patient according to the instructions. The dose depends on the body weight of the host. In severe cases, invasive Pyrantel may be taken again, but only after consultation with a specialist.

Council! Never "assign" his anthelmintic medicinal purposes alone! AND, Besides, Do not exceed the dosage and the number of receptions, specified in the instructions to the anthelminthic drug - particularly, if you are going to give the child a pill, even if it is not treatment and reception Pyrantel is planned for prevention.

  • The suspension concentration 50 mg / ml (volume of the bottle is 10 or 15 ml, bottle is packed in a box made of cardboard and contains instructions for acceptance to the drug dosage recommendations kids, older children and adults). The medicine has a light yellow color and a liquid consistency, in each box can be embedded measuring cup with the mark on the level 2,5 ml.

Tablets take children and adults need, them thoroughly chewed, from which the child often refuses. Therefore, the child is more convenient to provide the drug in suspension.

Pyrantel gathered a large number of positive reviews on the Internet, Here is an example of a comment from the forum of young parents:

"One of the best means of worms for kids! Children will drink it safely without the vagaries, pyrantel how to give a child - it's all we do not question, my child about one year already saw it twice, at one time has not been, but drinking it twice only on doctor's orders! Very convenient to use and metered dose in the quantities, which must be at the baby weight. Prevention older children (5 years and 8 years old) we spend every year. The child has, who walks in the garden, when analyzes have never revealed worms, a schoolgirl, too. And what is his attractive price, with such prices already and do not have to face, But how many are currently medications, Prices just shot up, as well as the cost pyrantel, and the sale is still on the old value. And never give this medicine pobochek. Although the eldest daughter - allergies, and always have problems with it, after pyrantel they did not exist. Instructions for dosage of the drug in the description is very detailed and clear. We always have in stock a few syrups, we and it began to be used for the prevention of twice a year, and children after the summer give it, and whether that can happen a little, let them be, the shelf life of their good ".

note! Number accepted suspension should be observed very precisely. Pyrantel is set to the concentration 50 mg / ml, i.e, at 5 ml syrup will contain 250 mg Pyrantel.


The drug is indicated for the treatment of helminthiasis and its prevention, and is effective against pathogens:

  • askaridoza enteroʙioza;
  • ankilostomoza;
  • necatoriasis.

note! The use of Pyrantel not shown to children under six months old.

Side effects

For Pyrantel is characterized by good tolerability, so after receiving the following unpleasant phenomenon may occur very rarely:

  • abdominal pain;
  • itching in the anal area;
  • headaches, lethargy and weakness;
  • nausea and / or vomiting, diarrhea;
  • bronhitopodobnoe state;
  • rash;
  • temperature rise;
  • short-term weight loss while keeping a good appetite.

Council! When such reaction, causing little patient discomfort, should consult your doctor for the appointment of symptomatic therapy, which will facilitate the state of a baby.

Can I give it to animals

Often found on the Internet issue: "Can I give Pyrantel pet"? Despite the fact, that special veterinary drugs contain the same active ingredient, and that the suspension Pyrantel, the physiology of animals and their metabolism is very different from ours. Respectively, to calculate the dosage of the "human" preparation for, to get the desired effect, and it does not harm your furry pet's health - will not be easy. Therefore, for the prevention and treatment of helminthiasis cats and dogs should be given special preparations, which are sold in pet stores and veterinary pharmacies.

Council! If your four-legged friend discovered worm infestation, the whole family is also recommended prophylactic administration of anthelmintics.

При лечении глистной инвазии принимать средство нужно всей семьёй. Если в доме живут питомцы, им тоже рекомендуется дать противогельминтное средство
In the treatment of helminthic invasion to take necessary means the whole family. If you live in the house pets, it is also recommended to give worming agent

Like its dosing

In each drug container is instruction, wherein said circuit means for calculating the dose indicated as 10 mg pyrantel of 1 kg body weight. In accordance with age norms and change with the growth of the child's body weight, It means that the value of the preparation of admission, depending on age:

  • 125 mg or ½ measuring cup (2,5 ml) - from kids 6 months. up to two years of age;
  • 250 mg or full measuring cup (5 ml) - children under the age 2-6 years old;
  • by 500 mg of the drug or 2 «Measures» (10 ml) - taking children from 6 to 12 years old;
  • adolescents from 12 years of age and over take:

- at least weight 75 kg - in 750 mg - 3 «Measures» or 15 ml;

- body weight over 75 kg - in 1000 mg pyrantel - 4 «Measures» or 20 ml.

Means use regardless of food intake.

Please Wieman! It is very important that the admission angigistaminnyh (suprastin, Zodaki so on.) drugs, and enterosorbiruyuschee funds - such, how Polifepan, SMEK, Activated carbon and other. When administered anthelmintic efficacy fall sharply. Two days after ingestion of tapeworm child can be given Smecta.

Prevention is possible to take more time in half a year after the first admission.

Для достижения эффекта на каждый килограмм требуется 10 мг действующего вещества. Поскольку масса детей по мере роста изменяется примерно одинаково, предусмотрена дозировка по возрасту
To achieve the effect for each kilogram of body weight required 10 mg of active substance. Since the mass of children as they grow varies approximately equally, provided the dosage by age

Where are the worms, and whether to be afraid of them?

Become a carrier of worms can be in a few cases:

  1. in the use of meat and fish food, which was not thermally treated sufficiently;
  2. by eating poorly washed vegetables, green, vegetables;
  3. infection when in contact with the carrier and the use of the same dishes, linens, hygiene items and household;
  4. with insufficient personal hygiene.

As you can see, even if you really try, It can only be reduced to a minimum, but does not completely eliminate the possibility of infection with worms. Therefore, to carry out prevention of helminthic invasion should be regularly, in fact uninvited guests at excessive reproduction in the body can cause significant harm to human.

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